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Middle Men (2009)
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Excellent story, nice insiders take on web business, porn, mob., 26 June 2011

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This movie really took me by surprise, it was way better than I expected. Narrated by the main character, Jack Harris, who does all he can to stay above the fray but get's in deeper than he bargained for. The characters are solid, convincing, story is great, gives you a good idea on the inner workings of deals made and ideas created inside the Internet porn industry at it's conception. It shows how the guys who started the first Internet payment methods started out, how they expanded, got in hot water more than once and how the Russian mob and usual vultures muscled and connived their way in once they saw what it was worth. There is the side story overshadowing the whole mess when the FBI takes notice. It is also pretty entertaining in the way of comedy, drama, nudity, it's got it all, a great compelling story to boot. It's got some great lessons and revelations about the inside dealings of the players it focuses on, I watched it twice, watch it, you'll like it.

Skyline (2010)
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Good Fun, 25 April 2011

What I can say in general is this movie has a 'feel' like Independence Day with a little War of the Worlds (2005) alien creepiness. I would not say it is at all a 'zombie movie'. It's a modern day alien movie and a pretty decent one with some awesome, up to date special effects and interesting creatures. As far as the story, wow the story is taking a beating too by some, it's not that bad a story at all. It's also one of those where you really don't know where it's headed and is full of suspense, surprises, some mystery. The movie is sci-fi, action, visually stimulating, not nerdy Star Trek. It is modern, good entertainment, worth the DVD rental, just get it.

District 9 (2009)
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Complete and Utter Stinker, 1 January 2010

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I can't recall the last time I actually was so utterly disgusted by a movie I actually fast fowarded through to the end in all of 20 mins and didn't waste another minute on it like I did with this stinker. I am very into sci fi and alien movies. This is one of the most horrible, ugly, inane works of pure trash I have ever seen. The entire movie takes place in a burned out refugee style quarantine camp in a dirty, dusty landscape on Earth called District 9. It was visually boring, the story was about this goofy no name who basically runs around frantically from door to door in this make shift alien village where these ugly looking prawn men aliens are forced to live when their stationary, hovering space ship breaks down? waste of money and time, trust me, this movie is horrible, cheesy, low budget, boring and filled with aliens puking, yes puking, and jumping around like bugs, it's really a sad piece of trash, don't waste your time or money. Shame on the ones who churn out this garbage just for a buck. I gave it a 1 only because 0 wasn't an option, now if I could only get my money back on the rental.

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I Loved This Movie and Story, 26 December 2009

I have no clue why some of these unfair and off balance reviews. I was expecting this movie to be very simple and average, I was pleasantly surprised and found it very funny and to have a great story line and heart warming lesson or two. Perhaps some of the stereotyping offended some? I thought it was dead on and rather funny. The campy, just rolled outta bed, let's make some home made crafts and pudding Minnesota characters were dead on accurate from my experiences visiting Minnesota. Whoever did the research and background on Minnesota obviously spent some time there and put it all together in a nutshell just perfectly for what is a very funny and heart warming story. Where is your sense of humor people? The story itself for that matter was one of believing in the common good as we see the educated and professional city girl played by Rene Z learn a few good lessons about more every day people. She takes a bad situation and turns it into something very good, great in fact. By the end if you follow the story you are left with a tear in your eye. I loved her character, loved her, Harry Connick was great too and so for Rene and the people who worked hard on this movie, it was well worth the rental and I will watch it again today before I return it in fact. Don't listen to these snooty know it all critics here, especially if you are a Rene Z or Harry Connick Jr fan, you will love this movie and story, I promise.