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I think some movies have so immense effect on you emotionally, that you are held by those emotions and you flow with it. These emotions may be inspirational or depressing and these movies can even change your life. I believe that the same movie can be depressing and at the same time inspirational also. It depends on the way you view that movie. The movies i have on this list are emotionally bounded mainly depressing ones. Also you may find some of them not to be depressing to you, but i want you to think the movie in different way. I've got many views that some think "Into The Wild" to be inspirational and others think it is depressing. I personally think that the way the 22 year old guy wanting to know the true meaning of life and finding closeness to nature and deciding to live in nature and also doing what he wants in life to be inspirational but also, to realize that his family, no matter how they are and his friends are most important thing in life is depressing. So, i hope you will understand what i mean with this list and hope you will like it.
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These are my favorite movies and i have most of them. I think you should own all these movies or at least watch 'em. I'm searching for some good movies so plz suggest me some movies...
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