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Great story, great acting. . . .full of redeeming values, 26 December 2005

this is just a note to other commenters out there who have the experience and authority to contact IMDb on items such as deaths. The IMDb shows that actress Argentina Brunetti passed away on 20 November 2005. MSN is showing that she passed away on 20 December 2005. I'm sure it is a typo and may have already been corrected. However, I could not contact IMDb to advise them of this because (as they indicated) I am not "qualified" to comment on deaths. So, perhaps one of you viewers can pass the word on to them. I only am doing this because I noticed the discrepancy and I am really trying to be helpful. However, the IMDb people have imposed some restrictions pertaining to what can be said and just how many words and lines of type can be used to communicate with them. By the way, the movie is as good now as it was almost 60 years ago.


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Good Movie; Good Acting ; Probably reflects the attitude of the military during WWII, 15 August 2005

Read all of the posted comments pertaining to the movie. Seems some viewers thought the Greyfish was going after a Battleship, but the evasive target was a Japanese Carrier and it looked like a big one. Based on my knowledge of WW II Submarine warfare events, I think it is partially based on some actual events. Also, in response to one commenter's thoughts about Momsen Lungs: This invention was successfully used in October 1944 to bring 8 sailors to the surface from the USS Tang (SS 306) after it sank in 180 feet of water in the East China Sea. I served on submarines in the mid 1950's and used the Momsen lung to ascend 100 feet in a training tank. Two years later the device was abandoned in favor of the so called "blow-and-go" method of free ascent to the surface. I made this ascent in the same training tank from a depth of 50 feet. Like some of the folks that commented on the movie, I too watch all the submarine movies that I can. Seen some of them three or four times. Last comment, there IS info to be found on the Internet pertaining to the Momsen lung.