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I love you, but I love him., 5 January 2010

Good Lord, after watching Twilight, and reading the books, I expected nothing from this movie. That is exactly what I got. Nothing. I went with a friend and my dad? Weird combination. My dad was excited cause he loved the first part of the movie and me and my friend went there just so we can laugh. What can you say when my dad, who WAS a fan, just said "Ok, this is just plain stupid." My friend tried to give it a chance, but after Edward left Bella and Bella falling on the ground like an airhead, she gave up. I gave up when I saw Kristen Stewart, the worst actress yet.

The suspense, well there is none. The whole movie you just watch this one girl sitting on a chair in depression because she was dumb enough to fall for the same old trick played by two different guys. Bella as a character is the lamest female character. Ever.

I have to say, I am not on ANY team, but Jacob was pretty awesome, even though Taylor is my age and he looks like an Indian boy with a three pack. He was just all into himself for wasting his summer in the gym, which frankly, didn't impress me at all. I have to say that the wolves were done pretty good, and there is ONE good scene in the whole movie - when the wolf pack is chasing Victoria in the forest. Only good scene.

I have to say, I was disappointed by Dakota. She is a splendid young actress, but her role in New Moon was poor. Just poor.

The whole romantic-pathetic story about two guys saying everything to a spoiled young brat, what every young teenage girl wants to hear from a guy... Well it was just boring. "I love you, but I love Edward." And all the Deja Vu moments of "I'm leaving you Bella," good Lord I wanted to slice my own hand and eat it.

Twilight (2008/I)
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Glittering Vampires? Awesome..., 5 January 2010

So, I have read the books and let me just say, I hate them as much as the movies. Twilight is, honestly, the AIDS of both literature and cinematography.

First thing is first, I hate the fact that Stephanie Meyer created her own vampires. I'm an Anne Rice fan, I love the whole Interview with a Vampire, Vampire Lestat story, but this is just ridiculous! A "vampire" that by the way, has no fangs, goes out to the light and glitters. Oh how shiny and beautiful! NO!

As for the movie itself, I have never been chased out of the theater, by a movie. Well, never say never. The story line was so boring, so dragged out for nothing and I can't believe I actually watched it! For once, I think Kristen Stewart is SUCH a bad actress! Her reactions are so lame and just not convincing! Hated her whole role as Bella in this movie.

Robert Pattison - not a vampire and it is sad to see teenage girls just scream in the theater because he showed up. And please, has anyone but me noticed that his every move is done in slow motion? Hilarious!

This movie was tragically sad just for being so LAME.

Avatar (2009)
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Oh. My. God!, 5 January 2010

Oh my God! This movie is life changing! It is wonderful in every way imagined!

It is kind of against the American culture and for the Indian culture, which I think makes it really positive and mind altering. I also think it could be a little for Iraq and the exploitation of their natural resources. So in the political sense, this movie is very positive.

Avatar reminds me of cartoons Pocahontas and Atlantis combined, and while the story line isn't that original it is the best one yet. It also reminds me of the Lord of the Rings, just for the fact that a whole new world, language, custom and culture, which is fascinating for everyone!

Also the 3D experience plus the new camera method create such an experience for everyone viewing the movie. The scenery is lovely and so is Zoe Saldana. Her role as Neytiri was mind blowing and was just plain good! She, in my opinion, did the very best job in the movie! LOVED this movie and I don't know a single person that didn't!

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Oscar Wilde would be tumbling in his grave!, 5 January 2010

I consider myself a huge Oscar Wilde fan. I have read a big deal of his stories, poems and Dorian Gray, maybe four or five times.

I was looking forward to a Dorian Gray movie, because I imagined a lot of things in my head. When I saw the trailer, I thought that it looked good, but considered it weird Dorian being Ben Barnes, cause Dorian was a blue eyed blond. And what about Colin Firth being Lord Henry? Him being so tall and skinny, and Henry being portrayed as a fat tub of lard? But I tried to get pass that.

But the moment the movie started, I just watched and saw all the things gone wrong! The story about a young man becoming a mischievous and later on evil forever young man, turned into a story about his never mentioned abusive father and a bad-action porn. I never recall a single sex scene in the book, and this movie is just full of them! I think the Basil-Dorian scene was just sickening! But I do have to say that Ben Chaplin is what I imagined Basil the painter to look like.

And what about Dorian's relationship with Sybil? Also, Sybil was a blonde girl and he met her in a theater and fell in love with her acting? Wrong. In the movie he saw her in a bar, they have been going out on daily basis and she even knew his name? Which is complete nonsense, because she didn't even know his name and called him her Prince Charming, Mister Wonderful or whatever your translation said. And their sex scene was also appalling, just because it ruined the whole concept of their relationship, and well, because it never happened.

So goes on this awful movie and they tried to keep up with the novel up to one point. Then, they decided to just stop making any sense. Henry's daughter? Henry and children in general? Basil being dropped into the water instead of being chemically decomposed? The picture being an actual demon with the worms and stuff? More of the never mentioned abusive father? I remember just sitting and thinking to myself - what a waste.

If you are making a movie basing the story on the novel, at least have the courtesy of reading the novel at all! Like I said - Oscar Wilde would be, indeed, tumbling in his grave! I have NEVER been so disappointed!