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Anything less than a 7 is a crime. Over analyzing comedies always makes them bad ... get over yourself. Saying this movie makes you "dumber" or "retarded" is not a correct justification ... Learn what other people consider funny ... and stop being a hardass with your gay friends .. and telling yourself not to laugh ...

This movie is funny that is a fact. Several one-liners I will be saying for weeks ... Just like the Jim Carrey day's in Pet Detective. If you are willing to spend 7 dollars on King Arthur ... Then this movie will make sure you go home satisfied ..

If anything this movie out does Old School, and is more witty then a night a the roxbury's ...

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You'd be surprised..., 6 September 2003

You'd be surprise if I told you that Dickie Roberts: Childhood... was the best movie of the summer. Though for a comedy to obtain such an honor is rare and really never heard of. This is why Dicky Roberts.. is not going to outlast Terminator 3, Tomb Raider.. etc. However, Dickie Roberts:Childhood... was probably the best movie out this summer. It's not flawless nor stupid (dumb and dumber); however it is entertaining and when you are out of the movies you will be reciting the lines. This usually means you have enjoyed and you have been entertained. I would recommend this movie even if you hate Spade. Here is what some critics are saying. Seattle Post-Intelligencer William Arnold "...a slightly better-than-average David Spade summer comedy..." Atlanta Journal-Constitution Bob Townsend "...often funny, but just as often ham-fisted..."

Bottom line go see the movie.... 6.889/10