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Demons 2 (1986)
But didn't I just watch the exact same thing in the 1985 "Demons" movie?..., 15 October 2016

I watched both "Demons" and "Demons 2" (aka "Dèmoni 2... l'incubo ritorna") when I was a teenager, and remember then both fondly as being fairly scary movies. But having just seen "Demons" (the 1985 movie) the other night, I was sorely disappointed as the movie was not as great as I had remembered it. But still, I sat down to watch "Demons 2" again, just to check if it was as good as I remembered it.

Wow, seriously? What was the purpose of this movie. It was most definitely not a continuation of the first movie. This was essentially just a remake of the movie that was made just one year before this second movie. It was the exact same story, just taking place in an apartment complex instead of an old theater. And even many of the actors and actresses were also from the first movie. Seriously? What were they thinking when they set out to make this movie and opted for the exact same story with many of the same acting talents? It just makes no sense to me.

Sure, "Demons 2" was as enjoyable as "Demons", as an individual movie. Both of them should be seen as individual movies, albeit of the very same story and events. Don't watch them as being sequels, as I did, because that only leads to disappointment and confusion.

If you have seen the first "Demons" movie, then there is very little reason to watch "Demons 2", and vice versa.

The effects are on the same level in "Demons 2" as they were in "Demons", and they were practical effects that served their purpose well enough. Of course, take into consideration that this is a movie from 1986, so it is not really matching up to today's standards.

"Demons 2" wasn't all as good as I remembered it. Sure, it was adequate entertainment and good enough for a mid-Eightees horror movie. Just keep in mind that this is an Italian produced movie, and they had a certain atmosphere to them.

Almost as good as the 2011 movie..., 15 October 2016

A sequel to the 2011 "The Mechanic", I was sort of thrilled to sit down and watch this 2016 movie, especially because I really enjoyed the 2011 movie quite a lot. "Mechanic: Resurrection" was actually a worthy follow up to the 2011 movie.

Without being blinded by enjoying Jason Statham's movies, then it should be said that you know what kind of movie that you are in for here, as his movie are essentially made from the same recipe; much like Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone back in the day. But with that being said, then I will say that I enjoy these types of movies as I grew up with them, and Jason Statham rarely fails to deliver.

The story in "Mechanic: Resurrection" is about Arthur Bishop (played by Jason Statham) who has put his turbulent past behind him and is living a quiet life in Asia. But when Gina (played by Jessica Alba) is kidnapped, he is forced to complete three difficult assassinations in order to have her set free. But no one crosses paths with Bishop and lives to tell about it.

Sure, the storyline was generic and predictable, as they usually are in movies such as this. But it was still very entertaining and enjoyable, because there is a lot of action throughout the movie, and it is kept in a very fast pace, which ensures lost of adrenaline and thrills.

The acting in "Mechanic: Resurrection" was good. Sure, you know what you get here, but I did enjoy it.

While "Mechanic: Resurrection" is a fast-paced and entertaining movie, it was not fully up to par with the 2011 "The Mechanic" movie. But it was a close run.

I am rating "Mechanic: Resurrection" seven out of ten stars.

Lou Lap (2015)
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This movie is a MUST watch..., 15 October 2016

"Robbery" (aka "Lou Lap") caught my attention solely because it is a Hong Kong movie, and I do have a love for the Hong Kong cinema. So given the chance to watch this, I jumped at it right away without knowing what the movie was about or who starred in it.

This is one of the more offbeat and strange movies that I have seen come from the Hong Kong cinema, and it might actually not be in just everyone's liking. It is somewhat of an acquired taste, because the storyline has some absurdity to it, and because you don't really know what is going on throughout most of the movie.

With that being said, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that "Robbery" is a bad movie. I enjoyed it, although it is a movie that slowly, but surely grows on you. "Robbery" is a movie that I think primarily only hardcore fans of the Hong Kong cinema will enjoy and take to heart. I think the average movie viewer might find "Robbery" a tad too offbeat. But hey, it is all a matter of personal taste and preference of course, but at least give it a go if you get the chance.

The story is hard to summarize in order to fully do the movie real justice, so I will not even venture into that territory. No, "Robbery" is the kind of movie that has to be watched and experience in order to fully give the story and movie itself any justice.

While "Robbery" only has a single familiar face on the cast list, and that being Suet Lam, then I will say that all people on the cast list, despite it being only nine people, did really good jobs with their respective roles and characters.

"Robbery" is a movie that progress at its own rate, and it does so quite well. It is a movie that you need to let sink in under your skin and give it some thought. Director Ka Wing Lee (credited as Fire Lee) managed to put together a movie with a story that keeps the audience in the dark and guessing at what will happen next, and when the truth is unveiled, then it was a huge surprise and certainly something I hadn't seen coming.

This is a movie that might go unnoticed to most, but that would be an utmost shame, because "Robbery" is really a movie that needs to be experience. It is not just a movie that you watch, you experience it. I would actually go as far as saying that "Robbery" is a diamond in the rough in the Hong Kong cinema.

My final rating of "Robbery" is a score of seven out of ten stars.

Krampus (2015/I)
'Twas the night before Christmas..., 15 October 2016

"Krampus" was a movie that had initially went under my radar. Sure, I had seen the poster at the cinema back in 2015, but it wasn't a movie that had caught my attention. But I had the chance to sit down and watch it here in 2016, and I must say that this was really a movie where I had been missing out on something.

This is a horror comedy movie that manages to take both genres and blend them together for a great outcome. And "Krampus" is a movie that really should be seen if you enjoy the horror comedy genre. It has enough comedy to work well on the screen, but it doesn't cross into being a movie where you sit around and laugh at what is going on. The comedy is subtle, to the point and it works. And as for the horror elements, well they are working quite good, especially because there is a great build-up of suspense in the movie at the hands of director Michael Dougherty.

The story is a dark twist on the spirit of Christmas. It is about a dysfunctional family that has come together for the Christmas holiday. But young Max is fed up and turns his back on Christmas, and by doing so he inadvertently summons the demonic shadow of Saint Nick, a horrible creature named Kampus who seeks only to punish those who lost faith.

As I mentioned before, then there is a great build-up throughout the movie, up until the full intent of the demonic forces are unleashed and finally revealed. And after that, then the movie doesn't lose momentum or becomes less interesting. No, director Michael Dougherty managed to keep the movie go on at the same great pace.

There is a good ensemble of cast in this movie, such as David Koechner, Krista Stadler, Adam Scott and Conchata Ferrell. People were performing quite well with their given characters and seemed like they were having a blast being in this movie.

The horror elements are also really brought to life on the screen by the special effects and CGI team, as they really managed to pull something impressive out of the gift-sack here, pardon the pun. The effects were realistic and the various creature designs were just fantastic, and there was a great dark spirit that permeated all these designs, and that worked so well in favor of the movie.

I was more than genuinely entertained by "Krampus" and I am glad that I have finally gotten around to watching it. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I can strongly recommend that you do so, because it is most definitely worth a watch. It might actually have enough contents to become a reoccurring movie to watch during the Christmas holiday.

Have Mercy... Get it? Jack Palance's character..., 15 October 2016

For some reason I never got around to watch the first "Cyborg" movie, the one from 1989 starring Jean Claude Van Damme. It just always reeked of low budget, and thus I avoided it as if it was on fire. I didn't know that they had made a part two and three to the movie, before I stumbled upon "Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow" by sheer random luck, and now saw that there is a "Cyborg 3: The Recycler" as I looked up "Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow" here on IMDb.

If the first movie is anywhere near as catastrophic as this second movie is, then I have been avoiding it for a good reason. Because, while this sequel has Elias Koteas and Angelina Jolie in it, as well as the iconic voice of Jack Palance, then the movie was a shambled mess of a chaotic movie trying to make sense.

The story is about cyborg Casella Reese (played by Angelina Jolie) whom is carrying a high-explosive compound inside her, as she is designed to be the ultimate espionage cyborg. With the assistance of Colton Ricks (played by Elias Koteas), the renegade cyborg is freed into the chaotic world outside the confines of the PinWheel corporation.

Right, well I am sure that the storyline worked well enough on paper and for the ones who wrote it. But it didn't really translate all that well on the screen. I found the movie to be a somewhat cluster of random scenes put together in order to achieve a wholesome end result. But it wasn't successful.

I felt my interest in the storyline dwindle quite shortly into the movie, and director Michael Schroeder failed to lead me back on track, because the movie never progressed into something that had any real interest in terms of an attractive storyline.

The acting in the movie was actually good, despite the talents having virtually nothing to work with.

As for the special effects, which are quite important in order for a Sci-Fi movie to prove effective, then the special effects department that worked on "Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow" didn't really achieve anything worthwhile, impressive or memorable. And for a futuristic movie, then I was really amazed with what had to be a very antique phone booth with a rotary wheel dial standing in a junk yard, fully functional and operational, and requiring no coins or other payments to use.

After having seen part two, then I still feel discouraged from actually sitting down and watching the original 1989 "Cyborg" movie, despite having it in my DVD collection. And I am even less interested in watching part three after this disastrous movie.

"Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow" scores a mere three out of ten stars here from me, and I do feel very generous with that rating.

What a surprise of a movie..., 15 October 2016

"Monster Hunt" (aka "Zhuo yao ji") was sort of a movie that was entertaining in a strange way, especially since it was a combination of animation and live action. Normally that mixture does work well enough, but it was the odd cute and cuddly appearance of the monsters in the movie that just made it weird.

The story in "Monster Hunt" was actually surprisingly good, as it is a story which is suitable for both children and adults alike. And the movie itself is also suitable for children to watch.

"Monster Hunt" is about ancient China where humans and monsters live simultaneously, although the monsters are banished. The queen of the monster world is pregnant, but is being chased relentlessly. With her dying breath she passes on her egg to a human named Song Tianyin (played by Boran Jing). He is traveling with monster hunter Huo Xiaolan (played by Baihe Bai) and they are being chased by monster hunters set out to capture the royal monster child.

With a captivating story, then "Monster Hunt" is already well on the way for being a good movie. But it is really helped along by some great acting performances by Huo Xiaolan, Boran Jing, Wu Jiang, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng and Eric Tsang. And it was a nice treat to have the talented Wei Tang make a short appearance in this movie.

The CGI were good, although the design of the monsters was at first somewhat of a difficult pill to swallow for me. They were simply just too cute in their design to be taken seriously. So I guess you will either outright fall in love with them right away (which my wife did), or you will have problems with taking them seriously (as I did).

"Monster Hunt" is a fast-paced movie that has both a good storyline, but also has enough action and martial arts to keep the average fan of the Asian cinema more than happy.

While it is somewhat of an offbeat movie, compared to the myriad of Hong Kong movies released every year, then "Monster Hunt" certainly is well-worth watching. It turned out to be a very nice surprise and a very entertaining movie, and I can warmly recommend this movie, both if you are a fan of the Asian cinema, but also if you are looking for a good movie for the entire family.

"Monster Hunt" scores a rock-solid seven out of ten stars rating from me.

They invaded the wrong nation...., 15 October 2016

Without even having heard of this movie prior to finding it, I decided to give "Australiens" a chance after I happened to find it by sheer, random luck. I read the synopsis, and it did sound like it could be a fun movie, sort of the likes such as "Black Sheep", "Shaun of the Dead" or "Undead".

Sure, there were great elements and funny moments to "Australiens", but it didn't have that great quality like other movies of the same genre had, and as such then it wasn't an outstanding movie. It was a watchable and hilarious enough movie, but it just wasn't a movie that left a memorable impression.

The story is about a group of fairly odd people living their ordinary, routine lives in Australia, when aliens happen to come to Earth to take over the planet. The group of unlikely heroes take up arms and make a stand against the alien invaders.

This was a low budget movie, there was no doubt about it. Even a blind man could tell that from a mile away. But even as such, then they managed to get it all to work here in the movie. Even though it was low budget and questionable props and worse CGI, then it was just all comical enough to actually work in favor of the movie.

The acting in "Australiens" was good. You know what you are getting yourself into essentially when you sit down to watch a movie such as this. But I will say that people were doing good jobs all around, and it was clearly visible that the acting talents were having a blast making this movie.

As for the CGI effects and special effects. Let's just give them a thumbs up for trying. But getting down to business, then the CGI were laughable and very, very fake. The practical effects in the movie were adequate, albeit not the best of practical effects. But again, taking the movie and its budget into consideration, then what was to be expected in terms of effects here?

"Australiens" is the type of movie that will appeal primarily to a specific target audience, and you must be a fan of low budget Sci-Fi movies and comedies in order to get some kind of enjoyment from "Australiens". I was adequately entertained by the movie, although my final rating settles on a mediocre five out of ten stars.

Kiwis, demons and World War II. Sure, why not?..., 15 October 2016

Truth be told, then I had very little expectations to "The Devil's Rock", given the synopsis of this being a World War II movie with occult and demonic elements to it. But still, I had the chance to watch it, so I decided to give it a go and I sat down to watch it.

It didn't take long before it dawned upon me that this was going to be a slow-paced and not overly impressive movie. But I stuck with it to the end, in a vague hope that the movie would kick up in gear and become impressive. But that was not to happen...

The story takes place on the eve of D-Day, and we follow two commandos as they attempt to destroy a German gun emplacement. But things go horribly wrong and they discover that the German are conjuring up demonic things to aid them in the fight to take over the world.

Right, well I will say that the storyline did have potential. Although this potential wasn't really utilized in this movie by director Paul Campion. There was just something about the movie never catching on, because I always felt like there was something missing from the movie, and that the movie never really got up into a gear which would make it interesting.

The acting in "The Devil's Rock" was adequate enough, I mean for a movie such as this. You know what you are getting yourself into when you sit down to watch something like this, so the lack of award winning performances here should not come as a surprise.

As for the special effects, well, let's just say that there were some special effects present, albeit not great ones. And for a horror movie with supernatural elements, then having believable special effects and CGI is a must.

All in all, then "The Devil's Rock" was not a memorable or impressive movie in any way, and if you manage to watch it once, then chances are slim to none that you will ever sit down to watch it again.

12.7 magnitude on the laughable scale..., 15 October 2016

Of course The Asylum would have to come up with their own rendering of the 2015 "San Andreas" movie, and thus enters "San Andreas Quake". You already know what you are in for here as soon as you see the logo of The Asylum on the screen. And you know that chances of this movie being a great movie is slim to none.

But still, I decided to stick with "San Andreas Quake" and watch it to the end. And having done that now, I can say that it was honestly not as bad as I had initially thought it would turn out. But it is far from being a masterpiece, and it most definitely offers no competition to "San Andreas" which is just in a whole different league.

The storyline in "San Andreas Quake", to those unfamiliar with the plot of "San Andreas", is about a discredited seismologist whom has invented a way of measuring earthquakes before they happen, an effective warning system indeed. But when she predicts a 12.7 earthquake to strike Los Angeles, no one takes her claim seriously. Left to her own devices, the races against time in a desperate attempt to get her family to safety before an earthquake of biblical proportions destroys all of Los Angeles.

Sure, the storyline was adequate, but as always with The Asylum it is just a shameless rip off of another big blockbuster. And as such, then it is not very inventive or original, and if you have seen the movie that they are imitating, then you have no reason to watch this.

The acting in "San Andreas Quake" was alright, and people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles and characters. They were just struggling an uphill battle against a very weak storyline and facing the fact that this was done much better in another movie.

As with most movies that come from The Asylum, then the effects are not overly impressive, and were questionable in many cases. The CGI effects were not realistic, and they didn't really give off the impression that this natural disaster was of 12.7 magnitude.

It is just another generic disaster movie, and while it is watchable for a single time, then it hardly offers anything worthwhile remembering. "San Andreas Quake" is not a movie that you will watch more than a single time, if you do decide to sit down and actually watch this generic disaster movie.

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A very unpredictable movie..., 15 October 2016

"The Wailing" (aka "Goksung") is a South Korean pseudo-horror movie, and that alone already counts well in favor for the movie, as South Korea has a long, and most impressive, track record for making horror movies. The movie runs a bit over two and a half hours, but it actually manages to remain interesting and captivating throughout the course of this time frame.

The story is about a strange disease that spreads in a small rural settlement in South Korea. This disease causes rashes and blisters, and eventually drives the infected to kill those he or she loves in blind rage. A local policeman becomes involved in the case and finds himself deep in a very strange mystery, which involves supernatural elements and it is a race against time to find the culprit and the source of this bizarre sickness.

I will say that the story is good and interesting, especially because director Hong-jin Na managed to build up the movie in such a way that the audience is given bits and pieces of information throughout the course of the movie, and thus keeps the audience in the dark and trying to put the pieces together themselves and trying to figure out who is the cause of it all.

And just when you think you have it all figured out, something happens and the movie takes an unforeseen turn, which just further keeps the audience on edge and trying to make sense of it all. That was a nice thing in the movie, because it kept it from being predictable, and it forces the audience to actually do some thinking throughout the course of the movie.

The acting in the movie was quite good, which is a common trait seen in South Korean movies, so there were no surprise there. As always it is an enjoyment to sit down and watch another South Korean movie.

Without giving anything away, then I will say that just as I thought I had it all figured out, then the director opted for something else entirely towards the ending, and threw me fully of the trail. I had not seen that ending coming, not by a long shot. But, personally, I didn't care much for how the movie ended and the realization of what was really going on. It was just a bit too much, to far out there for my taste. Especially since the movie had been so good and intriguing up to that point. It just took a nosedive with that unveiling, and as such I am forced to rate the movie only a six out of ten stars rating.

That being said, don't get me wrong, because "The Wailing" really is a good movie, it is just that I didn't enjoy the ending in the least bit. But if you enjoy Asian movies and South Korean movies in particular, then "The Wailing" is a solid horror/mystery movie which definitely is worth watching.

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