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Solid Werewolf Movie (with repeated viewing), 14 August 2013

I bought this film on DVD the day it came out. I used to work at Circuit City, and there wasn't much else out that Tuesday. The first time I watched the film I didn't think the film was better than average. I couldn't get past the fact that the werewolf talked. Not only does he talk, but he makes wise cracks in the same vein as the later versions of Freddy. He also rapes people while in werewolf form. Not that I'm anti rape in movies. It's just I've never seen a werewolf do it. The costume was cool though, and it was cool that he stands on 2 feet. I can't stand werewolves (aside from An American Werewolf in London)that are on all four, or when they just turn into a wolf. I decided to eventually give it another chance. I liked it a lot better going into it knowing the werewolf talks. Now I watch it every October, and just love it. What was I thinking. How can you not love a wise cracking werewolf that rapes all of his sons friends. It's soooooooooooo funny! A little part of me still wishes they would have played it straight though. Only because we don't get many werewolf movies, and when we do it's all cg 4 leg crap. See this movie if your any kind of horror fan. AND MAKE MORE STAND ON 2 LEGS WEREWOLF MOVIES WITH OUT CG!

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Stupid Ignorant and Trashy! I'm Referring to the Low Rating Reviewers, 11 July 2013

If you read the negative reviews not 1 gave the show more than a few minutes or past 1 episode. Some reference Reno 911. No one can judge what a show is going to be after 1 episode. The first episode of The Wire doesn't do justice to what watching the entire series becomes. The point is if you stayed with it through the first season you would have found out what a truly touching show this is. You wish the best for everyone involved in the show, and genuinely grow to care for them. The morons that did not give the show the chance it deserved that threaten to quit watching AMC, I say good. AMC is the only non premium channel making television as great as the premium channels are. No other network comes close. I also find it funny they state only two shows on AMC. The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. The don't even mention Mad Men or The Killing. Arguably the two better shows. So you go to the other networks, and have fun watching poor mans versions of premium cable television. Leave the grade A stuff for the people that are able to comprehend intelligent material.

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Great Fun (dont listen to want to be critics), 28 April 2013

This film is a fantastic return for our lost action hero. i guess people were expecting citizen cane as an action movie. if you read the bad reviews here by people who think they know how to critique a film you may miss a great time. you can pick apart any movie if you want. some reviewers say the couldn't suspend disbelief, yet those same reviewers believe in giant talking robots from outer space. oh that can fly and transform into certain objects. and i like iron man, but why don't they pick that apart? they just want to hate. or to get a rise out of people. simple as that. so listen to the real critics if you don't believe me. believe roger ebert. he knows what hes talking about. unlike the others. and no its not a 10 star movie. just balancing out the haters.

Twixt (2011)
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Will You Two Pay Close Attention, 8 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Francis Ford Coppola do not do this to us again. If you want to make us wait years in between each film fine. You have earned that right even though you have not made a good film since Dracula. Still some of the films you have made will give you this right for life. If you want to make nothing, but smaller personal films fine. If you want to revive careers of actors who desperately need reviving all the better. All these things are OK with me, but you have to spend more than 2 dollars when you do so. You also have to make them watchable. When Scorcese makes a bad film I can still sit through it. When Oliver Stone makes a bad film (which is all he does lately, let's hope Savages changes this) I can still watch the entire film. If you would have put money into this it may have been at least watchable. I thought this would have been the film to put you and Val Kilmer back in your rightful positions in the film world. I was very wrong.

Val Kilmer you must stop making films until a director with talent calls you. I know you thought this was it, and you are not at all to blame in any way this time. You have not had a good role since Wonderland. If you must take supporting roles as you did in Bad Lieutenant by all means do so. Also you must lose weight. I can get past many actors weight gains, but yours for some reason I can not. Maybe it's your jaw bone. Maybe it's the image of your Oscar snubbed role as Jim Morrison constantly going through my mind. Or maybe your head is just too small for your body now. You decide. Danny Parker/Tom Van Allen reference. STOP TAKING EVER ROLE THAT COMES ACROSS YOUR DESK. Please.

Well what have we learned from this disaster Francis and Val? Francis just stick to your wine until you have a real idea. Val I really do love you, and you can do no wrong. But you should wait until Tarantino or Aronofsky calls before you do any more damage to my wonderful memories of you.

Ip Man (2008)
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Way Way Way Overrated, 18 March 2012

Talk about an overrated film, this is it. It's not even as good as it's sequel. It has a higher rating than even Drunken Master 2, and that's one of the best ever filmed. I believe the reason is the people rating it have not seen many films of this type. If they had they would realize this is a very average martial arts film. Yen has done way better films. When people tell me how great this film was I ask what other films with Yen they have seen. None they answer. In fact the only Jackie Chan film one guy saw was The Tuxedo, and not one Jet Li film. People say Yen is the new Bruce Lee, but they are about 20 years off. Maybe in the 90's I would have believed that. Jacky Wu seems to be king now. So it's no wonder this film has such a high rating. Most of the people rating it haven't seen the better films by any one. So they have no foundation to judge upon.

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How does this film score so high?, 20 February 2012

This is just a bad film. The worst I have ever seen. Do people not like things like story, characters, and feeling? I just don't get it. And they will keep making this trash because people keep seeing it. They already have battleship coming out. When I saw the trailer I first thought it was a new transformer film. Thank god it wasn't, but I know its coming. I could understand part two. Every one went to see the first one. So naturally there had to be a two. But when every one saw how bad part two was why did they go see three? There had to be better films in theaters to see than this. All I can think of is that we as a movie going society are getting dumber. While other countries are making smart films, we are making dumb films. Very embarrassing.

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Fantastic, 20 February 2012

I can not believe what some people are saying about this film. It's a very good horror film period. There are jump scares in a every single haunted house film. There are supposed to be. IT'S A HAUNTED HAUSE FILM! I can only assume that the negative reviews are being written by teeny boppers who came to see harry potter. These reviewers can't understand things like atmosphere or Gothic tales. Hammer hit a home run with this one for sure. This is the perfect haunted house horror film. And it's your own fault if you go in expecting things. That's not how you see films. They are not made based on your expectations. They are made through the film makers vision. So don't knock a film because of your expectations. You review the film for what it was. Not what you wanted it to be.

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Too Dumb To Recognize A Masterpiece, 13 November 2011

This is a perfect film. That is a fact. No one is trying to be Kubrick, and in many ways (especially after this film) I would say Malick has surpassed Kubrick. When people do not understand what they are watching they decide to hate. When people do not get explosions or a similar formula they decide to hate as well. Just search any fantastic film that does not have the standard film formula. Drive and Bellflower both come to mind. Both are filled with reviews by people who understand the film, and those who do not. Read the reviews by those who do not, and you will find the reviews are identical. Pretentious is the word they love to throw around the most. I challenge you to think of all the films similar to this, and you will find the negative reviews have the same context. It must be in the negative review by wanna be critics 101 handbook along with repeatedly answering questions they have asked themselves in their own review. Like the WHO KNOWS? guy. Any way this is the greatest film of the decade so far, and I can't wait to see it again. Oh and THIS FILM IS THE REASON BLU-RAY WAS INVENTED! Don't watch it any other way.

Bellflower (2011)
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The Great Indie Has Returned, 2 November 2011

It has been a while since we have seen a film like this. Made for very little money it belongs in a class of films like Habit, El Mariachi, Clerks, and Sex, Lies, and Videotape. I'm not saying it is better than those films, but they are all similar in tone. Tehy were all film makers to watch, and so are the creators of Bellflower. If you love film you will adore this one.

Ignore the bitter film maker reviewers here. Because they used this lens here, and this type of shot here this is a bad film. Gimme a break, and go make your own film.

Also ignore the reviewers who hyped themselves up after reading a few of the great reviews. It's never a good thing to go into a movie expecting to see the greatest thing ever filmed.

And finally ignore the Transformer lover reviewers. People who love to see big expensive bad films probably will not like this one. Not the having a big budget makes a film bad, but some one is going to see Thor, Green Lantern, and Tranformers. This is not the audience for this film. I'm not sure why people like to hate on critic favs, but they always do.

Much like the film Drive, this film does not deserve the negative reviews. There are plenty of films that do. So please go hate on those.

Drive (2011/I)
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Why Are Some People So Dumb?, 27 September 2011

One reviewer here suggested that instead of seeing Drive you should see what Drive was aspiring to be Layer Cake. Drive is nothing like Layer Cake nor even tries to be. They have nothing in common, and the comment is just absurd. It is a far far better film though. From it's title sequence written in cursive pink (which a ton of idiots just did not get for some reason) to it's retro soundtrack. It is a picture perfect reflection of the films from the late 60's, 70's and 80's. If you have not seen films from this era (i do believe so many reviewers here have not) you will not entirely get this film.

This is a man with no name film. Instead of horses and cowboys we get fast muscle cars and ruthless gangsters. Our hero is a man with no name. He is also a man of very few words that can break out into fits of extreme violence at any moment to protect those he cares about. We get no back story to our hero just like the Eastwood pictures, which makes the film even more effective. He is not your typical Vin Diesel blabbering idiot action hero. He is an old fashioned action hero. Too many here did not understand this, and decided this was bad acting/directing. It is far better to imagine what Gosslings character has done to arrive at this point, than to be shown in some cheesy flash back sequence. Albert Brooks (who is just fantastic as usual), Ron Pearlman, and Bryan Cranston all provide nice contrast to our quiet hero.

Another reviewer here stated there was no explanation for the second car at the pawn shop. Well there was. I will not give it away here, but you will find the answer in the motel sequence. The violence has also been hated on here, but it is just part of the world he lives in. The fact that he can be just as cruel as the gangsters adds to the mystery of his character.

Not one negative review is credible. Unless you were raised on Transformer and Fast and Furious pictures. Then I guess you would need more CG, louder music, and bad duologue so you could understand the film easier. Or maybe you just need more imaginary computerized cars doing spectacular things on screen to hold your attention. The fact is this is a fantastic film, filled with great performances, and some of the best chase sequences since bullet. Be smart see films that matter.

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