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Awful.... and almost painful to watch..., 12 February 2010

Man, the only reason I gave this "docu-drama" one star more than a flat out 1/10 is the fact that they at least used multi-cam shots in the film, and the musical selections in the piece are very well done.

I'm not going to give a play-by-play, I'll just comment on what I saw.... and that was an absolute torrid "documentary" in any sense of the word. It's like watching bad B-movie actors commit rubbish performances.

It's cheesy from moment one. The acting absolutely sucks. If this was ordered by Steve Borden ("Sting") himself, it should have been sent back to the production room with a grade of "F.... Do Over".

The film would have you believe that he wrestled less than 10 matches and was a world champion, struggled with, then discovered God, and finally became whole. What a great, easy plot for a "docu-drama". Even the transitions between wrestling footage and acting segments are painfully executed.

Now, to speak as a fellow Christian. I struggle with the discomfort of Sting's endless (and I do mean ENDLESS) over-dramatic encounters with faith, of staring God "in the face" and not "seeing Him". It's more than fans can deal with in a "docu-drama"... it's not comfortable as fact OR fiction... it's just plain uncomfortable.

This is quite obviously a TNA-inspired "good-idea" production which took elements of fact and combined it with whatever wrestlers/actors were available, made it malleable to the common 5-year old, and tried to market it.

And that's who'll ultimately enjoy it.... show it to your 5-year old, if he/she watches wrestling with you, and he'll/she'll get a kick out of it... because just like Santa, the Easter Bunny, professional wrestling, and organized religion... just believe on blind faith that what you're viewing is all "real"....

I'm certainly not making fun of his "true" story, but I'm glad to be over watching this performance atrocity. It's not grounded in any real way, and feels very "all-over-the-place".

Bless his heart, but Sting honestly deserves better than this has to offer....

... and bless your heart if you can get through this still interested in it as anything resembling a documentary.