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Escapee (2011)
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Uh, No, the Other Reviews are..., 30 October 2011

The other reviews are all undoubtedly from folks promoting this flick, and/or those with some monetary stake in the movie. Even if this movie were free (and it can be) don't waste the time it takes to watch it (oh crap, I did that, shame on me). It's a typical low budget, low energy, low intellect, low entertainment B movie wannabe. It doesn't even strive for mediocre but heads straight for the recycle bin.

Your time is better spent sleeping than watching this yawner. So take it from this review, or take it from all those shills that have posted those strangely positive reviews, it's ultimately your time to waste. I wish I had spent the time sleeping.

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Don't waste your time, 15 July 2011

Bad movie. Bad writing. Bad everything. It's just plain bad. What I found most interesting, though, were the reviews here on IMDb. Out of the 18 I see, 15 are first time reviewers. And all of those 15 gave this movie 10 out of 10. Looks to me like the makers of this film and/or their friends have been busy little IMDb posters. Do you think? It looks very suspicious considering the rating by users that did not post a review.

This movie is truly a waste of time (and I'm an Elisebeth Shue fan). Move on. There's nothing to see here. Oh yeah, I need ten lines of text, so please excuse this waste of space at the end. IMDb, why do you do it?

Collapse (2009/II)
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Very nice documentary, 16 December 2009

Mike Ruppert is stand-up and caring person and it's a difficult burden he's chosen. If you catch the meaning, the ending of this documentary says it all. His has lived a life without reward and I have the utmost respect for his courage and determination. Keep going Mike, some of us are listening carefully to you and others like you.

It seems I need to continue my comment based on IMDb policy of ten lines. That doesn't impress me as necessary, but I see the decision isn't mine. It's a great film, go and watch it. Anyway, hopefully this is enough to satisfy the rules. Why the needless wordiness IMDb? I liked the film and the participant, that isn't enough said? I'll bet many reviews never get posted based on the ambiguous ten lines rule.