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007 Classy, 1 April 2013

This is what I call a fun Bond movie to watch over again. I really like Pierce Brosnan as him playing Bond. The movie is enjoyable to watch and the action sequences are fun also. What seems to make this as a unique Bond film is the different types of weapons and gadgets that are shown in the movie. The story line is also makes the movie fun. I think this Bond movie is probably one the best Pierce Brosnan 007 movies. The movie is not so long and the scenes move at a fair pace. Prior to Goldeneye, this sets off a new type of Bond formula. I think this 007 movie is probably better than the Bond movies with Daniel Craig. I wish Pierce Brosnan was still playing James Bond.

Skyfall (2012)
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Fair Enough For a Bond Film, 31 March 2013

This is not the best Bond movie I have seen but the story is unique and this film does add some new twists in it. Daniel Craig is back as this is his third James Bond movie. There are some good action sequences that make up for the typical Bond formula of a movie. I find this Bond movie to be more of a drama side to it as Daniel Craig's character expresses more emotion in this film. I did think this movie ran a little too long and there were a little too many dull scenes that seem they didn't need to be in the movie. The movie does run a little long like I said as right when you think it may be over it still keeps going. This movie does still have the classic vibes that goes in many Bond movies as there's the classic car and the opening action sequence. I think this film can definitively improve though. This movie is worth watching but take that it's not the typical Bond series movie.

Superior Movie, 29 March 2013

I can't find a reason why to not dislike this film. The acting and story plot are all brilliant. This is the type of movie that makes me have a better positive outlook on life and makes me feel fortunate of the family I was raised by. This movie does show the tough circumstances of being a foster kid as many foster parents can be abusive. With the urge of his psychiatrist, he seeks out to find his biological family. This is defiantly a feel good movie about the positive outlooks of life. It can help people feel better about themselves and make them feel more appreciated. Denzel Washington does a good job for his first time of directing a movie. Denzel Washington probably made the movie of what is now. Without Denzel in this movie, the movie might of not been as good. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. Anyone who likes dramas should see it because for one, there can't be a reason to not like Denzel as he is one of the most talented actors to come to screen.

The Tuxedo (2002)
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Not the Best Action Movie But Not the Most Dull Either, 29 March 2013

As this is not the best action movie and not the best Jackie Chan movie either, it does have some positive sides to this movie also. The plot seems to be original as a taxi driver gets a job driving a limo for a millionaire guy. After an accident, the Jackie Chan character finds himself in his special tuxedo that the millionaire guy wore. That tuxedo has special powers and so the plot goes. There were a few good action scenes in The Tuxedo and some humor as well but maybe this movie could of used some better dialogue script in it. This movie does also come as just another Jackie Chan type clone of a film where he does about the same stunts he does in all his other movies.

Heat (1995)
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Heat, 26 July 2012

This is not only a movie with two legend actors but an original plot as well. What I liked about this movie is how Al Pacino plays a detective whose obsession with work causes a down slope of his marriage. I also think Robert De Niro was good too as he plays a thief that takes scores on bank robberies. The movie shows both the characters personal lives as they both have struggles and strive to be the best at what they do. This movie does move at a slow pace at times, but a few action sequences make up for it. I also liked the score to this film. I think that plays a huge part too. The movie is three hours long so you have to be able to sit through long sequences that are around twenty minutes long.

Powerful Movie, 19 March 2012

This is one of the best films of Edward Norton to this date. He is definitely one of the best fine actors in the world. The role he plays as Derek Vineyard took me above the water. He played it so well that it was almost like he was playing himself in this film.

The movie starts out as black white then goes to color. The movie is filmed in black n white to show the past and the color to show the present. The movie is very well acted and Edward should of won the Oscar for best actor but at least he was nominated so that's just as superior. Avery Brooks whose from Star Trek also does an amazing job. He's like a God given actor like Morgan Freeman is. This movie is a powerful drama so there are some pretty heavy scenes in it and it is also pretty graphic too just to warn people who haven't seen it yet. Overall, this is one of my favorite movies that I love to watch over and over again, so if you haven't seen this movie then what are you waiting for.

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Captivating Thrilla, 8 August 2011

I remember watching this my sophomore year of high school and was astonished of how great of a movie this was. The acting was very splendid indeed and the whole editing was good too. I liked the score to the movie and how it thrills you and takes you out of your seat when your watching it. The costumes and designs of this film were also great too. This movie totally desered to win orcars and Im glad it did. The coen brothers did a great job in making this and its probably one of their best movies they've made so far. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of the Coen Brothers and to people who enjoy thrillers/suspense movies.

RED (2010)
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Fun Action Comedy with a Few Decent Laughs, 2 April 2011

I am a little bit of a fan of Bruce Willis and when I first rented this movie I wasn't expecting nothing perfect but it turned out be a whole lot better than I thought. As Red is based on a comic book that I've never heard of, it sure stands out as a comic book based movie. The acting was fairly good and the special effects as well such as the close range of the slow motion bullet and the missle both colliding into each other. For all you action movie fans, red has just what you need for a god action flick with the usuals like explosions, shoot outs car wrecks, etc. I would recommend this films for anyone that is tierd of the stupid action comedies that fail to make us laugh. Red is a pure enjoyment.

The Town (2010)
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Best Bank Robbing Movie, 16 January 2011

The town is an excellent movie. Gripping, hard edge and brutal is what

I would describe the movie The Town.

The Town is one of the more better bank robbery movies I've seen so far.

It's suspenseful, violent and is filled with plenty of action and car chase scenes.

Ben Aflect does an excellent

job playing a bank robber who falls in love with a bank manager that he had previously held hostage.

The Town is sure to make a good bank robbing classic movie.

Friday (1995)
Best 90's Ghetto Flick, 15 January 2011

Friday is a clever movie about the funny side of life in the hood. I think it's probably one of Chris Tuckers funniest movies he's been in besides Rush Hour. Ice Cube is also great in it and did a good job with the screenwritng also. I like how the movie is about how one laid back Friday turns into a huge disaster. Some people call this a stoner movie but it's more of a mixed comedy with ghetto jokes, stoner jokes and laid back humour. I think that this movie is probably one of the funniest movies of the 90's. it's also a comedy classic too of all times. You don't have to be black to see this movie. Friday is a movie that everyone can enjoy except young children. There are some great memorable catch phrases also in Friday.

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