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World War Z (2013)
The Most Marketable Movie Ever Made...
23 June 2013
World War Z is a zombie outbreak movie that supposedly bases itself on the amazing book of the same name by Max Brooks. What this movie truly is, is a shamefully mediocre attempt to create a movie that appeals to the widest audience possible. Pee established fan base from the book? Check. Star power (this is Brad Pitt)? Check. Focuses on intensity rather than horror and gore to not alienate non zombie fans? Check. Safe, young PG 13 rating? Check. All the makings are here because this is what the big Hollywood studio wanted. Despite the fact this movie doesn't resemble the book at all, it appears that those attached to make this movie tried to make a decent movie such as the visually interesting director Marc Foster who wanted to make a movie with a message which would emulate the tone the book was going for. However, the big studio disliked this and demanded rewrites and re-shooting that damaged the relationship between the director and Brad and results in a quick, intense action movie that lacks the character development and messages it needed to be a truly memorable movie because almost every one of those scenes were cut so much to the point that central characters get barley any lines. While the action scenes are intense and enjoyable on their own and Marc foster adds style to the lack of substance but its just not enough to save this movie. While it is better than it had any right to be thanks to Marc, it needs more and it lacks in crucial substance. However from the reviews and box office reports it appears Hollwood has succeeded in creating a successful marketable movie that everyone will eat up and it will be too late when we all get the nasty aftertaste.....
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Skew (2011)
Road Trip From Hell...
5 June 2012
Skew is one of the next Found Footage Horror films to attempt to try and add originality to the genre and Skew does a fantastic job! The acting of the film was very believable and realistic, the special effects (and yes they are some, I think,)are surprisingly good for a low budget flick but the main standout feature of this film has to be the story. What starts out as a simple road trip takes a turn for the worse for a group of friends as relationships fray and turn deadly. I will try very hard not to give it away but the film is a very dark, bleak and shocking film with a climax so twisting that half the IMDb users posts are about not getting the ending.

Skew is now available on Netflix, German DVD and is available in the U.K on the 11th June. If you are a fan of FF films and want something fresh as well as a nice and effective slow burner, check this film out now!
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Marble Hornets (2009– )
Blair Witch for the YouTube Generation!!!!
18 April 2012
Marble Hornets is an online found footage series spanning two YouTube Channels and a Twitter Account as it follows Jay, piecing together the raw footage of his friend Alex's cancelled film, Marble Hornets, in order to find his missing friends...

The less you know about the series when going in, the more scary and exciting it is. I am writing this while it has just started its 3rd and final season. So far, it is very intriguing, atmospheric and terrifying and for any fan of horror or found footage. The threat introduced in the very beginning of the series is not only visually scary but its vibes are found everywhere in the series. If there is anything worth watching online, this is it.

Marble Hornets Season 1 and 2 is available on DVD!
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My Little Eye (2002)
My Little Eye, A More Interesting Big Brother
19 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After having bought My Little Eye two days ago for a measly 1.99, I was anticipating rushing home to put on my surround sound headphones and hopefully enjoying this film. I'm a fan of the whole found footage/mockumentary sub genre and ever since the TV ads sparked on the TV to be viewed by my six year old self, I have been looking to watch this.

The film is about 5 random citizens who take part in a Big Brother-esque web reality show where the have to stay 6 months in a secluded area, if they last they win 100 Million Dollars (Each, I'm not sure)However,if one person leaves they ALL lose.

Without spoiling too much, towards the end of there stay, weird and creepy things start to happen that escalate to a bloody ending.

I really enjoyed this film, the acting, the camera-work, the story is great and for me is very engaging as it also works as a satire of all that reality TV crap everybody seems obsessed with nowadays. The ending shifts the film from a creepy thriller to a full blooded horror which may change people's opinions about the film positively or negatively, but I still found it entertaining.

The film is overall a very bleak, disturbing, rude and violent film, that most people should like if they are into this sort of film.

I suggest getting the special DVD edition as it comes with many extras and an interactive viewing mode which gives a lot more insight and footage into the story,characters, squashes plot holes and answers questions not explained in the standard edition (The film was originally 4 hours long) So it's good so this interesting interactive experience as it adds more replay value to the film. Not saying that the standard version isn't good, its that the interactive extra adds a WHOLE lot more.

There are people absolutely hating this film, saying its the worst film they have ever seen. They obviously don't watch much movies. They can, not like it, but its not one of the worst films ever made in the least. Give this film a chance...
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Chronicle (2012)
Awesome Superhero Movie that serves as an amazing Found Footage Film!
6 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Before I start, let me make it clear that I have a soft spot for Found Footage films and it has become a rarity to find found footage films that show us why we thought these movies were so original. Since last year however, there has been a spate of awesome found footage films and Chronicle is one of the best!

Chronicle jumps straight in showing the audience the harsh life of a troubled boy named Andrew. He, his cousin and his friend Steve discover a mysterious crater and within there an object that grants them extraordinary powers. What starts out as learning these powers and using them for fun turns into a dark tale of what our generation would do with limitless power.

Chronicle. Kics. ASS.

Everything from the acting, the effects and the story make Chronicle a joy to behold as it takes the over used genre and takes if for an enjoyable spin with glorious action and a really deep story not shown in the trailers.(This film is best enjoyed not seeing any footage but knowing that it is a found footage film). I am being very conserved about what I give away but I will tell you, check this film out. I believe you will have a great time. Even if you don't like found footage films, this is great! My father isn't a fan of the genre but he loved it.

Not Oscar worthy, but what it sets out to achieves, it does to a genius level..

Worth a trip to the cinema and I would even buy it on Blu-Ray!!!

Chronicle - 4 out of 5 = 80%
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