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Unoffical Remake of "PINGU-PONGU", 7 June 2014

To Be Clear: Ping Pong Summer is NOT what you would expect from reading the synopsis or the reviews. It says 2014, but if that is true, the whole thing was filmed through filters (like Instagram) that make it look like faded Cinemascope from 1965. The lack of clarity and lack of color really makes it harder to get into this story. SECONDLY, roughly 55 minutes of this story consists of untrained actors arguing out scenes too loudly and to melodramatically. Hollywood audiences may like this but I found it irritating and distracting. THIRDLY, there is almost nothing that improves over the Japanese adaption of thhe origibal manga or actual Ping Pong footage in the whole story, - 3 scenes about 40 seconds long each- not enough to cheer anyone up. Overall- amateurish and disappointing and a lot of work to watch it.

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Felt more like a complimentary special feature of a DVD than an individual film, 2 April 2014

This so called documentary is really just a bunch of random ideas and frankly uninteresting personal opinions, with no real factual basis. Its a bunch of people taking random details and making up a lot of rubbish, then passing it off as fact. "Yes it was clearly about the cocaine trade in the 80's because of the amount of snow in the comic strip, snow being a street name for cocaine", I made the latter up, but it holds as much merit as anything in this rambling, pointless film. Calvin and Hobbes is connected to 18th century philosophy? Its about childhood, because a German paintbrush was used? Its about the lizard people because there is a poster of a large cat skiing? The more the people interviewed try to explain their theory's, the sillier they appear. - but it was kind of like watching the incessant footage of the Twin Towers falling on 9/11: I couldn't turn it off because it was so horrific, and I kept holding out hope that somehow it would turn out all right. It didn't. A real waste of time!

Real (2013)
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Subliminal to Visceral and back, 12 March 2014

Recalling elements of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Vanishing Waves, fantastical and haunting mystery romance Real falls just shy of greatness. Some of the special effects are a tad underdeveloped and the story ultimately errs on the side of sweetness, but more often than not, it's a subtly chilling, light science fiction character piece dealing with the nature of guilt, love and memory, and how each can twist the others into elaborate knots.

The unravelling of these mnemonic entanglements is approached in much the same manner as the aforementioned films and, yes, even The Cell: one party enters the other's subconscious. In this case, it's a young man taking part in a cutting edge medical procedure that allows him to enter the mind of his comatose lover, Atsumi Kazu (Haruka Ayase), a successful Manga artist.

Right away, this is ostensibly a salvage mission; Koichi's entire motivation is to see if he can help her wake up. Unlike similar dream-diving efforts, they make contact easily and she's unperturbed by the knowledge that all this is taking place inside her unconscious mind. Insightfully commenting on the obsessive work ethic widely held in Japan, Atsumi can only seem to remember herself when she's feverishly putting pencil to paper. During every early "sensing," as the doctors label the procedure, she's busy logging intangible pages of art for the popular Manga series that's been on hold since she was hospitalized.

Hallucinations begin to plague Koichi between sessions, as one of the side effects of linking brain waves. While he searches for an old drawing of a dinosaur to kick-start his wife's memory, he begins seeing flesh and blood versions of the corpses in Atsumi's gory drawings, along with glimpses of a waterlogged little boy. The scene becomes increasingly fraught with paranoia and unease as the lines of reality blur more and more drastically.

Kurosawa does a fantastic job creating a sense of the perpetually off-kilter, subtly shifting the framing of shots between cuts and painstakingly applying eerie sound effects to ratchet up the tension and feeling that something is very wrong at the edges of perception.

Packing unexpected twists, cinematography that captures great beauty and creates serious willies with equal aplomb, as well as a score that commensurately blends the lovely with the creepy, Real will reward those who stick with it through the occasional stumble.

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Very Original, 17 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A case of haunted hair extensions is played up for laughs in Oh! My Ghost Khun Phee Chuay (โอ้! มายโกสต์ คุณผีช่วย a.k.a. OMG!), a comedy that is lifted by the considerable talent of Sudarat "Tukky" Butrprom, her easy chemistry with co-star Cris Horwang and slick production under the direction of Puttipong Promsakha Na Sakon Nakhon (First Love, 30+ Singles on Sale).

Tukky is Kitty, a young Northeasterner in Bangkok who is struggling to break into showbiz. She auditions for all the TV talent shows, only to be turned down at every turn. To earn a living, she wears a lizard costume as a mascot to a trio of campily catty "pretties" – presentation models in the bathtub section of a home-improvement store. Kitty desperately wants to show she is every bit as glamorous and talented as the plastic, botoxed models and so she decides to get hair extensions.

But soon after, she has the feeling that she is being followed, and it turns out she's right – it's a pale-faced ghost of a woman with bright red lips, played by none other than Cris Horwang.

Kitty, desperate to find out why she's being haunted, seeks help from a bar owner (Kom Chaunchuan) who dabbles as a spirit medium. Turns out the ghost is Bee, a model, actress and dancer whose soul is somehow been left to wander, but she's become attached to Kitty because the hair extensions are from her head.

After Kitty's initial shock wears off, she lays down a few ground rules, such as not appearing scarily pale and generally refraining from being frightening. Which is a genius move, because it would be insane to have cute Cris Horwang in your movie and have her be in scary ghost makeup the whole time.

Bee wants Kitty to contact her fashion-photographer boyfriend (Anusorn "Yong Armchair" Maneeted) and somehow patch things up with him because the last time they were together they fought because he wanted her to cut her hair.

So, while trying to devise ways to get close to the man, the gals bond, and dancer Bee, whose speciality is bungee-assisted ballet, helps Kitty come up with an act for her next talent show audition.

This is fun stuff, with Bee "inhabiting" Kitty's body. Here's where Tukky's gift for physical comedy really comes through, with the diminutive round-figured actress somehow able to telegraph the graceful moves of the lithe, long-limbed Chinese-Thai Bangkokian Cris.

Eventually there's a plot twist that leads to shenanigans in a hospital. Charoenporn "Kotee" Onlanmai is brought aboard as an undertaker who is part of the solution, but he gets sidetracked during an unplanned detour to the cosmetic surgery department and comes back with breast implants (they're actually his real man boobs). Also, Tukky dresses as a nurse, which is more fun.

There's probably a message in Oh! My Ghost about how folks shouldn't feel limited because of their body type, etc., but perhaps I'm overthinking it. Quite simply, it's an enjoyable, smartly scripted comedy that clicks right along and lets Tukky shine.

Looks for the Muslim World in The Hindu World..., 29 January 2014

do-not usually watch very many movies. Usually only 30's to 60's movies. This movie I caught by accident on a Saturday afternoon. From the moment I watched it I couldn't stop laughing. There actually were tears in my eyes. Allan Brooks was definitely at his best in this comedy. There were so many hilarious moments and incidents most of them not expected. He also was not overacting as we all can relate to the character he portrays in this movie, basically himself. We are all familiar with the character perhaps being similar to ourselves. His friends in the movie were not stereotypes rather true-life characters on our own blocks everywhere. Ms. Azzara was perfect as the wife. She contributed her true New York accent, Italian heritage and many talents. She was low-key but no one could help but notice her fine talents and portrayal. The five minutes before the ending were a bit disappointing but the ending made up for it. This movie is to be enjoyed and shared by everyone. A ' Diamond in the Rough '. Pure pleasure.

Carrie (2013)
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Not Very Necessary. ..., 30 October 2013

The original film adaptation of the novel CARRIE has creepy atmosphere, laudable acting, excellent story development and the perfect tension-building pace. This film has none of those things in common with its predecessor. This one also lacks the character development and chemistry between the principle characters that was present in the original version. The characters seem very two- dimensional. The director has stated that he wished to make the story more accessible to a broader audience. Translation: This is a dumbed-down version of the original, for the legions of lameness out there. Film critic Beth Accomando said that it "makes obvious all that the original film made subtle and does so with less complexity." I could not agree more. If you are going to remake something, especially something so well-known, you must have something to change or add to it to make it your own. In my opinion, this film failed to do so. Any of the changes that were present actually weakened the resulting product. I can't see how the original is rivaled in any way. Even if I hadn't seen the original first, this would have been average at best for me.

Bad Milo (2013)
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Either you get it or you don't, 5 October 2013

This film is profound on so many levels (whether you agree or not is your opinion - the fact is that it is) but at the same time it doesn't want you to read too much into it. The ending is the main thing that totally blows you away. This film is not crap. It is a significant piece of cinematic art. How to gather all the pieces of it together in order to describe it cohesively, I don't know, but that is not to say that it leads to nowhere. Though, that's not to say it doesn't either. There is a painting in the Cincinnati Art Museum that reminds me of its structure. It is apparently a portrait of the subconscious, colors, shapes and vectors seemingly exploding from an unassuming black dot in the middle. But what makes the film so astonishing is not simply its explosive, hyper-colorful, surprising, non-sequitary, often joyously sacrilegious juxtapositions, for it could hardly hold one's provocation throughout its entirety. The subject matter of which it's wildly composed is what ignites the spark.

Most people who have seen this movie ARE, in fact, intellectuals. Let's face it - mainstream films are mindless violence or idiotic teen movies - not much more. I looked for this film because I found Nolan's entire ourve and the works of Edgar Wright highly appealing.

The Heat (2013/I)
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An average effort from Bullock and Blubber, 27 July 2013

start from acting. Besides being not a big fan of either Bullock or Blubber, this time I thought I would keep all my hatred aside and will watch them with a neutral eye, and I did so, but still no difference. Leaving aside these acting skills, I believe they didn't observe the real life people similar to their characters well.

Same for the suppoert actoes involved, I mean dude, an underworld leader is not always attitud(ish) or arrogant even when he talks smallest of his sentences. They act like a normal person too, and I won't skip the recognition for the parts where I saw little glimpse of a 21st century living human being but overall his acting was disastrous.

Maybe the gals should spend some time in theater acting again. Beside them Michael Rapaport and Marlon Wayans were good, though I think the kind of acting overall prevailing in America has dented their skills too. Don't want to comment on Jane Curtin and other actors. The story didn't make sense sometimes, and was extra ordinarily dragged at some places, I mean in a scene where you know that the target left the car between a small route on a specific time then why not go for CCTV cameras there, do u really have to go into time consuming method of finding individuals there and ask them to help interpol make a sketch which again comes with typical Hollywood thought of everything's perfect when their people are working.

also I couldn't get a long-coming trend in Hollywood of making everyone 'Christian understanding' people. In prison the security officer understands what Sandra says to him in English in her again larger than moment style and the officer during the fight doesn't even hear a thing of what's going on in there. The movie had some of the best action scenes I have ever seen in an English film and must be carried forward in American cinema. So many unnecessary things and characters in the film and so many unexplained stories. Also, many sequences at the bank were copied from Bollywood films and have been over tried and tested both in India and American-British cinema too. Bring something new guys.. overall I believe I wasted my time and could have watched something else..

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beautiful actress,excellent performance,funny story,worth watching, 25 August 2011

This is actually a pretty good movie, in a bizarre way. It is a mixture of love, homicide and comedy. Almost all Americans movies would fill in some comedy elements, and by twisting a love story with a few cases of homicide have had this movie to be nearly perfect. Why they wanted to add killings in this film, well, my guess is that people love watching killings becuze killing sells.

If you enjoy the experience of being able to laugh and be touched here and there during a movie, then this one is surely what you are looking for. I like the way this movie is presented. There are no cops involved, and all killings are seemed to be the out of choice action. You won't feel sorry about the people got killed. I even tried to understand how the people feel in the film and what I would do if I was them. It makes me think a lot, while not making me bored.

The film begins with an almost-40-year-old college male lecturer, who never got a shot to have a date with woman,now consulting his psychotherapist for help with this situation.

As he keeps asking for a change of his being-alone-makes- feel-ALONE life, god let him met a girl who just moves in downstairs in the same condo he lives. And with the help of his friend, he asked (not really by him) her for a date, and surprisingly she set it a deal. Then story follows with their development of love, until a stranger male is appearing naked in her home. Anything followed became out of control as she's true identity is gradually uncovered as the story goes by.

The actor and actress left me a stunning impression. They really put something together that gives a burst of mojo into the movie, especially the actress. She is not the type of perfectly good-looking female Americans star with 'beauty-full' face(she's obviously stepping into her mid-age), but what she had interpret through the camera lit up something in my heart that shocked me more heavily than some of the other Americans pretty-face-actresses could do, even making me obsessed with her. Leading male character is also played by a highly professional skilled actor who profoundly demonstrated the creepy sense of the character in the movie. I laughed a lot during his love chasing scenes (and the scene in which he wears armor to have a chat with his girl, being afraid of that she might stab him, made me fall off my chair). Trust me, there are plenty of funny scenes in this movie.

Perhaps I have to say this film is kind of US style that only Americans may have a thorough understanding of what is going on out there. I'm not saying that non-Americans are not able to understand the movie, but rather that not many of them can be so. Anyway, for anyone who is tired of hollyMOOD's special effect 'mustardpiece', and enjoy the experience of a light-touching and refreshing love comedy, I encourage them to give it a go.

Super 8 (2011)
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Scene to scene copy of a Hindi Movie, 21 July 2011

The movie is a scene to scene copy of Koi Mil Gaya, a Hindi movie released in 2005. The original stars Rajat Kapoor and Vinay Pathak.. brilliant comedy, though this movie is a good copy it's a copy nevertheless.

Except for the promotion part rest everything is exactly the way it happens in Koi Mil Gaya. If you understand Hindi watch it and you'll laugh your lungs off.

the original story is as follows: Ranjeet Thadani lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai along with his wife, Sheetal, who is a singer, while he manages Soundtrack Industries. At the request of his friend, Jagdish Verma, he decides to invite a singer and Libran, Bharat Bhushan, to his residence for dinner, as well as listen to him sing. Ranjeet, suffering from back pain, does not realize that an alien from beyond the stars is hidden in his own hometown, and upon arrival at Ranjeet's residence, will virtually and hilariously turn his life upside down

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