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Ahoy Mates!, 9 July 2006

OMG! what can I say!? Fantastic, Superb, Thrilling. POTC Dead Man's Chest was all of those things and more. I must say that if you are looking for the 2nd most thrilling ride of your life (after POTC Curse of the Black Pearl that is) then sign up for the sequel of a lifetime. The crew is back in full force and Captain Jack Sparrow is funnier than he was last time around. Orland Bloom and Keira Knightly were wonderful Pirates, and the addition of Bill Nighy as Davey Jones and Stellan Skarsgaard as Bootstrap Bill was right on the money. Ragetti and Pintel were back in full force as was the wooden eye (lol). The action sequences were over the top but not to be outdone. I got dizzy at my second showing (I sat near the front!) during the wheel sequence. Norrington is very comical and rightly has a bigger part in this one (although not as you might expect). Tom Hollander as the new Lord of Port Royal was surprising at first but welcomed. He is a fantastic actor. I Must say that Tia is a character who I think will be a major player in POTC 3. The movie got a standing ovation in both showings I saw on Friday and during the last two minutes of the movie you couldn't even hear the dialog because everyone was hooting and hollering from a surprise character appearance (and no not Keith Richards). I won't spoil it and say who but man was I cheering louder than most. All in all the movie was one of the best I have ever seen and certainly as good if not maybe better (I have to see it some more) than its predecessor.

Be Sure To Stay After The Credits For A Surprise Little Bit Tying Up A Loose End From Earlier In The Movie!!!!

Date Movie (2006)
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Laugh Out Loud Goodness, 19 June 2006

I never got a chance to see this in Theaters but I am glad that I did rent it. I haven't laughed this hard at a movie since Dodgeball. This movie has everything you could want in a spoof comedy, cheesy characters, mediocer dialogue and slapstick acting. From the My Big Fat Greek Wedding spoof to Pretty Woman, to My Best Friends Wedding, this movie had it all. The laughs just kept on coming and Alyson Hannigan was dead on in the title role. I recommend the Unrated edition if you are renting it. This movie certainly deserves a chance, was it better than Scary Movie? Well not the first one, but every subsequent after that.

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Oscar!? I Think So., 10 March 2006

Johnny Depp sparkles and shines in this 17th century tale of poetry and debauchery, based on the life of the Earl of Rochester a.k.a John Wilmot. Who shot to literary glory after his tragic death. Everything about this film is poetic; from the camera style to the grainy picture quality there is Oscar written all over this one. John Malkovich is perfect in any period piece and does exceptionally well here. Samantha Morton and Rosamund Pike show us what todays actresses are made of by playing Heroines of grand design. The supporting cast including Depp's Pirate co-hort Jack Davenport(Norrington) does for this movie what every supporting cast does. Lends to the quality and integrity of the movie as a whole. The Sets, Costumes and Score are worthy of the best efforts. The only draw back to this calibur of a movie is it's timing (in relevance to awards show season that it) a March release does not bode well for any major nominations at the Globes or Oscar, but with the stellar talent of the cast it shouldn't be a problem. This is the movie that should secure Johnny Depp the Gold Statuet he has long been denied.

Syriana (2005)
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International Politics at its best., 12 December 2005

If you are looking for a movie that will blow your socks off with the story line alone, then Syriana is definitely the way to go. From the international politics to the acting everything is in place. Clooney shines as a CIA agent in the middle of bureaucratic warfare. Damon is interesting as an economic agent who gets caught up in the whirlwind oil game of a kingdom torn in it's ultimate agenda. From start to finish Syriana shines brighter than it's star studded cast. The story jumps around a lot but in the end everything comes a glorious finish. Based off of the book 'See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism' by Author: Robert Baer, this movie does for the general public what the news used to do, inform us.

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Absolutely Wonderful!, 27 January 2005

Are you looking for a movie that will enchanted you, excite you, and entice you to see it again and again? Then look no further than The Phantom of the Opera. This beautiful crafted movie will have you laughing, crying, and reaching out our loving arms to comfort and care for the Phantom himself. There is no emotion left untouched in this masterpiece of a film. Joel Schumacher has done what the Stage Play only hope to do, it brings directly into the world of Paris in the 1870's and transports into the mind of the characters. You feel as though you are Christine experiencing what she does, when she does. You cry out in anguish with the Phantom when his heart is torn from his chest and stomped on by his muse. You fear for Raoul and the unwavering love he still has for Christine after their childhood romance ended. Gerard Butler is the most moving and convincing character and one can't help but personally feel all of the emotions he portrays throughout the movie. The singing is out of this world and one wonders how come we are only getting to see these marvelous hidden talents now, after so many years of show business for the leads. If you only see one film this year I urge you transport yourself to the Paris Opera House for a night you will never forget. 10/10

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Mooseport in need of CPR, 26 February 2004

Welcome to Mooseport, is a refreshing comedy. It follows along of the lines of something one would watch on a lonely Friday night cerca Dinner & a Movie. The movie its self is a cute take on local love, life & politics. Gene Hackman does a wonderful job as always, as does the majority of the supporting cast. Ray Romano, is is need of some serious acting lessons. The story is predictable but heart-warming. The former president of the United States Munore 'Eagle' Cole (Hackman)retires to his former summer home is Mooseport Main, only to get convinced that he would be a wonderful replacement to the towns recently deceased mayor. Thinking that he will be running un-opposed he agrees, only to find out that the local Hard-ware store Handy Harrison (Romano) is running as well in a bid to win back the affections of his girlfriend (Tierney). The president becomes enamoured by her and wants to win her affections, not knowing that she is the former girlfriend of his opponet. Mild-hilarity ensues, in the all out battle for mayor, and for the girl. Things happen just the way one would expect them too, although there are a few twists and turns that one wouldn't have predicted, which add a higher level comedy and romance to the film. Marcia Gay-Harden is wonderful in her supporting role, as are Rip Torn, Christine B. and Fred Savage. The small town that is used in the movie speaks to me a little more because it is right next door to mine. Port Perry Canada steps in and was wonderfully transformed to look like a small American town on the verge of an election. All in all I would recommend this film to seniors who will enjoy Hackman and be able to tolerate Romano more than I was.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat, How I wonder where you're at..., 20 December 2003

Wonderfully amazing portrayal of Alice in Wonderland. The cast was superb and the story telling was excellent. Of course it doesn't hurt that the Mock Turtle is played by none other than Ringo Starr. The only copy of this film that I have owned until recently was a tapped off T.V. version that was jumpy and horribly, tapped. But I can guarantee you that it has been watched countless times none the less. This film is great for all ages and is good fun for the whole family. Children of all ages will delight in this fun-filled adventure, from the crying baby that turns into a pig to Sally Struthers playing a loud mouthed Flower, it can't get any better. The First half of the 3 hour plus film, is the best part, but the giant chess board and underlying story in the second half is just as delightful. This film is sure to become a classic of my generation.

Timeline (2003)
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Time Travel at its Best!!, 3 December 2003

If you are looking for the ride of your life, hold on and prepare to be faxed back to Castleguard in 1357 France at the height of the English invasion. High action and drama ensus as a group of archeology students fronted American heart-throb Paul Walker, have to travel back in time to save Pauls father from being stuck in 1357 forever. Joining the team on this ride is Gerald Butler, the Scottish cutie who first melted hearts as the Badass Dracula in Dracula 2000, and then did another number on our souls when he teamed up with Angelina Jolie for Tomb Raider 2. This movie is one thrill fest, that will leave you wishing Time Travel was possible. If you are fan of History, and even if you are not, you will have a blast. As someone who loves History and archeology this movie was something out of a dream, getting to do what they got to do. I'm not going to say too much more as I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, but believe me when I say this you will love this movie. This movie is one of a kind!!!

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Fun Musical, 29 November 2003

I my self didn't get a chance to see the first American Idol, but none the less was intrigued to see this movie, based on the fact that it was a musical and I love a good musical. Kelly is a great singer and I am glad she won. I myself am not a Justin fan but he did an okay job. Maybe they should have chose, someone from Pop Idol (the Idol that started it all) like Will Young, or Gareth Gates?? But oh well too late now... leave it to the Americans to screw up what could have been a better film.... and thus somewhat disgracing the Musical Genre in general.

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Hilarously Funny, and Entertaining, 29 November 2003

Jerry O'connel and Anthony Anderson, what more could you ask for?? Oh yeah... Adam Garcia as the Kangaroo. This movie was funny, I laughed me arse off, and me mum couldn't stop laughing either. The story line was cute and the movie followed suite. Two child hood friends head off to the outback to do a job for Jerry's Mob Boss step-father. Hilarity ensues and it is good fun all around.