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A list of all of the films I got to see in 2016.
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Things I've seen from the year 2015.
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A Personal Tribute to Schlock and Terror
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A list of movies that I happen to really, really, really admire.
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A list of all of the films I saw in 2012, in order of preference.
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Howard Hawks is the unsung hero of the Hollywood studio system. Whereas many of the other so-called auteurs working within the studio system tended to carve their respective domains in particular genres, like John Ford's Westerns or John Huston's film noirs, Howard Hawks worked in just about every genre there was, put his stamp on each and every one and, in many cases, even managed to contribute some of the defining classics of their categories.

It's not always easy to point out what makes a Hawks picture so unique. For the most part, his style comes through in the atmosphere and the interactions between characters. There is an uninhibited, almost conversational tone to his dialogue scenes and it always seems like the characters know the perfect, wittiest thing to say at just the right moment. His female leads tend to be strong-willed and ready to walk all over their male costars. His male leads combine good old-fashioned coolness with unprecedented humanity and sensitivity. Concerned less with flamboyant visuals and flashy post-production tricks, Hawks' films are all about heart and sheer entertainment.
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I love John Ford, and so should you. These are my personal favourites, presented in order.
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