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a little disappointing, 20 September 2012

I would like to start out this review by saying I am an avid fan of the office and didn't stop watching it once Steve Carrel left. I was really hoping that Greg Daniels and the creators of the office learned from last season's mistakes, but they didn't.

I watch old episodes of the office on almost a daily basis which always leave me in a roar of laughter or at least happiness, but this episode just made me sad and pulled me out of the story line. The actors who play Jim and Dwight just weren't acting that well at all, and I was never interested in the story.

I didn't laugh once. Andy was a huge jerk for no reason and I didn't understand why the writers chose to give him the characteristics that made people hate Will Ferrell's character of Deangelo Vickers.And Kevin was just cliché in his stupidity.I look back to the earlier seasons of the office and become deeply saddened.

None of the characters are the characters I fell in love with. Jim is now basic, not a prankster. Pam is a little mean and boring, not cute, perky, and moral. Andy is now a jerky boss, not an annoying singing sales man with anger bursts. Angela is now a happy normal character, not a tightly wound strict Christian girl who got angry and offended over everything.

I miss the pranks and love hate relationship between Jim and Dwight; now they seem to enjoy their company. I miss the older cameras that made each episode feel like a reel documentary and brought the set in a realistic light, not a modern, commercial one. And most of all, I miss Michael Scott.

The episode only had one miniature highlight at the end, but overall the episode wasn't funny and was disappointing. I will still finish the season though.