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Sorry, I am very partial to blue eyes and I couldn't think of any green eyed actors :O (suggestions for green eyes would be great, especially since I have a hard time telling the difference between green and blue or brown DX)! They are in order as much as I could put them in order, and as the name suggests, I won't be adding more UNLESS they have green eyes (and hopefully not blue/green eyes, just green, no hazel involved XD)
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These are my actor obsessions (and I have watched whole movies to see some of these people for 30 seconds (Rick Gomez in Transformers in particular :D)) They are in order based on when I discovered them (Garrett Hedlund in 2006 and Edward Norton in 2011)
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Not really in any order and in no way is this a lot of movies, but I really do try to watch as many as I can get my hands on. The last few are certain ones I've wanted to watch for a long time, but I have yet to find and/or buy them XD And this should be updated as I watched more! :)