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This list is a "continuation" of Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown Actresses (which contains gorgeous actresses that don't have six zeroes-$1,000,000.00- on their contract).
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Gorgeous actresses that don't have six zeroes ($1,000,000.00) on their -acting- contract."RECENTLY ADDED ONES ARE NOT ON ANYBODY ELSE'S LIST"!!!!

Comments,opinions and jokes made are not intended to be sexist,racist,demeaning or disrespectful in any way but are those of humorous intentions.

If/when you get bored checkout:
Amazing Gorgeous Unknown (Female) "MIRAGES"
You only see what you want to see because they're not really there!!!

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"IMDb's Greatest List Of -ALL- Time"
(The One AND ONLY)!!!

A "mirage" is defined as something that you hope for or want but is not possible or real. RECENTLY ADDED MIRAGES ARE FANTASIES OF YOUR IMAGINATION BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT ON ANYBODY ELSE'S LIST.You only see what you want to see because they're not really there.

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***Enjoy The Journey,Because The Destination Is A Mirage!!!