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Storm (2005)
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Entertaining but didn't quite hit my spot, 11 February 2009

The world of DD is all a bit dulled. He is insensitive to touch and doesn't really know what he wants out of life or where he wants to take his career. Whilst pleasant enough to those around him he is the kinda guy who never returns the DVD's you lend him and he isn't the kind of guy to go out of his way to help a stranger in need, or to even give them the time of day. DD is a reflection of society in general.

So what would happen if this easy life was torn in two because of lost remnants of his childhood? Storm takes the viewer on a twisting comic book journey that forces the main character to question his entire way of life by looking back upon his previous choices and actions. Storm has often been likened to the Matrix in terms of style, both of the main characters are comic book heroes of sorts, both are lost in a confused world, but the comparison ends there. There are a couple of nods to some scenes from the matrix (Run DD) but Storm takes an entirely fresh look at what it is to be alive and to feel. Some scenes are very eerie and are reminiscent of silent hill and the ending is quite bizarre too. Essentially Storm questions the intrinsic nature of man, albeit with clunkiness and size 11 boots.

United 93 (2006)
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Utter Dross right until the action at the end, 9 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Out of respect for the people that actually were part of this disaster I firstly have to say the events in this film are based mainly on conjecture. Now to the film... or rather DocuFilm. 5 minutes of watching some people shave and singing about Allah. 15 minutes of airport check in and people reading papers and ordering coffee. About an hour of watching airport control scratch their bums. Then about 30 minutes of really good film. Spot the reality check? The only decent part of the film is the bit that gave Hollywood license to make it up. The acting is good but they put a real bad vibe on the people in charge. Gee, I am glad I am not one of those guys in real life, this film would make me wanna crawl under a rock. None of the characters were developed at all - mostly cardboard. The only one that had any character development had very few lines and was the terrorist flying the plane. No real character stands out and develops a rapport with the audience other than this guy. I ticked the spoiler button because this film spoiled my day. Watch the film by all means but make sure you turn up an hour late.

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The most terrifying horror film ever...., 8 March 2006

What! I hear you cry! How can you say in your summary that this is the most terrifying horror film ever.... and then give it 1/10? Well, the first time I watched this film it was just a horrifically bad film. The thought of watching it again frightens me to death.

This film takes the whole concept of movie making and rips its head off and craps down its neck. The "artistic" use of camera technique is just a way to say we know nothing about the rules of filming and have no concept of when it is applicable to ignore them. And for those who say it was meant to look like a documentary then I say give me an example of any documentary that makes you feel dizzy and sick because they can't hold the camera steady? Michael J Fox could hold a camera steadier.

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A wonderfully written tonic to dilute the endless stream of psychological thrillers and hospital dramas, 2 March 2006

Love Soup is a reflection of all of us. We all want to meet that particular person that just seems to be our Mr/Mrs Right. Most of us can't really define it, we just know it exists. Love Soup's opening gambit is really a suggestion that perhaps somewhere on this planet at this moment in time is a person who is absolutely perfect for you. You may live on the same street or they may be living at the other side of the world. Whatever scenario exists you may never ever meet.

Love Soup explores the lives of Alice and Gil in tandem. They don't know each other but live in the same part of Britain. It becomes apparent very quickly that both Alice and Gil are looking for the same things. They have similar ideologies and similar outlooks on life. They are both quirky eccentrically shy oddballs who look upon the world with innocently suspicious eyes. It is with this conflict that David Renwick explores both of the characters worlds with comedic marvel! Some of the jokes are superbly built into the storyline as to be absolutely crucial and some are just amazingly crafted to make you laugh out loud then laugh again when you see more and more meanings dangling off the same scene.

The tempo of the series is crafted perfectly. You are sucked in and after the first two episodes you are hooked. David Renwick was clever enough to increase the level of laughs perfectly as the series went on until he could afford to introduce the darker elements of the plot without detracting from the audiences enjoyment. The scripting is exceptionally clever on so many levels that it really makes you want to watch more. The ending came and was exactly what I hoped for. The message was quite clear through the series and ended as it should. Lots of roller coaster twists are added too! - it is all in there! I do hope that this will not be turned into another series because it will just become something it should never be. I am quite happy to think of Alice and Gil stumbling around the dating game with their embarrassed squints of pain when it all goes wrong. BRAVO David! Please write more television!

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Applauds to David Renwick for this classic sitcom., 22 March 2005

Forced to retire early from his job as a security guard, Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson) struggles to cope with the problems that retired life throws his way alongside his long suffering wife, Margaret (played by Annette Crosbie). It is no wonder he is grumpy, if it can go wrong it will.

Annette Crosbie gives a brilliant performance and it is a delight to watch her express the wonderful array of emotions that being married to Victor requires.

Richard Wilson endeared himself to a nation with this role that catapulted him into the minds of every viewer.

One Foot in the Grave is a national treasure that is amongst the very best of British Comedy.

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Classic zombie film, 3 March 2005

I think night of the comet is a classic zombie film that doesn't take the genre or itself too seriously. Its the ultimate fantasy film asking the question most people have asked themselves, namely "what would it be like to be the last people alive on earth".

Reggie and Samantha are two bickering teenage sisters only united in the passionate hatred of their stepmother Doris, who has an equal hatred for the girls. The Comet is big news and everyone is getting ready for the big event, except for Reggie and Samantha who have other things on their mind... The next day comes, and mixed with all the revellers party hats is a mysterious sand. No one seems to be around....

The premise of the film is good and whilst the acting is not the best it is still perfect for this kind of film. The characters DO have development and aren't just cardboard sketches. The zombies aren't the biggest part of the film but when they make their appearance they do please.

This film is always missed off from the classical zombie flic list usually due to its 'hollywood teenager' aimed audience. Most zombie fans ignore it on the basis that it doesn't seem to be a zombie film whilst the non-zombie fans miss out because they don't like the science fiction element. I'd love to see this film transfered and cleaned up for DVD release especially now that more and more films of this genre are making their appearance on DVD.

Don't expect a brilliant script or brilliant actors. I'd say this one is similar to the film 'dead heat' in terms of its zombie load (expect to jump once at least) and 'my best friend is a vampire' for its fantasy element.

May (2002)
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Modern day rubbish, 28 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is absolute dross but has a good comedic element. Synopsis in short... May, the lead character decides that her friends aren't good enough so she goes on a killing spree to create a new friend out of the best pieces of them.

But May doesn't have to use effort to kill her friends. They just let her stab and mutilate them whilst they struggle to act shocked. Concentrating on this aspect of their acting mean't they couldn't do anything else at the same time (was this on purpose I wonder?).

This film shows that even known actors look rubbish through poor direction and scripting (is this on purpose? I hope not). It is so bad it is watchable for the humour of it all. By the end I wanted to gouge my own eyes out and was desperate for May to do the obvious so I could switch off and go to bed. The make up and special effects must have cost the team about 5 dollars with change. The stroke of Mays cheek at the end was laugh out loud comedy with the rubber glove skin. And the eyeball! The scene with the blind kids crawling on their hands and knees in glass 'without realising' was funny too. They give blind people no credit at all! I gave this 1 for comedy and 1 because they managed to persuade Anna Faris (aka Cindy from Scary Movie) to star in it. The comedy mole was classic. The cat gave a convincing performance until it was replaced by a piece of cardboard and fur so I will top the ranking upto 3.

This film mocks the cheap horrors of yesteryear but they could have tried a little harder.


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I think therefore I am... A film that questions the believe that self choice means you are flesh and blood., 2 January 2005

A small simulation set in 1937 has been created. Our main character discovers that his recently murdered partner (the simulators creator) has been using the simulation before its release for human trial. He also discovers that a message has been left in the system for him to find. A message that promises to ultimately change everything.

I recommend this film to all those who enjoyed eXistenZ etc. Fans of David Lynch will not be disappointed either. If you are a great fan of Lynch, then you will see this as an easy to follow film that has some nice turns and twists without forcing you to pause and rewind or watch again.

The film manages to persuade you of the complex simulated world without spending too much of its budget on special effects, unlike the matrix, which ultimately destroyed itself by its overdone sequels. Great set of actors here too. Ones that deserve the job title "actor" and have many creditations to their name.

I am surprised that this little effort hasn't been more popular since it manages to get a complex story line and make it very easy to follow without becoming bogged down with the characters explaining each scene (ergo the matrix).

Overall, definitely one to watch and one to own.

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Complete waste of time!, 3 November 2004

I can't believe I let you guys persuade me to buy this film never mind watch it. It is the the most ****beep**** awful experience I have had in a long time. In fact, the only other film that was on par as being so poor was 'blair witch'.

This film is supposed to be a persons experience of the dreamworld. I don't know about you, but when I dream, especially vivid dreams, I have original thoughts that are molded by my own personal experiences usually from the day before. Not this guy. NOOOO. He dreams about other peoples quotes and has no original thoughts of his own. This is like listening to a student read out his latest philosophy essay.

The thoughts of the people the main character meets in the dream world are not really original, just more of the same old reprinted crap that has been going around in the literary world for decades. They drop names and quotes almost every breath.

The animation is quite funky, but gets a bit annoying after the first ten minutes (have you ever wondered why student flicks normally only last about ten minutes?).


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Ignore the low rating, this film is pure entertainment., 11 October 2003

I came across this title when searching the extensive collections of sci-fi time travel films. I dare say that I was not initially impressed with the things I found, but the actual blurb won me over. I found this on DVD for £4.99 retail which was a bargain.

The film begins with what can be described as "sesame street Colouring". The camera was obviously low budget, so the colours all appear murky and bleed into each other. This would have been where I would have stopped watching which would have been a real mistake.

The premise of the film quickly takes hold, and you learn about the characters in a very alternative fashion. The film is separated into sections that have very little connectivity until the storyline takes hold. This is where the film comes into its own.

The film is part colour part black and white, giving the indication of which time period you are in. This is a really simple way of doing this but it is so effective. The slices of the film really come into place at the end and you realise what a masterpiece of direction this actually is. This really would have been excellent with a big screen budget if that could have been done without dumbing down the plot (probably not with the state of films today).

Give this film a chance, it is so cheap to buy, just slightly more than renting Navy Seals which would be a waste of good money. If you give the first 20 minutes a chance you should enjoy it. (don't get drunk before, you might miss out on the plot).

7/10 (10/10 storyline, 9/10 entertainment value, 5/10 production value). TWELVE MONKEYS WITHOUT THE MONEY BUT MORE PLOT.

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