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Glory (1989)
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One of the most intricately perfect films, 9 September 2004

This is an ambitious film and is successful in everything it sets out to accomplish. Glory does not rely on the visual aspects to accomplish its perfection, but rather it relies on the emotional to convey its message and humanity. This is a film that managed to get some of the best actors of our time, as well as, withdraw from these actors their best abilities. While the film does show the realities and horror of war, especially when it involves good people thrown in, it captures the viewers attention by making us empathetic, as opposed to simply sympathetic. The score of the film is done by the brilliant James Horner, which compliments the film, but at times envelops the film completely. Director Zwick shows the various levels of humanity, one scene can display the blunt bravery of these men, and yet the next scene reminds us how scared and how human these men are. I wish I could write a paragraph on each actor, but I must mention Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washingtion, Andre Braugher, Cary Elwes, and Jihmi Kennedy. The characters of this film are wonderfully well-developed and the relationships between these men adds a dimension that is rarely seen in modern films. Each performance is Oscar-calibur, overall, this is a film that should now be ranked as a classic for all time. Simply amazing.

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nauseating, yet hilarious and brillant, 2 August 2003

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As i was flipping through the channels, i thought this would seem like an interesting film to watch. Well, I was very much impressed. It is one of those few films that can make me laugh and yet notice honest pain that people experience. Its a little hard to get through the fact that the son has sex with his mother, (who wouldn't feel sick?), but the film is so much deeper and interesting than superficial(and wrong) sex. Its witty and forward in its approach to comedy and the frustrations of the characters is intrigueing, and somewhat poignant. You can't help but feel deeply concerned and sorry for Ray when he tries to kill himself, but yet laugh at this feeble attempts. Until of course, he finally runs away and leaves behind the psychological, and what i believe to be the physical abuse. I know he's somewhat of an adult, but a mother should know her limits. i highly recommend it!

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I miss the 80s and Punky, 24 May 2003

I was just watching vh1's I love the 80s and remembered Punky Brewster. I was hooked on that show and I even had a Punky doll. She had such a unique style and attitude towards life. I don't think there was another character on tv that empowered young girls the way she did. I was just a little kid when the show was on and because I hated my first name I decided that I wanted to be known only as Punky. So to this day, 18 years after the show premiered, I am still known as Punky. Who wouldn't want to embody her image! The best episodes were when Henry got really sick and Punky was taken away by that rich couple. I was soo worried that Punky would never see Henry again, weren't we all?! Oh yea, they need to bring back the reruns!