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Not Really that impressed by this episode, 6 September 2010

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So the episode starts with Chuck in a middle of a room, and he is being kept hostage by a Russian guy named Yuri. Yuri threatens Chuck, and Chuck gets a flash like he should beat up Yuri. Chuck grabs Yuri's gun unexpectedly and wants to shoot him. Then we find out, its all practice, and Yuri worked for the CIA. Chuck didn't pass the practice so General Beckman fires him.

Then we see Chucks flashback, 6 months earlier. Sarah had offered him to run away with him.

Then 6 months later again, we see an unshaven Chuck. He is in a very bad condition, and does the same thing over and over again. One day he runs out of Cheese Puffs, and goes to the Buy More where he gets teased by Emit. Chuck is really close to beating him up (As He now knows KUNG FU) but resists. Then Chuck meets The Jeffsters, and they tell him how they see Sarah everyday. Chuck is Surprised because he thought Sarah was gone. He goes to the Yogurt shop, but there he finds Casey. Casey asks him what he is doing there, and Chuck says that he "forgot" his coat in the castle. When he goes down there, he finds out that Casey has kept contact with Sarah. Casey does not tell him anything, but overhears Casey talking to Sarah about where their next mission is going to be. Chuck goes to the place, and begs Casey and Sarah to accept him as a spy. However at first they refuse. They ask him to go.

I cannot write the whole episode, but all in all this was not a great episode. There we some holes in it and some things were unclear.

The Final (2010/I)
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Not the best movie i have ever seen, but it is OK i guess., 2 August 2010

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When i first heard about this movie, i was thrilled. I thought it was going to be some great Horror flick. It did not turn out to be so. I cannot say it was not worth me spending my money. I enjoyed it, but wasn't SUPER thrilled.

The black guy, that was the killers friend did not know how to act at all. He was a HUGE disappointment. When he goes to the old mans house and asks for help, he should have acted WAY WAY WAY WAY better. He seemed like he had just escaped from a pony party, not from some psychopaths party. I was expecting more from this movie.

If you are wandering weather you should buy it or not, then my answer is: BUY IT

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A very good movie which i enjoyed.., 2 August 2010

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This is one of Sandlers best movies. I have seen here on IMDb that some people don't really like it, but i think its a great flick. I watched this last year on TV with my family, and we were impressed by the comedy in this one.

In the part where Adam is in the Anger Managment meeting, and Nicholson tells him "Tell us about yourself"

I laughed so hard at that part, i think i wet my pants a little.

All in all, this is a great movie to watch. If you are looking for some great comedy where you are going to laugh A LOT, then this is the right movie for you.