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"Daria" (1997)
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Not Your Typical High School Show, 19 June 2004

It amazing to see what MTV airs now, and to see Daria. Daria is a twisted view of what MTV portrays now: Skinny, white, girls that only talk about fashion, sex, and boys. Daria shows our world through the eyes of a jaded girl who doesn't give a crap for anything.

It is a comedy that, give it time, and you'll be cracking up. Daria's delivery of all her lines is still hilarious today. Quinn's voice might get to you, but soon it doesn't matter. Every character is interesting, and it is just a show. Funny show.

It lost its steam when Daria got a boyfriend, but don't watch those episodes. Just keep to seasons 1-3 and you'll be laughing your ass off.