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Recommended Back in the days TV-series, in chronological order.

Has to take place in the past, compared to when it's made
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Directors, best to worst based on what I've rated their movies. Only directors I've watched more than 50% OR five films of are listed. Need to at least have seen three films.

Scale 1-5

A few rules to reward directors with many movies:
- Every movie seen by a certain director will add 0,01 to the average rating.
- If I have seen 10 movies of a director, the worst won't count.
- If I have seen 15, the two worst won't count, and so on.
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My own Top 100 list in some kind of order
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Recommended Back in the days movies, in chronological order.

Companion list to my list ""Back in the days" TV-Series"

The dates refer to when the story begins (or when the main plot takes place if there is a huge time difference)
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The dates refers to what year (as far as I know) the plot begins
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My favorite quotes. Please recommend me any movie with great quotes and dialogue.

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Only added the great ones :)

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Directors who often also write their own films, therefore being very responsible for how they turn out, which often results in a unique style (like Bergman's Dramas and Chaplin's comedies).

"In film criticism, auteur theory holds that a director's film reflects the director's personal creative vision"

I also include directors who only writes screenplay if the films still clearly reflects the director's vision, Kubrick for example.

This is a work in progress, so feel free to name missing ones.
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One movie from every country.
I have not seen them all, just picked out the one that sounded best from countries I haven't seen a movie from.

This is a work in progress

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