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Baseline (2010)
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A good stab at a British gangster film, 18 July 2010

Although this film in my opinion doesn't match up to Guy Ritchies gangster films such as Snatch or Lock, stock and two smoking barrels it is still a well done British gangster film by an almost unknown director.

Compared to the most recently produced British gangster film i last watched (Dead man running) Baseline was a well casted film with a decent storyline, apart from an abrupt ending which left me disappointed as the film seemed to build up towards what i hoped was a action packed ending. Other than this the storyline was fairly well written.

Although from early on the film was fairly predictable as the audience is shown a large amount of money in a safe whilst our main protagonist, Danny, is keeping track of the amount of money he has in a notebook. I'm certain that i am not in the minority when i predicted that something will happen resulting in him loosing the money. Apart from the predictability in parts Baseline achieved what i expect from a British gangster film, it had plenty of violence and a scary, knuckle-duster brandishing crime lord who wants his money.

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Possibly the worst film i have ever watched, 26 December 2009

When the name of the film is "mega shark vs giant octopus" you know that it isn't going to be a great film, but the unimaginative name is no preparation how awful this film is.

The script sounds like it had been forgotten till the night before there's certain lines where you think, "are they trying to be funny or is it just that bad" the first day of filming and the CGI looks like its from the early 90's not to mention that most the CGI scenes were repeated numerous times with slight differences but the fact the scene was repeated was more obvious than the differences.

It seems like they have decided to steal scenes from other films or footage from somewhere and throw it in the film. there's a scene when the "mega shark" attacks a battle ship from the side and the battle ships guns are still facing forward with flashing lights badly edited on the front of them which failed to create the illusion that they are firing anyway.

The thing that amazed me the most was the fact the film was made in 2009 when i first started watching it i thought it must of been made at the latest 2003.

If there's a film you shouldn't watch this is it