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These are movies that I have heard or read about that I haven't seen...
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Horror files that go beyond the same old plot. Some of these are well known but many haven't been seen by many and should be.
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Movies that deal with mental health issues, ranging from 'functional' to totally insane.
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These movies are not generally appreciated by normal sane people. But I can't help but like them (at least a little bit). This is not a list of all the strange movies I've ever seen. Only the ones that I liked and/or wasn't embarrassed to admit that I liked.
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Movies where time is not linear: Time travel or films with time sequences dis-ordered.
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These are some movies from Russia and Eastern Europe (Poland, Cheq, etc) that have come across. I haven't seen most of these yet. Stay tuned...
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Movies I remember liking but haven't seen in awhile.
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These are movies I've watched not based on suggestions from others but little gems I stumbled upon. Many are foreign language with subtitles so they didn't get a lot of play in the states. Some are the original movies later remade by Hollywood. Others are too strange for wide distribution. I like a wide variety of movies so read the imdb reviews so you won't be surprised by possible offensive content. Enjoy!
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I decided I needed to start this list after watching "Dead Man". I was so disappointed with the film and with its high rating I felt compelled...
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I'm really careful of giving my top 10 anything so I have left a few spots open for now. These are not listed in any order...
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Movies that are rated way lower than I rate them or those I don't my friends or family to know I'm watching. (shame on you for thinking I mean porn. And why would you rate those anyway...) Some are mainstream popular movies that are really funny but, as a parent, the humor is highly inappropriate. (like Superbad, Team America, etc...)
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Movies from India. Some Bollywood (music, dancing...)
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Movies I already have but have not seen...