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Hilarious..., 15 April 2016

With a title such as "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" then you know that you are in for something funny. And given this being a zombie movie, then you are in for a mix of horror and comedy. And it is much in the likes such as "Shaun of the Dead" and "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil", for example. And if you enjoy the horror comedy genre, then you will also enjoy "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse".

The story is about three teenagers whom are active scout troops, although two of them are not overly keen on the activity anymore. And while they are out in the woods, the end of ends come around in the shape of a zombie apocalypse.

"Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" is a fun movie and does have a good amount of funny scenes and good laughs to offer. It is a movie that takes things lightheartedly and makes fun of things along the way. So don't sit down with the hopes of a through and through serious zombie movie.

The effects in the movie were surprisingly good, and there is a good amount of gore in the movie as well. Yep, who saw that coming? And the effects really do add to the overall enjoyment of the movie. And the make-up also really worked in favor of the movie.

"Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" has some good acting talents in the various roles. And I especially enjoyed seeing David Koechner in his particular role in this movie. He really spiced up the movie in a great way.

This 2015 zombie comedy is definitely worth watching, and it makes a good addition to the collection of any zombie aficionado. I was genuinely entertained by the movie, and I can warmly recommend this movie if you enjoyed "Shaun of the Dead", for example.

"Z Nation" (2014)
The future of the human race rests in the hands of The Murphy..., 15 April 2016

Right, well with the sheer amount of baggage that both SyFy Channel and The Asylum comes with, in forms of questionable movies and TV series, then it was with a certain amount of skepticism that I sat down to watch "Z Nation".

However, now that I have gone through seasons 1 and 2 in a very short time, I must say that I am more than impressed with the outcome of "Z Nation". Fearing that this would be nothing more than just another mockbuster cash-in on "The Walking Dead", I had no particular high expectations for "Z Nation". But I will say that I am glad that I did sit down to watch it.

"Z Nation" breaks the traditional formula that both SyFy Channel and The Asylum tends to use, and it does offer up something unique to the zombie genre. Sure, there are massive similarities to "The Walking Dead", for example, then "Z Nation" does turn the table and prove to be innovative with new ideas and concepts to the genre.

The special effects in "Z Nation" is a massive step up from what both SyFy Channel and The Asylum previously has managed to muster in their previous productions. And that was really a massive improvement, especially because it worked out quite well. And the effects are great and that really works in favor of the series.

What really blew me away and had me riveted to the screen was the characters and the story. The characters are nicely detailed and fleshed out. Lots of really memorable characters in the series. I especially enjoy the Doc and Murphy characters, played by Russell Hodgkinson and Keith Allan respectively. These two characters are more than enough to sustain the series all by themselves.

"Z Nation" doesn't take itself as serious as "The Walking Dead" for instance, and that is result of SyFy Channel and The Asylum. But it works out well enough for the series, because it adds a good comedy element to the show, which is a colorful layer.

There are some very outrageous things happening throughout the series, which may actually not appeal to just everyone in the audience. I did, however, enjoy it.

All in all, then "Z Nation" is more than worth checking out. Just bear in mind that it is not "The Walking Dead" in seriousness and such. It is, though, a good addition to the zombie genre, especially if you enjoy something that breaks the traditional formulas used in the zombie genre.

Demonic (2015)
Nothing demonic about it at all..., 15 April 2016

Where to begin? Well, first of all "Demonic" brings absolutely nothing to the horror genre which hasn't already been seen countless times in other similar, and most likely more interesting and entertaining movies. With that in mind, you might think that director Will Canon would be playing it safe and bet on the horses that might actually bring the movie safely to the goal line. But no, that was not the case.

"Demonic" is every bit as boring and uneventful as it was predictable, generic and cliché-filled. There are no twists or turns along the storyline and you sit in the chair for a very mundane and predictable thrill ride, albeit without the thrills.

I actually fell asleep during the course of "Demonic", which is a testament to how boring the movie is. Especially since I watch a lot of questionable movies (B-movies) and such, so I am seasoned and hardened to movies, and it really takes a lot before I get up and turn off a movie, or as in the case of "Demonic" fall asleep while watching a movie.

The acting in the movie was adequate, although I can't really bring any particular talent out in the light as being memorable or particularly outstanding.

However, the movie was just struck down by the director's hand, the script and a total lack of anything even remotely scary. The storyline was so scripted that the audience is offered nothing enticing or thrilling in any sense. It was all in all just a long, very long, run on a fully automated track.

If you enjoy horror movies, then there are far better choices available on the market. And I would suggest that you give "Demonic" a wide berth. It just simply isn't worth the time or effort.

Funny enough, but not outstanding..., 8 April 2016

While this 2004 movie "White Coats" (aka "Intern Academy") is a funny enough comedy, then it just wasn't particularly memorable or outstanding in the vast ocean of comedies available.

Sure, it was an entertaining enough movie for what it turned out to be, just a shame that it didn't manage to stand out in the crowd. And if you have seen "Scrubs", then you have essentially already seen "White Coats" as well. Yes, it was the exact same formula used for both projects.

The acting in the movie was good, and that did help the movie along quite nicely. And it was a good change of pace to see a cast of mostly new faces. And it should be said that the various actors and actresses did good jobs with their given roles and characters. And there was no doubt about it being Dan Aykroyd, Dave Foley and Matt Frewer who were the pulling names to make you sit down and watch the movie, despite them not having overly big roles in the movie.

It should also be said that there were some good laughs throughout the course of the movie.

If you enjoy comedy movies, then by all means do sit down to watch "White Coats", if you have the chance. Just bear in mind that it is not a movie that will leave a lasting impression.

Unfathomably boring..., 25 March 2016

Sitting down to watch "The Hamiltons" without knowing what it was about, aside from it being a horror movie, might have been somewhat of a gamble. And it was a gamble that I lost most horribly.

"The Hamiltons" is amongst one of the most boring and uneventful of horror movies that I have ever had the misfortune to suffer through. Yet I managed to stick with the movie to the very end, in a vain hope that it would step up and become better. Suffice it to say that it just never happened.

The story in "The Hamiltons" is about a deviant family that is constantly moving around, unable to fit into society. And the family harbors a dark secret, a bloody secret kept deep within the confines of their basement, and a secret that runs through their very veins.

It should be said that the acting in the movie was adequate, but the actors and actresses just were very restricted by the script, storyline and directing.

I mentioned that the movie is very uneventful, which is no understatement. And it also proved to be very anti-climatic. Especially when Lenny was revealed, it was just a cruel joke that didn't work on any levels.

Directors Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores tried hard to set this movie up for something grand, but the idea just never flourished into whatever they were aspiring on the screen. They are adequately named The Butcher Brothers, because they really did butcher this movie.

I am rating "The Hamiltons" a mere two out of ten stars. This is a movie to give a wide berth.

You're going out there on your own?..., 6 March 2016

I can't claim to be a particular avid fan of these types of movies, but Morgan Freeman being in the movie was sufficient enough to make me sit down and watch "Kiss the Girls".

Story-wise, then "Kiss the Girls" was as generic and average as these crime mysteries go. There was not really anything overly innovating here or anything that made you go 'whoa, that was impressive'. And the movie is suffering under this.

The story is your average story about a serial killer who kidnaps people, and then one man decides to track him down as he is closely tied to one of the kidnapped girls.

Right, nothing that hasn't been done or seen before in other movies.

However, I will say that Morgan Freeman, Cary Elwes and Tony Goldwyn really performed quite well, and they managed to make "Kiss the Girls" watchable. There was also a bunch of other familiar faces to be seen throughout the movie, and that did spice it up a bit.

But this movie didn't really rock my boat, and I have to settle on a very mediocre five out of ten stars for this crime mystery movie. The reason for this is that it was so predictable, generic and offered no surprises throughout the almost two hours that is runs. There are far better crime mystery movies available, and this one follows the 'how-to-make-a-crime-mystery' guidebook without any deviation.

The Mist (2007)
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There is something in the mist..., 6 March 2016

This is actually one of the better Stephen King novella adaptations to make it to the screen. And for me it is because "The Mist" is so heavily influenced by the works of H.P. Lovecraft to the very core.

What works out so well in "The Mist" is the build up of suspense that director Frank Darabont managed to establish and the slowly unveiling of what is going on and what is lurking in the mysterious mist that engulf the town.

Granted I haven't read the book, so I have no idea how close Frank Darabont stayed to the original work. But whether or not he stayed true to the book or strayed from the it, it hardly matters, as this is an entertaining movie.

Without going too much into details about the storyline, then "The Mist" is about a group of people getting trapped in a supermarket as a mist swallows up the town, and unseen horrors are lurking in the mist, killing anyone who ventures into the haze.

The characters in the movie were quite good, well-detailed and carved out with personalities and differences. And it is the combination of this good character gallery and the talents portraying the characters that make for a memorable movie experience. Thomas Jane carried the movie quite well, but most impressive was Marcia Gay Harden in her role. Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, Jeffrey DeMunn and Frances Sternhagen also really added a lot to the movie.

"The Mist" is not the type of horror movie that will leave you scared senseless, nor is it one that will have you jumping out of the chair every so often. No, this is the type of horror movie that runs on suspense and build-up.

The effects in the movie were quite good and added a good amount of believability to the movie. The creature designs were quite good and very realistic, well in the scenes that they appeared to be real. However, the tentacles that assaulted the supermarket, well they could have been re-touched, because they were quite poor compared to the rest of the CGI throughout the movie.

All in all then "The Mist" is a good horror movie that has a good story, good characters, good action, good effects and a good hold on the audience. The ending to the movie, despite being corny, was a nice touch.

A cute, albeit generic, romantic comedy..., 24 February 2016

While "My Wife is 18" (aka "Ngo liu poh lut gau ching") is a very generic movie in the romantic comedy genre, then it still turned out to be entertaining and watchable.

The story is about 30 year old Sip-Sam Cheung (played by Ekin Cheng) who is a long time student trying to get his degree. Upon the wish of his aging grand mother he marries Yoyo Ma (played by Charlene Choi), an 18 year old college girl. And when Cheung starts to work as a psychology teacher at Yoyo's school, things really take a turn for the hilarious.

Right, well all the core essentials were used for this particular Hong Kong romantic comedy at the hands of director James Yuen, so you know exactly what kind of movie you are in for here. As such, then "My Wife is 18" offers nothing new or innovative to the romantic comedy genre.

They had managed to put together a good cast ensemble though, with seasoned actor Ekin Cheng opposite the Young singer/actress Charlene Choi. They do have good on-screen chemistry. It was also really nice to see Richard Ng (playing the professor) in the movie, just a shame that he only had such a small role. Bernice Liu (playing Miss Lee) was also doing a good job, and I wished that they had given her a bigger role and more screen time because she really was well-cast for her role.

"My Wife is 18" is a charming movie because of its storyline, but with that in mind, then it is also a very generic movie for its genre. If you enjoy romantic comedies, then "My Wife is 18" is a good choice for a movie to watch. But if you are getting an introduction to the Hong Kong cinema, then it is hardly the best of choices.

I wasn't familiar with the fact that this 2002 movie was followed up by a sequel in 2012, until I happened to come across that by sheer random luck here on IMDb.

I am rating "My Wife is 18" six out of ten stars given the storyline and the acting performances. And also because there are some fairly good laughs here and there throughout the movie.

We are formally at war with the Kilrathi..., 24 February 2016

Having been a fan of the "Wing Commander" game franchise back in the day then it was with some anticipation that I sat down to watch "Wing Commander", although I had a gut feeling that I knew that it had a high possibility of being a poor movie experience.

And once this 1999 movie ended, I must admit that you are left with a hollow feeling and a somewhat sour taste in your mouth. Director Chris Roberts didn't manage to capture the essence of the games, and the movie turned out to be a shallow experience and poor movie in general.

The story in "Wing Commander" was adequate, albeit not super thrilling. But the movie was killed by the lack of convincing effects and the choice of acting talents. It just felt like you were watching a movie made for teenagers, given the actors and actresses they had opted to cast for the movie. And not even with talents such as David Warner and Jürgen Prochnow making appearances were director Chris Roberts able to salvage this movie.

The fans of the game franchise will remember the Kilrathi as being menacing feline humanoids, but they are presented as something that resembles an over-sized gerbil in the movie, and do not really look like the feline creatures that were in the games. And that feature was really a hard pill to swallow and it really sent a low blow to the movie.

If you were fan of the games, then stay well clear of the movie, because it is nowhere near to having captured the spirit and heart of the game franchise. If you are unfamiliar with the games, then this 1999 movie doesn't really offer anything that you can't find in other Sci-Fi movies.

"Wing Commander" manages to harvest a more than generous three out of ten stars from me, just because I wanted my love for the game franchise to go to the big screen.

Wolf (1994)
The demon wolf is not evil, unless the man he has bitten is evil..., 24 February 2016

"Wolf" by director Mike Nichols can best be described as a werewolf movie for a mature and adult audience. And the director also managed to pull off an entertaining movie without resorting to gore, visual transformation into a werewolf and of course without young men running around without shirts.

The story told in this 1994 movie is about Will Randall (played by Jack Nicholson), an aging publisher who finds himself bitten on the hand by a wolf that he accidentally hit with his car. And as young publisher Stewart Swinton (played by James Spader) snatches a job position from Will, he finds himself fighting for his job and also fighting a personal battle against the beast that starts to emerge within him.

It is a nicely told story that progress in a good pace and it is helped along quite well by the performances by the cast ensemble, as well as the characters in the movie being quite detailed and nuanced. Jack Nicholson was really well-cast for this movie, given his charm and appearance. And James Spader also did add something good to the movie. Furthermore, then the cast list also included talents like Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Plummer, Richard Jenkins and David Hyde Pierce.

I was especially impressed with how well the movie turned out to be, despite lacking the traditional transformation scenes from human into werewolf, which is usually seen in the werewolves movie genre. There were some scenes where there was a slight change from man into something more bestial. And that worked out so very well in favor of the movie. And it made the character look more bestial and added a good flavor to the movie.

All in all, "Wolf" is not your average werewolf movie, and if you want a werewolf movie which offers more than just gore and visual effects then "Wolf" is a good choice. It does cater to a more mature audience.

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