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Propaganda, 7 April 2010

I think this film is quite awful, clearly fictional. They depict Elizabeth as a freedom and human rights lover. In fact, she made a law by which every single catholic priest in England had to be tortured and hanged. The UK still has problems of protestants vs catholics. Most of these problems were started by this queen. She wasn't a warrior queen either. It is also clearly anti-Spanish, not only on historical data but also inaccurate and misleading with respect to personality, details and physical appearance of the characters in the Spanish court. Philip II is not only distorted and manipulated at the level of historical facts, but also used as an excuse to, once again, assert themselves and the world that the Spanish are evil, dark, with black wigs and and coal black eyes. Philip II, a XVI century gentleman with blue eyes and red hair is depicted as a dark haired illiterate maniac. All of this film is no more than the perfect occasion to distort and manipulate the reality. Bringing forth the truth as a lie and the lie as truth. It should not be called historical film but propaganda film.

Lost quality, 21 March 2010

I really loved the first seasons of the Simpsons, but I think their humour is not fresh anymore. This episode is another proof. The magic that The Simpsons had was trasfering into scene simple situations of the everyday life but in a funny way. The new chapters are about extravagant situations which make no sense at all. The Ronaldo dialogue is annoying, the chapter has a lot of emphasis on a boring online game. Then we have the typical opinions of the writers about various subjects like Christopher Colombus discovery being insignificant or football making whole continents insane, those are also quite annoying, specially because of the emphasis they are given.