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Fast Five (2011)
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awesome action in an awesome film, 15 August 2011

I was not prepared for how good this film was going to be, I had avoided watching it after being disappointed with the rest of this series. HOWEVER you will be disappointed no longer as this film brings everything we have missed since the first. all the action and violence and comedy and general awesomeness. I managed to catch this film on a flight back from the states and it honestly made the flight go insanely fast. the film admittedly has some flaws and a OK story line but that is more than made up for with the rest of the film. and the final scene with the dodge chargers although a little unrealistic was no less one of the most awesome in history (no more on that or the film will be ruined). i can not say how impressed i was with this film after all the failures of its predecessors

ROLL ON FAST 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

William & Kate (2011) (TV)
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Lol that was the funniest film..., 27 April 2011

Believe ever negative view out there! As this film is as trashy as they come. With possibly the worst acting and script ever shown, as well as the prize for the most cringe worthy romcom ever presented before me. However this utter rubbish left me crying by the end with the obvious inaccuracies and the appalling casting giving many laughs. If you are the sort of person who can not laugh at the obvious pitfalls of a film then steer well clear as this will not be for you. However hard they try there is no person Alive who could take this seriously, and as my sister constantly reminded me how there could be nothing worse for the Real couple.

All I want to say is that watching this film 2 days before the big event has really warmed me up and I can now say that I will be happily be watching the highlights with a smile upon my face. Back to the film I would honestly give it 0/Infinity for the appallingness of this film. However the laughs at it's expense definitely made it worthwhile watching.

A good laugh :P but maybe not for you.

Iron Man 2 (2010)
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better than 1st, 17 May 2010

after a less than mediocre start to the series iron man 2 had a bit more of a kick, although the action was not throughout what there was was impressive. especially the Monaco race. overall a massive improvement on the first and a relatively good film. it is a good film to see with some friends on a Friday evening and 1 i will probably be thinking about getting on DVD. on this note i guess i am great full of the lack of 3dness as it defiantly doesn't need it and in the cinema it bumps up the ticket prices.

overall i would definitely recommend you to watch this, but don't expect it to be your favourite film although for me it was up there with avatar and shutter island (another one to watch) for this year. hope this is helpful and sorry about my terrible spelling ;P