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I don't hate it., 13 March 2011

I don't hate it. Oh, my god, I don't hate it. Also, Joey's looks like it is drawn to perfection (a little too much perfection).

The writing isn't very convincing, the characters are not super developed. But I love Joey's character and 50% of Melissa's character but even with all of that, I can't say that I was very disappointed with it. But since I watched it on Hulu thinking that it was a canceled show at first, I cannot say that I gave it much credit in the first place.

The plot from episode to episodes varies more than enough, but the plots are far from strong. They are rather weak. But then I have to remind myself that this show is on ABC family, so I shouldn't have the same expectations of it as I would a show that was on ABC.

So overall, I'm glad to see Melissa is back!

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Watch it I BEG YOU, 13 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Judd Apatow's second try after the canceled Freaks & Geeks ABC and FOX are such fools. Utter stupidity. Undeclared was a show too early for its time. The show festers to the current generation of Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Superbad, Funny People and etc. In fact this show is better than all those movies.

Undeclared has the following now famous stars: Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen, Amy Poehler

Cameos: Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller,

This is the best comedy about the new-age college kids, filled with comedic drama and just a great overview on college life. Cancelled after 1 season. WHY FOX?!?!? Why this atrocious act of killing pure genius.

Watch it! I BEG YOU! WATCH IT. It's the time capsule of early 2000′s and is not only a great comedy but has developing plot and characters.

"Kings" (2009)
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Would have worked on HBO or Showtime, 13 March 2011

Overview: A parallel to the biblical story David and Goliath, this powerful cast highlights the political drama in this modern monarchy. There is only one season, but lots of drama involving the king and his family and of course David, an awarded soldier slowly rising to higher power.

Review after finishing series: The main reason I dislike this show was that it's pace was too slow, but the show had quite a high production value. The actors and costumes were top notch. The build up is slow and I had no reason to come back. However, if you are into political dramas with little heart this is one season you can blow your time on.

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Party Canceled, 13 March 2011

Is it just me or is everyone from Veronica Mars recycled through this show?

It's not a show that I set aside time to watch. You miss a few episodes and not missed much. However, the show does sit in its awkward moments delivered by one-dimensional but good characters.

It's a bit slow for me, but The Office and Arrested Development crowd would eat this up.

There are some great female comedians in this show though. But I hate the love interests and the main characters even though they are suppose to be neutral.

I see why it was canceled. Sorry.

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Has some good concepts, 13 March 2011

This show is essentially if Courtney's character from Friends, Monica, got divorced from Chandler around her 40s. She's the same character, who we love from friends, surrounded by a cast I actually like… but only because they were on shows I liked (Scrubs, Freaks & Geeks, etc).

Once again Cox pushes the creepy, but cute because she's pretty and hot card. However, with that out from my chest, I think I would have initially liked it more if, ABC did a better job with advertising the show as not her being old… or a cougar. Perhaps something more subtle like Old Christine. Just because an actress is older than her TV prime does not mean that has to be the pull of the show. Courtney is still hot (and looks like Nelly Furtado). Also the show has some heart. It's light and carefree, with promise of staying on air. Update

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Insincere bloaty face., 13 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A younger sister moves in with her controlling but cute older sister New York City. They learn to love each other and become friends while adjusting to their new life with each other. Lots of love plots and comedy ensues.

Review: I must admit I am rather biased. I hate Amanda Bynes. But I like Jennie Garth… but I hate the character Garth plays on the show. Why do I hate Amanda Bynes? Well, in all honestly its mostly her character Holly… her selfish, humorless, and slutty character. Due to my dinner time and my roommate's dislike for serious TV dramas… I was stuck watching this. Normally I do not crap over things I have not seen or read. However, I have seen all 4 seasons. It's not that her character cheats, lies, or is annoying, it's just how she does it ( I know that is such a 'girl' comment). Holly so insincere. Urg. I just wanted to see Holly suffer, which never happened.

*Vanity note: Plus towards the end of the series Amanda Bynes got all bloat-y faced but skinnier which was weird to look at, which made it even more annoying. I just watch her screeching bobble head wobble in the pain of the show's lack of original or classic humor.

Not that bulimia is a joke, it's not necessary in her case or any others… it's just ugly.

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Sex Sells, 13 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hannah, also known as Belle, is a smart British call-girl who exposes the secret of her career while trying to maintain her life-style and lack of personal relationships.

Review after watching Season 2 & 3: The great thing about this show is that it tries to be a first person narrative by having Hannah break the 4th wall, by speaking to the viewers. A high-class call-girl, Hannah also appears all natural (lack of plastic surgery not abundance of body hair) which makes her appear more normal and likable. She's not a call- girl because of any psychological issues just for the good pay for the little hours, therefore making this show an opportunity for a normal college graduate to love sex, love her job with no shame. Her ex- boyfriend, current best-friend, Ben is the only one outside the business that knows of her ventures.

The sad thing about this show (as I find true of most British shows) is that it's episode to episode. I can watch this show with no urge to find out what happens next episode. This is especially true for the first two seasons, but the third season is an improvement. But still, there is no strong pull. Only sex. Surprisingly the sex is not too soft porn like (unlike The Tutors). It focuses more on the specific tastes and desires of people, from the kinky to the normal.

Hannah, unlike her call-girl counterpart Belle, is less interesting. For the first two seasons she develops zero to no personal relationships. And when she does, she's far from sincere.

Not much for character development, this show is like watching Sex in the Citywithout the drama or connection to the character. But hats off to you Billie Piper, you'd make one hot call-girl.

Review: after watching Season 1 Billie Piper's character Hannah, also known as Belle, is charming and seductive with her British accent. The video is not the caliber of HBO or Showtime shows, but is engorged with tasteless sex. No character developments or a care in the world.

Although, Belle is extremely attractive at certain angles in certain outfits and makeup, at other angles she looks like a porn star. Although, her parts look real, they looks artificially exaggerated in certain outfits. I watched the first season, and have no interest pursuing the second season unless I'm in the mood to see a selfish, yet charming, self labeled "whore" narrate the rules of being a call girl.

Like Sex in the City or… wait… Sex in the City, each show is a series of an overall lesson while breaking the fourth wall. UNLIKE Sex in the City , I do not care for the plot or any of the characters. It's neither pretty nor sophisticated. Hannah is selfish and fails at being vulnerable. Only with ironic laughs and clever "rules of a good call girl" scenes, Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a remote clicker: nice to land on while channel surfing… not something to put on a viewing calendar.

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Watch it for the characters, 13 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The show takes place in Sacramento, California and follows Patrick Jane, a former "psychic", who is an consultant for CBI, a bureau focuses on crimes in California. Jane joins them to solve crimes based on his observations and his smart guesses while pushing the bureau's ethical boundaries. Jane's main motivation is to catch Red John, who murdered his wife and daughter.

Review after Season 2: Like Fox's show Bones and House, one only watches the show for the love of the character, not love of the plot. The major life changing drama only happens in the last 2-3 episodes of the season and the crimes are not that interesting neither is the banter. However, the relationship between the key characters are quite solid and charming. The plot of this show is very similar to USA's Psych, however, the crimes in The Mentalist actually makes sense but with less humor. It's easy to miss a few episodes and not care.

But you come back to visit your friends for their personality not their story. *Side note. I LOVE SIMON BAKER (Patrick Jane)… His not very popular but good comedy is Sex and Death 101 with Naomi Watts. He just has so much charm and charisma. It kills. Also he's from Australia… the real life accent is a plus.

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Addicting, 13 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Taking place in Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse, our main character, has the ability to read minds…something she considers somewhat of an unexplainable curse. But upon meeting her first vampire, Bill Compton, she discovers she can't read vampire minds. Lots of supernatural drama ensues in this new world where Vampires expose themselves the new world behind the unveiling of True Blood, a synthetic blood product made by the Japanese. As the show goes on, we are introduced to other characters.

Review after Season 3: YUCK. It's better than Season 2 but it was meh… True Blood always starts out slow and boring (despite its unlimited source of content). Tara is still a bitch: However, James Frain's performance as her abusive boyfriend Franklin Mot was great. YES, YES Battered women are not a source of entertaining contention, but James Frain is just great and entertaining AND FUN. So with spit.

Book Series: I have read 9 out of the 10 books that True Blood is based on, and I must say they are addicting. The plots change in comparison to the show but is promising series. They are simple to read and a bit trashy, but addicting as hell. The book is written in first person. So we do not know what's happening other than in Sookie's eyes. Therefore, Sookie's actions are justified in the book and I like her a bit more. Also, Tara barely exists in the book.

Review during Season 2 (already finishing Season 1): A bit of a slow show, watch the first season please! I regret dropping the show after watching just 2 episodes. I abhor the main character Sookie, her brother, and her best friend, and the bartender for the first two episodes.. maybe I was just in bitchy mood. Alright, so that's the majority of the main characters, vampires aside. However, after watching the first season and now currently the second season, I'm hooked. I love vampires, reading, watching movies and television show, they are my unnatural fictional addiction.

Sookie is still a self-righteous, mind-reading bitch is annoyingly innocent with luscious blond hair. While Bill, the vampire, is a southern gentleman. The show takes place in the heart of the Cajun south: Louisiana, when humans are aware of vampire's existence and deals out discrimination. Vampires thrive on True Blood, bottled blood while some humans are addicted to the drug-like effects of a vampire's blood also known as V. The show stays true to the vampires, not trivializing them with garlic or mirror tricks, but still making them vulnerable to sunlight and mind control (glamor) as well as super strength and speed. Some are inhuman while, Bill is closer to his human nature while fearing his vampire side.

I don't think I'll ever like Sookie. But it's a good realistic drama with vampires. That's right people realistic, with drama. Unlike Buffy and Angel, these vampires are more serious and dangerous and there is an actual plot: granted a centering mystery per season (similar to that of Dexter). There is one major problem for each character during the season, but unlike Dexter, each character from True Blood has an interesting story. True Blood is a must watch for fans of the supernatural and good old HBO drama.

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It can only get better., 13 March 2011

The story centers around a Spanish study group at a community comedy, the group is made up a variety of people who go to community college: recent high school graduates, elderly looking seeking company, single mother, a former peace core activist, and lastly Jeff Winger… a lawyer with an unofficial degree. Lot of heart warming lessons with humor goes throughout the series.

Review after finishing Season 1: Funny and loving, I watch it for the humor and for the love in the the character's relationships. It may not be everyone's type of humor, but it is general enough to be brilliant and not to obscure. Not only that the humor is unique but not weird. It reminds me of Scrubs with a new type of humor.

I say it's a much watch comedy.

Season 2: IT just gets better and better!

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