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Raw (2008– )
Worth the watch
19 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's welcome news to read that Damon Gameau and Krystof Hadek will be there for the next season of "Raw." If it is, as one poster put it, a thinly veiled Irish interpretation of "Kitchen Confidential," it's a definite improvement. "Raw" got rid of the jokiness, added a way sexier star, Gameau, who doesn't head the restaurant until the second season and whose sex appeal was toned down, and, made us care about the workers in the restaurant. I didn't care about anyone in KC. Nolita may have missed closing, but the series didn't. The eponymous restaurant in "Raw" shut down in the first season, but it reopened for a second season. The closing made viewers like me feel like the show was as fragile as real life, like we had a purpose, like watching it helped to keep something worthwhile alive.
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