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They rock my world over and over again. This is a very picky list.
Note.. attempting to write some descriptions at the moment.. very much a work in progress :S .. hahah, as in, sorry if it's a bit hit and miss in the descriptive department at the moment x
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sometimes despite myself
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The most moving and explosive drama is also the most haunting. Sometimes these dramas are cathartic, but they can also be heartbreaking. I'm not sure how to categorise dramas I love because in my mind, there's all kinds of difference between them, especially those which in essence are also black comedies. Also, my response to different films can change over time. However, this is my first attempt to make a list of some.
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across genres such as crime, horror, mystery, drama, fantasy, surrealist and even documentary
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only those films that I like, i.e. not including House of Flying Daggers in particular, but also Hero and The Curse of the Golden Flower.
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quite probably I feel, on balance, that these actors are constantly cast because of their purported charisma and star appeal rather than any ostensible acting ability. Orlando Bloom, for instance, has all the character, in my highly subjective opinion, of a wooden fence post. Many of these actors tend to play the same kind of character, over and over again; limited range aside, chances are that this "character type" is one that I find annoying and facile.
Having said this, being reflexive, there are actors I retain some affection for despite their obvious limitations as performers - or actors here who, in one or two roles, completely transcend or reverse their standard cliched roles.
Don't let this list excite your imdb irritability, should you have it, and many of us do, by virtue of the fact that I'm not a director or these people don't care for my opinion. I still find them really annoying. That is all.
Do you find them really annoying too?
Validation is a wonderful thing, you know.
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