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And then there was sound … 86 years history of film. From "Blackmail" (one of the early "Talkies") to "Boyhood" … 86 films that made an impact on movie buffs and directors. The best of the new millenium and masterpieces from the last Century that stand the test of time.

PS: This is not a final list. Just throwed in what came to my mind. Feel free to suggest one your favourite gems, that represent the cream of the crop of any year .... and please explain (in short words) why your picks deserve to be on top of the spot. Suggestions are welcome!
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Just a list of some movies I like - made for my son. It's not a ranking - who can tell whats the best film? There are too many best films - matters to taste, genre … If you think theres something missing feel free to write a comment - and (maybe) i'll add it.
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…unless youre sick