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"IMDb's Greatest List Of -ALL- Time"

A "mirage" is defined as something that you hope for or want but is not possible or real. RECENTLY ADDED MIRAGES ARE FANTASIES OF YOUR IMAGINATION BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT ON ANYBODY ELSE'S LIST.You only see want you want to see because they're not really there. Viewer Discretion Is "Strongly" "Strongly" Advised.This ain't "AMATEUR NIGHT AT THE APOLLO" people. You are about to view special special pictures with special special language.This list is not recommended for "squeamish" people or children 12 and under.I can't stop you from continuing but if you VOMIT or CUM don't hate the referee because you have been "officially warned".

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This list is a "continuation" of Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown Actresses (which contains gorgeous actresses that don't have six zeroes-$1,000,000.00- on their contract).DBUA was created June 9,2011 and DBUA II was continued on Tuesday September 27,2011.One purpose of DBUA and DBUA II is to help unknown actresses find work and become more popular.New viewers/casting directors please check out the original "Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown Actresses list.Entertaining WHILE Educating!!!
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Gorgeous actresses that don't have six zeroes ($1,000,000.00) on their contract."RECENTLY ADDED ONES ARE NOT ON ANYBODY ELSE'S LIST"!!!! THE LIST THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. This list was inspired by Air_Rick and his list "Amazing Gorgeous Actresses".To get to the last page faster,change the view setting "to no pictures"then change it back after you get to the last page.By changing the -view setting-,you are reducing the number of pages you have to go through to get to the last page.I found a new purpose for my list as of 9/6/11.
CASTING DIRECTORS "Please" feel free to use my list as a rolodex when searching for "female unknown talent". Viewers please go to continue viewing Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown Actresses II list.Entertaining While Educating...Also checkout "(Distinguished)Beautiful Goddesses ".I like to thank the 156,862 DBUA Fans(Except the evil one named Dr_Horst)that viewed DBUA the first 366 days that made DBUA what it is today.
Comments,opinions and jokes made are not intended to be sexist,racist,demeaning or disrespectful in any way but are those of humorous intentions.
Let the record show: Some pictures,comments,opinions and jokes are inappropriate for children 12 and under!!!
"Don't Hate The Referee,Hate The Game"!!!

Also "Remember": There's a 90% chance imuckle found them "FIRST". (Try 8 Ball Pool by "Miniclip",IT'S THE BOMB.I'm looking forward to defeating you.)

Checkout: Amazing Gorgeous Unknown (Female) "MIRAGES"
You only see what you want to see because they're not really there!!!
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A Goddess is defined as a woman with supernatural attributes.
This list is only for people(bd008,dautaz,suasheva,JeremyHowe171,anst57-96-407586,Die-Guy,Kimmy852 ,Thenewnexus,Gary_502,babuandbabu,BadSurge,Gary,unknown1000,
,gingeiam,robertleahy,EighteenFour87,spooky-nick,metalrox_2000 etc.) who want to see some new faces."Freshness" never goes out of style...When You Get Tired Of Lookin At "Your IMDb List" Same Ole Faces,switch over to "(Distinguished)Beautiful Goddesses".

"The Cream" Always (slowly) Rises To The Top!!!
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Females who "show" or "have" the cutest smiles.Dimples turns "an ordinary smile" into "an"!!!