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Completely captivating, 16 January 2011

I was hooked after the first five minutes and come heaven, hell or high water, I was going to see Downton Abbey twice, the second time to pick up the points which I knew would be too fast, and possibly convoluted, to follow the first time round. I have watched Masterpiece since the inaugural with Alistair Cooke, and I can't remember anything as engaging and entertaining as this. As a cousin of an English family with deep affection for the monarchy and respect for the aristocracy, my perspective is an odd mix of Democratic ideals, old-time Republican values and curiosity about and appreciation of the social structure which prevailed so long in England. Downton Abbey appears to present a very balanced depiction of the social, political, economic and historical forces which drove the lives and fortunes of the classes and produced strange and almost incomprehensible behavior to comply with an unwritten, all-pervasive code. I am completely fascinated by the events and reactions and what would appear to be almost puppet-like behavior on occasion. I pray for a sequel.

Mamma Mia! (2008)
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Like the good old days, 4 December 2009

There are very few movies that I see these days that are joyful, that grab you and hold your attention for all or most of the movie. The special effects substitute for plot all too often, the acting is frequently dispirited, and the scope very limited. This reminded me of the better days of the studios when downers were the exception and entertainment the key. I have no issue with movies that send a message, that contain themes for a better world or moralize but mea culpa, there are a lot of times I'd like to just laugh and join in the fun. Fortunately, we have people like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson who agree and put their feelings into practice.