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Iron Man 2 (2010)
Iron Man 2 is the best sequel in years since star wars
8 May 2010
Iron Man 2 is great, it has great action scenes, great actors and actresses for the carectors, and even very funny laughs. Robert Downy Jr. is Iron Man know one can pull off Iron Man like him. Mikey Rourke is a great villin he puts the whip in whiplash. I was a little disappointed that terrince howerd wasn't gonna be war machine but Don Cheadle pulled it off wonderfuly, he was the best choice for the role sine it wasn't howerd. Gwyneth Paltrow played a great role as pepper. Scarlett Johansson was hot, slick, and sexy, she was great for the guys to watch, and did a great role of black widow. Samule L. Jackson wasn't in Iron Man that much but he did to good as a nick fury character and think he can pull it off in the new nick fury movie thats supposed to be coming out in 2011. sam rockwell was a great actor in this movie he can really make you hate him, he can play a real ass whole. And the return of leslie bibb the sexy, hot, and slutty reporter from the first Iron man, shes only in it for about 10 to 20 min. but she was hot in that amount of time. This wa a great fun filled action triller great for the fans, go watch it and make sure to stay after the credits.
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not as good as the first but still very funny and good
6 May 2010
this movie is original and intertaning it is not nearly as good as the first one but still very good the two actors that play the brothers are perfect team.troy duffy maybe has not made any movies other than boondock saints but he can really right a story, he can make you laugh in his movies that he makes. I would have to say that the only stupid thing about this movie is the woman thats the cop, she was terrible in the movie i think that troy duffy could have found some one better for the role of the woman cop. the person that really makes you laugh in this movie is clifton collins Jr. now don't get me rong the two brothers are very funny but clifton just makes you laugh your ass off none stop.
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