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That I've seen...
This list is no no particular order.

However it is a MUST WATCH list.
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All things British
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Demons, witches, vampires, gods, and all kinds of magic.
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Before reading this list please be advised of the following: 1. The list is in no particular order,
2. They are based on my personal tastes,
3. I have watched all of these shows (up until initial date of posting),
4. I don't put things on this list I haven't seen completely or finished (so for instance The Sopranos, Doctor Who, Twin peaks, is not on this list because I've only seen 6 episodes).

Other than that, I recommend these shows as must watch!
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These are actors I think deserve more leading roles because they are outstanding. This, of course, is based on their prior character or minor characters or from certain shows.

The list is in no particular order. This is an on going list, as I'm sure even I may overlook or forget about some of these actors.
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List of television I've watched from beginning to end or present. Not all of them are all that great, so here entails my list of SHAME.
They are not in any order.

But I have seen EVERY known episode of everything on this list.
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Either because of the characters they play or their look. After the first 5 they are in no particular order.
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List of my favorite shows from Childhood. Making friends with television and being a loser since childhood.

The first few are my favorites but the rest are in no particular order.
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Because of my love for short lived TV shows, I also learned to hate FOX for cancelling them so swiftly before they had a chance. I have watched each of these shows from beginning to end, and wanted to see more.
I haven't yet watched Twin Peaks.

Honorable mention: Life on Mars
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Not in any particular order.
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Best Crime Shows

-cops, lawyers, criminals.

I haven't seen CSI or The Sopranos, that's why they are not the list. However, all of these other shows (other than Damages) I have seen all existing episodes.
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I didn't watch ER and hate Grey's Anatomy.

This is all health related shows, doctors, sickness, etc.
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Whatever show/movie I list are the ones I think they are funniest in. But it's just a humble list of my type of humor... because everyone's is quite different. Majority of it is based on their personality/character, therefore this list is not limited to Comedians. These people just know how to put a smile on my face.

It's also based on most current work.. So don't be surprised if some funny people are at the bottom.
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I'm very picky about humor... I pick out things that are non-animated and things I would watch over and over again. Be reminded that these are PERSONAL favorites!