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Homeland (2011– )
Started off Great, then went downhill
30 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
During the first episode I was really excited about the show. A women who looked like she was in love with a guy and crazy about her kids. And then she got the phone call about her husband, I thought this is going to be a real great show. Then when the CIA were spying on the husband I was addicted to it. And watching how the love triangle pan out. The show then was turning to be a real drama show. But after a few more episodes it started to get real boring and slowly episode by episode the show was dying. By the end of the first season I hated the show. WHY ON WHY? would they bring you to watch the show. What I mean, is that the man that the Wife Jessica loved and was having a relationship at the start, was hardly in it in the end. He kept showing to her that he was still wanted her but she kept turning him down. I get it why, because her husband was back and she wanted to keep her family together and maybe her feelings for him had returned. A guy who was nice and kind compared to a guy who is hurting her, WHY! And then the main guy as well as their kids, they are weird. They are not open and seem very different to the mum. The main characters are so badly cast. But the Villains are really great casted. And the last thing, the main guy(the husband), ends up having an affair with the main girl in the show. Since at the start she she hated him and was determined to take him down. Then she goes and falls in love with him.???? WHY? HOW?
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Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990–2000)
Truly Amazing
9 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of my favorite shows. I really Love Kelly and Donna. There great teens. Kelly has the most beautiful hair and Donna is such a true and nice person. Kelly had her fair share of drug problems but was helped out by her friends. And Donna deserved to be happy with high school sweetheart David. And i was so happy when Brenda (Shannon D) left, she was so selfish. The show watched the teens go through high school, living on their own, going to college, dealing with adult stuff, to becoming adults. It was such a good journey. Kelly and Donna remained best friends throughout the show. For me being a teen, it's a great show to know you're not the only one having problems
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Bones (2005–2017)
A great show
9 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
By the title of the show, you may think the show is all about bones from the body. But it's just the nickname of the main character Bones. She gets called this from Booth at first because she works with bones and she kept telling him "Stop Calling me Bones" she late accepted the name. She is also the smartest person in the world but has some trouble with social aspect's. There was a scene where the Victims favorites band was The Cure, and Bones said "Oh what did she have" Meaning the cure like cancer, and she also doesn't know who Kelly Clarkson is. But she is a real nice person. Any ways I love the cast. I love Jack and Angela. As Jack gets called the bug guy because of his love of bugs. They start to date after he asks her out. Then they decide to get married, but as the are about to marry, the find out that she is already married. So they break up for a few seasons. And I hated these seasons because they weren't together. But they land in jail in one episode, and they realize that they still love each other and they get married in the Jail and then had a baby.

Its a show where all the story line are awesome
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The Bill (1984–2010)
Best show ever!
9 November 2012
I've been a fan of the Bill for ever. Since i first saw it I've been in love with it. I first watched it when Cass Rickman was in it and thought the story line was awesome. How they chase down criminals and still have enough time to gossip around the station and have affairs and relationships Over the years I've had over 40 favorite's cast members. I love them all. There's so many story lines that you will love. But i quit watching it 3 or 4 years before it finished. because all of my favorite's cast members had left. There's also a lot of hot cops. Which i like, and old and loving characters that made the show. And because it's British its not racist.
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Gilmore Girls (2000–2007)
Show for Girls
9 November 2012
Until last year of 2011, I hadn't heard of this show. Until i moved into a share house and my friend had it on box set. She said it was really good. So i gave it a shot. And i loved it straight away. Its a show where you know you will always be laughing. Lorilie is Rory's mother and she is so epic. Shes smart and at the same time witty. I want to have a relationship like Rory and Lorelie. They do everything together. And their smart, which makes it better. And there's lots of main cast which makes it better. With Lorielies friend Luke, he is really sweet.

You want to watch this show, as every episode brings something new and you laugh at so many funny jokes
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Supernatural (2005– )
I Love the show
9 November 2012
At first when i heard about it, i didn't like it. I wasn't interested. I think i had seen a few bits from season 4.

But then in 2011 i moved into a share house and my roommate loved the show. So i decided okay, i'm going to at least watch season 1. So i watched the first episode and thought this is okay. Until I watched the 2nd episode when they find killers, I WAS MADLY IN LOVE WITH IT. I found it to be really funny and at the same time to be like a crime solving show.

And it keeps getting better and better, the laughs just keep coming

Its a show you can fall in love with. What i also love about the show is that they have main villains, but they don't always go after them, they will go and find random killings.
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Criminal Minds (2005– )
Simply the best
9 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Im a massive fan of Criminal minds. Ever since it came on TV, i've watched it. I've never missed an episode. I love how the characters at the start that I didn't like left. Like the girl before Emily - she just wasn't suited for the role. And Gideon. I didn't like him. And then Rossi and Emily came in. I loved Rossi right from the start, he fitted in better. And Emily is okay. Also its really good because the cast has had no major changes like other shows. And the cast look like their best friends off set, which is really good to see Criminal Minds also i for a little comedy. Like with Spencer not knowing what Twilight is. Another reason why i love this show is that how they go about finding the killers. Its like real life.
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