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Jack and Jill (2011/I)
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Not so bad and everybody laughing and laughing, 13 November 2011

I went to watch this film with my wife and daughter in Mexico with voices in Spanish language ("Mexican" exactly) and it's very funny the translation, i think it's for Eugenio Derbez (Felipe the Gardener) a Mexican comedian genius and for the twisted Mexican stereotype showed in the film that all the people in the cinema was laughing with every joke in this movie. I don't know why the critics destroy this funny movie? OK, will not in the 2012 Oscar's but 1:30hr of fun is guaranteed. Depp, Brinkley, McEnroe and others stars appears shortly, ones acting others in cameos. I don't like Pacino's performance and maybe was for the people who made his voice in Spanish.

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A very good Mexican soap opera, 2 May 2011

In this soap opera Ana Claudia Talancon made her debut like Annete Michel first starring role and both with the same role: "Angela". This is a story about the love of 2 young country couple in Mexico, near the border with US. Danna Garcia a cute Colombian actress was the the third angle of this love triangle. This soap opera was successful in 1997 in Aztec network and the soundtrack hit song by Lidia Cavazos was a top ten in charts. I recommended the first 50 chapters then the story was going down in credibility and interest. Fernando Ciangherotti, Luis Cardan, Guillermo Quintanilla support with their experience the new actors like Talancon, Danna Garcia, Annete Michel y Jorge Luis Pila

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it's only a fun movie, 21 March 2011

This movie is a parody of saving private Ryan with a big difference: this movie is a comedy that uses the Mexican stereotype to bring us some funny situations. The starring actors in this movie make a great performance like a group of "narcos" (drug dealers) with all the colorful that people thinks the narcos has. The music, the clothes, the speech and the cars has one purpose: fun. The story worthless the important thing here is the relationship in the family. Miguel Rodarte, Joaquin Cossio and Jesus Ochoa made an excellent work. Adal Ramones and Jaime Camil like always: not good not bad. The soundtrack is a band music compilation with pop song soy rebelde by jeanette. If you have time go to cinema but first watch black swan, the king's speech, 127 hours or true grit.

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Not bad not good, 27 September 2010

This is a movie of Hidalgo not a film of the Mexican independence, this cause disappointment in the people that watch the movie thinking in battles, history and honor, this idea was inducted by marketing campaign. The movie has great and funny scenes but has too boring and too large parts. I'd like to see Hidalgo in Dolores beginning the independence but i had to see 40 min of Moliere's Tartufo. Serrano is a good director but he can't do a good job here. Demian Bichir and Ana De la Reguera were excellent in their characters, others like Andres Palacios, Manuel Landeta & Colombo had regular performances. I really don't like and not recommended to you, the best of the movie was the popcorn.

El Narco (2010)
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A sad Mexican reality, 3 September 2010

This is a picture of Mexico's reality: drugs, violence, corruption and zero opportunities to people. Estrada is a no-fear director that shows what are happening in my country, he told about corruption in police corps, army, politicians inclusive with president Calderon y former's presidents, the church (catholic) has a important role in the film. Damian Alcazar is a warranty, Joaquin Cosio, Gomez Cruz, Maria Rojo, Salvador Sanchez all of them great actors that make a brilliant movie. The story is about Benny Garcia (Alcazar) a deported Mexican who found his town worst than ever, without job and no money he was introduced to mob group by his best friend Cochiloco (Cosio). Love and violence, loyalty and human feelings is mixed in this picture. Congratulations to Estrada for his courage to say the things like are in a country like Mexico.

Abel (2010)
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It's a good film but not excellent, 15 August 2010

Diego Luna's first film is a good movie about a kid with a mental disorder. The boy named Abel (Christhoper Ruiz Esparza) is the main character in this story about a middle-class Mexican family. This boy take the place of his father (nobody known about him by 2 years)trying to fill out the space at the father in the lives of his brothers. This movie has drama and comedy in an interesting mix. Jose Maria Yazpick (Anselmo's character)deserves a special mention, very good actor. The movie change from drama at beginning, comedy in the middle and return to drama. This is a god film but needs more punch at end to become a great, I noted that Luna needed more experienced to make it an extraordinary movie.