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For collaborators I just listed whoever came first in alphabetical order. I also listed a few favorites from each.
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Some classics, some new wave, some sun tribe, some anime, some docs, some pinku, and a fair number that defy genre or movement classification.

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Deserts are my favorite landscapes, and if desert films are a sub-genre, they're probably my favorite sub-genre. These aren't necessarily the movies I like most that happen to be set in the desert, but those which I feel utilize the landscape to the greatest effect as setting or character. Most of them are entirely or almost entirely set in the deserts. A few (Morvern Callar, Manon, Hope) are primarily set outside the desert but use the desert to such powerful effect it would feel wrong to leave them off. I don't have any Ford or Mann, not because I don't have great respect for their directorial skills, but because I feel that they use the landscape to create spacially impressive compositions rather than to explore the its atmospheric aspects (at least in regards to the desert), and it's the latter I'm trying to focus on in this list. Order is (very) rough.

It's important to note this is by no means an exhaustive list, as it's obviously limited not only by the number of spaces but also by the number films I've seen, and my woefully limited experience with the cinema of many desert-rich regions is a big drawback. Nevertheless I hope those who read this can take away some good recommendations and spread the desert love! Recommendations are, of course, much appreciated.
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Limited to those I've seen and liked three or more films from, otherwise it'd just get out of hand.