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Terror Toons (2002) (V)
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Best Porno Movie without Sex My Gradnmother Ever Rented for Me, 2 September 2003

We were perusing the local Blockbuster for horrible 80s horror movies and found not one but two, yes TWO TWO TWO, copies of TERROR TOONS.

If you want to read more about how horrible the movie was read any of the comments below. Personally, we thought it was the best laugh in a while. There aren't many movies that you can easily get confused with porn by the lack of plot or the girl in the bathtub with the fake boobs singing Rubber Ducky with the wrong lyrics and walking around wearing soap bubbles.

Anyway, if you need a good laugh or want to convince your child that they shouldn't go to film school, rent or buy this movie. Apparently Blockbusters around the globe have this `movie' in stock so go get it today before it self-destructs.

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The Best 80s B-Horror Movie from the 90s, 22 February 2003

A friend and I were down and needed a good 80s horror movie to perk us up. Ice Cream Man appeared to fulfill our needs down at the video store, esp. since our store only carried the version that lacked the blood on the outer box.

This movie was exactly what we expected, but better, a cheesey, histarically 80s horror movie with our favorite washed up stars, including Rebecca from Passions and the Proffesor from Teanage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

The only scary part of the movie was what we found out about it on : 1) The movie was made in '95 although the entire thing is right out of the 80s, just look at what they are all wearing and the size of thier hair.

2) The director Paul Norman has directed over 100 films, with Ice Cream Man being the only film that was not pornographic.

All in all this is a great movie if you need a laugh, you will get more than one.