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Idea for TV series. Kaitlin was the most popular girl in high school. She and group her friends was rude to four girls called "Hemphild Hated Girls" - Lisa, Indgrid, Michelle and Teresa. 15 years leater Kaitlin invited class for reunion. During the party Kaitlin committed suicide. Soon other people die. Who is the killer?
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Antonio Bay News, Season 1

Retired maths teacher from Antonio Bay, Albert Harding is missing. The case start interesing Ian (Desmond Harrington) from local newspaper. Meanwhile, a young woman (Michelle Monaghan) who is hiding from something comes to the town.
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My cast for Junji Ito's Tomie. It's U.S. version so I change some names. Movie has five segments and it's adaptation of first manga.
I Tomie (Tomie)
II Stephanie (Photograph)
III Robert (Kiss, Mansion)
IV Alex (Revenge)
V Chris (The Basin of the Waterfall)