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Miserable inter human nonsense, 30 November 2014

Interstellar was supposed to be a cardinal point for mankind at this stage (2014) as far as technological science go and the perspective possibility or not of a new habitat in space.

It let me so down! Instead of a true vision for the future Interstellar works out an ordinary Hollywood blockbuster that vegetates on emotional blackmail in a father daughter relationship. Sorry Christopher Nolan but this is not what I payed for! Why should man go into space if all he cares about is miserable inter human nonsense?

The unprofessionalism of the astronauts is limitless. Austronauts don't go into space without a strict course. So not in Interstellar, in this movie the astronauts choose randomly with course to take. This is supposed to be science? Don't make laugh! What a drivel!

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Sherlock ADHD, 2 January 2010

Why did I find this movie totally boring?

The acting: None of the characters could hold my attention. All of them lacked a soul. Watching Robert Downey Jr is like watching a brick wall, nothing happens, only a negative radiation and a view in a bottomless lake. The 2 leading ladies were also a big disappointment, catwalk faces with zero expression. Ow, how I missed a Hitchcock heroin. I always love Jude Law but here his sparkles also die and it's not his fault, he was still the best of them all. Btw, Jude looks very sexy with mustache.

The directing: Guy Ritchie probably focused only on the visuals and the story. As far as scenery and so on the movies is okay. The story however is way too blurry and unnecessarily complex and far-fetched. A typical boy's story, -now this happens now that happens- -this is fun that is fun- with no thoughts about the feelings to trigger with the viewer. Everything we get to see is brainy and rational. 19th Century London could have been breathtaking atmospheric if only this product wasn't aimed at the ADHD generation.

Digital filming: it is obvious this movie was not shot on celluloid but digitally shot which saves a lot of money. The problem with digital shooting becomes clear during action scenes, they are not fluid but shaky. Also the dynamics between light and dark are very limited. The whole movie is covered in a boring grey scale which even covers the girls make up.

The editing: It is way too fast, so none of the scenes make it to the unconsciousness or can become iconic.

Music and sound: I can't remember any tune anymore, except that left and right speakers continually gave dis adjusted sounds.