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Haunting masterpiece, 1 April 2008

This is a truly great film. I love horror films and I like watching the cheap horrors with no story lines but it's so refreshing to find a horror film that works beautifully as a film as well.

My favourite horror film is The Exorcist and The Orphange is in the same league. It doesn't rely solely on cheap shocks or gore, but instead creates a constant atmosphere of unease and fear. It's slow-paced, but when the climaxes come, they are riveting.

The film is about parent/child relationships and how far a parent would go to save their child. It's about the spirit world and its relationship with the living world. It's about overcoming your fears and facing your past.

It's haunting. It's the type of film that will stay with you long after you've left the cinema. It's a great example of how much fear you can create without having to show too much.

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Heart-warming film that wears it rough edges on its sleeve, 28 March 2008

This is a heart-warming film. It's low budget and it shows its rough edges, but its warm spirit comes through if you give it a chance.

It's a family film and centres on a man chasing his dream and how his family have to put up with it. It's a family film and it's set in a real London.

It kept a smile on my face the whole time. It's such a feel good film. It's a very English comedy. It's full of interesting, quirky characters and it deals with its story with tongue-in-cheek wit. Alfie is a pathetic father but you warm to him as the story progresses.

It's definitely not a perfect film, but it's a refreshing break from the superficial, sickly-sweet American stodge you see every week at the cinema. It's a fun, rough slice of British life with plenty of charm.

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Standard video-store horror. Good fun, 13 October 2005

This is a nice cheap horror movie you can put on and watch without thinking too much. The characters are simple and annoying, which is no problem as most of them end up dying. Nell's character was the only one that stood out at all for me. She deserves bigger things.

After his first horror gems in the 70s, Tobe Hooper has been churning these bog standard movies. This is a standard slasher movie with a decent killer. Watch this if you want to pass some time.I watched this while working at my video store.

I think they went a bit far with all the supernatural elements. It added a whole new room for questions that the film didn't need, in my opinion.

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very Loach, very good, 27 July 2005

This is very much what you'd expect from Mr. Loach. Very real, very strong characters, very gritty. Well, it's not so gritty but it certainly doesn't flatter any of the characters.

It's a simple story of two people falling in love from different sides of the fence and their families/communities opposing the relationship. But it's not as idealistic and passionate as Romeo & Juliet. It's a film about responsibility.

I thought it dealt with arranged marriage quite stereotypically though. Just like East is East and Bride and Prejudice, it shows arranged marriage in an suppressive, outdated tradition. I was set up by my family and am in a very happy relationship. And I'm a white Englishman! I think Ken could've explored that further and not just dismiss it like he did.

Other than that, it's a very strong and real-to-life film that I highly recommend because the subject matter really deserves more debate.