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This is a complete list of films I have watched so far. Not all of them are good, but some are really nice. I had already watched a lot of them even before I started compiling the list but the titles after number 500 or so are in the order in which I watched them except for the old ones, non-English ones and the animated ones which I have put together.
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This is the year wise list of movies that I thought were the best in their respective years.
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Might not be the most talked about film ever made, but it is certainly beautiful.
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The pictures of the women in this list ( does not do them justice. So, I thought I should create this one to show these women at their best.
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First of all, I do believe that beauty is purely subjective. This list 100% my view and mine alone. Neither do I mean to say that everyone on this list IS definitely one of the prettiest, nor am I saying that all the beautiful women in the world are on this list. Also, this is in no particular order.

I noticed that the photos are not the best. So, I made a separate list. Check it out :
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This is a list of movies I watched either after rave reviews or because of its popularity, but was disappointed with it to a great extent.
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A list of titles that are not as popular as others but definitely need the recognition as they were brilliant.
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List of my favorite movie posters!!
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This is a list of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. Of course it is very idiosyncratic but it is my list ... it is meant to be that way.
By saying weird, I don't merely point towards story but it includes the story telling and the characters involved because one can tell a very weird story with ordinary characters and also tell a very ordinary story with really weird characters.
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