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Madman, 27 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Robin is his usual frenetic self. If you are looking for the polar opposite of Don Draper your search ends here.

A fading star but still enough light to be watchable and as Kelly Clarkson discovers in the outtakes he can still be funny. Couldn't help but but smile at the Mcdonalds pitch a la Madmen.

Sarah finally looks good. Older but assured. The rest are not noteworthy.

The main problem will be the crazy one behind the camera. Namely E. Kelley. If they can't contain his crazy they will needlessly lose viewers.

Need to keep this light hearted. Weak show and cast. Unlikely to support anything too serious or too outlandish. Enjoyable fluff.

Did enough to warrant a second look.

Wish Them well.

Thank you.

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Memorles., 7 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Saw this recently and was overwhelmed by them.

Movies, music etc are made for general consumption and yet manage to have incredibly personal meaning. Become an inseparable part of you without you even realizing it.

First saw this as a kid. Good music. Story that any kid would want to believe.

Liked Michael and he was good as ever but he barely registered.

Slender, elegant blonde walked onto the screen.

Heart stopped.

Started again.

And the world had changed.

Helen Slater was in it.

Knew she would never set eyes on me and could not love her less. Could not forget her either.

She is now a pale shadow of her young self. As am I.

They say there is no such thing as ghosts but movies have magic. As light and shadow danced on screen, just for a moment a beautiful girl and a boy who loved her flickered to life once again.

That time is long lost, as are those people. But not that love.

Just wanted some record of it other than my memory.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

"Banshee" (2013)
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Screaming, 13 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Start at least.

Spectacular action and some brutal violence. It's skinemax so expect to be hit with an over-sized rack about two minutes in. Mostly downhill from there.

The story is intriguing enough. Released convict, old debts, old flame etc. A bit of mystery about who did what, when and why. Pretty tame stuff that shouldn't tax your deductive skills or your attention.

Cast is distinctly underwhelming. Antony looks and moves the part. Unfortunately does not sound or feel the part.

Of all the women they could have picked as sexy burglar they went with Ivana. Looks suitably exotic but little else. Not exactly a stirring sight naked either.

Hoon Lee as Job was easily the most eye catching. Played the gender bender bit really well. Unlike rest of the cast, managed to be tough and ruthless even with the hair and outfits.

The villain does the usual iron fist, velvet glove bit. The sexy deputy and others are passable.

Looks ambitious and probably will get better but is cruiserweight like bartender. Has production values to pack a punch but simply does not have the cast or characters to be a heavyweight.

No need to make excuses for Cinemax even though it's just their third series. They did enough to grab and keep attention. More than can be said for many network shows.

Will be watching.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

3 episodes in this one is a dud. Bad acting and senseless story. Even hottest amish girl EVER cannot save this.

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Entertaining., 12 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

But flawed.

Obvious shortcomings but you can ignore them and just watch an interesting story unfold.

Competent performances from all involved. Kid is so obnoxious you will be ready to tune him up yourself. Hats off to the little guy.

Cliffhangers, plot points etc can seem contrived but still draw you in and keep you around till the end.

The end has been a problem in these things recently but they squeaked by here. Serviceable if not spectacular.

Junkie jump is the highlight. Should feel that tingling in the pit of your stomach as you follow him down.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

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Newsworthy., 28 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For the wrong reason. Show is far less noteworthy than the names behind it.

Missed Jeff without even realizing it. Took about 20 seconds of his opening rant to remember how good it is to see him.

The rest of the cast is uneven. Mortimer does not have the pull of McAdams

Waterston is good as ever. The rest were unmemorable.

The writing was sporadically good. Lots of sharp retorts and pointed observations. Lot of the obscenity just felt forced. Will have to show more sophistication if it wants to retain interest. Same old potshots at same old 'stupid and indifferent' viewers is just boring and has been done to death. See very little 'intelligence' or 'genius' in hitting obvious and soft targets.

Needless camera movement. Meant to convey intensity on screen instead leaves you incensed on couch. Do these dimwits really equate motion sickness with high drama ?

Idly curious to see how this plays out. Characters are interesting but cast is spotty. Romance is decidedly hackneyed. As is the writing in large part. Opening grabs attention and the rest steadily loses it.

Doubt this will be the grand success people claim it is.

'Dumb' viewer will shoulder the blame.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

Prime Cut (1972)
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Great., 24 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On paper. Falls short in reality. Well short.

Hackman, Marvin and co are mobsters involved in a spat over money.

Let the shooting, beating and butchering begin. Throw in human trafficking for good measure.

All this set in rural America and Marvin's car.

Acting, directing and action are passable. Chase in the fields and homicidal harvester are memorable. Should be a good movie but it never really is. Just off somehow.

These guys have done better work so they can be forgiven. Spacek will help you make it a full pardon .

Any and every criticism just died at the first sight of her. Beautiful doesn't even begin to cover it. The woman is walking around naked but you would have to first get your eyes off that face to notice. Hypnotic. Makes an otherwise miss, a must see. Will watch this again for her alone.

Still radiant in her sixties. Sadly they don't make them like her any more.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

"Longmire" (2012)
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Long story short., 5 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's good.

Big guns, bad guys, sheep but no horses.

Taylor has the weight, voice et al to command attention. Yep, he also has the hat.

Good to see Katee's mocking, wicked smile again. Not good looking. Face too broad, mouth too wide. But those coolly challenging eyes are more arousing than any pretty face would have been. Strong women have an appeal all their own.

Like Lou but he felt out of place here. Bailey Chase played the rival well. Devious but not obvious. Wouldn't mind seeing more of Cassidy.

Story is old hat but told well enough. Dialogue is straight forward. No real humour but not overly morose either.

Action is competent. Pace is comfortable.

Views are easy on the eye. Sound is easy on the ear.

Will be watching.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

Poor second episode. Katee strip, daughter with deputy etc. Expected writing to be subtler than this. Good to see softly curved Katee. Grown women with toothpick arms are just creepy.

Later episodes got better. Lou and Martinez are looking good. Chase is looking even better in light of the father and the affair. The 'rez' is proving far more interesting than the county. Stuck with it and don't regret it.

"Continuum" (2012/I)
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Wasted., 1 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Time and opportunity.

Decent start. Lousy finish.

TV people need a strong reminder that they are not in the movie business. Everything does not need to be neatly wrapped up by the end of the first episode. Show some sophistication. Making a pitch to networks and advertisers is one thing, keeping a viewer interested for entire seasons is another

The start is interesting because of the ambiguity. Possibly evil corporation against possibly good rebels.

But buildng explosion tilts the balance and by the cop killing the die is cast.

So all you are left with is the usual boring heroic cop and despicable villains. Quite a feat, making something futuristic look so old and hackneyed.

Time travel and future tech is nowhere near interesting enough to save this.

Less black and white characters all struggling with an unknown time and place, now that might have created some genuine suspense and interest.

Instead you get another doa cop show with some outlandish premise. Worked so well for Alcatraz, right ? Nope.

Rachel looks strikingly good. In recent times she has just looked fat but not here. Sculpted not starved. Unfortunately acting ability is as limited as before.

Good to see smoking man again.

Rest of the cast is forgettable.

Doubt this will continue for long.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

"New Girl" (2011)
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Got Old., 1 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Really fast.

Always liked Zooey. Just didn't realize it was in small doses. No doubt about it now however because she got really annoying really quickly.

And if ever a pair of legs were made for jeans not skirts, they're hers.

The guys are bland and trying so hard not to be. Schmidt is suitably cringeworthy but he does have his moments.

The writing too is repetitive. Awkward sex, conversation, singing and on and on and on...

Just how much awkwardness can you stand.

Broke girls is unfailingly obnoxious but still manages some real chemistry. New girl has none of that. No really watchable characters to speak of.

Will stick to watching her movies.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

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Funny., 31 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Still laughing at dogging behind bush.

Nailed the cast. Gently, Macduff and Gilks work well. Janice and co are competent.

Holistic detective Gently relies on the universe to unravel mysteries based on the 'interconnectedness of all things'. He is not above giving the universe a hand though and will stalk complete strangers but won't pay his bills.

Macduff is cynical, contemptuous, carping, cautious and yet surprisingly committed assistant/partner.

Together they make for a bromance far more engaging than any manufactured romance would have been. Oddly reminiscent of Caine and Kingsley - . That was a Sherlock spoof. This one isn't but comparisons with new sherlock may spring to mind.

Writing is good. Banter is brisk. Cases are crazy. As is the secretary. Not to mention the domestic help.

Lovelorn AI to cleaner/assassin from Poland. Nonsense that still keeps your eyes glued to the screen.

Absurd but addictive.

Time well spent.

Wish them well.

Thank you.

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