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The Joneses Unplugged (2017 TV Movie)
Above average cast in an intersting story
14 December 2017
The stars of this movie Mischa Barton and Sean Faris are appealing both better than the average TV movie quality cast. Mischa Barton looks fine here - hope she gets more good TV movies and her career keeps on the right track back to A list again.

The story is quite good not something you have seen before and not the usual silly contrived TV rom com thing.. Getting away from technology cell phones etc for a while is quite something to consider for everyone these days. Her quest for a house is realistic too.

Worth one watch.
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Icky story dressed up in Hallmark wrapping
13 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A man (Sam Page) buys Christmas presents for a living. His old school acquaintance hires him to buy one for his girlfriend. But the man begins to fall for the girl who seems a better fit for him than his friend.

In Hallmark land everyone is forgiving and not hurt at all. But if you think about it's a story about betrayal and stealing.

Not one of the better Hallmark movies.
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Stronger (I) (2017)
Remember the victims
12 December 2017
After watching the very scary and tense Patriot's Day which was about the capture of the bombers, it's interesting to see the other side of the bombings - the victim's. Too often the focus is on the perpetrators of the crime - the killers.

The story of double amputee Jeff Baumann is very affecting at times with the emotional and physical difficulties of recovery and rehab. His POV is interesting - it's quite interesting to see his perspective on the sports events and random admirers. The horror is shown if not all at once.

A lot of focus is on his relationship with his girlfriend played well by Tatiana Maslany. Jake gives as good a performance as can be expected from him. Miranda Richardson plays his foul mouthed heavy drinking mother. Quite a versatile actress she is such a convincing Boston working class woman.

Worth a watch.
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Are You My Daughter? (2015 TV Movie)
Not enough of a difference from similar movies
11 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Missing daughter is reunited years later with mother. Quite a popular Lifetime movie theme. So of course you'd expect something different for this one. It's quite obvious early on the girl is a fake, and everyone but the mother is the last to believe.

So there should be some twist or something but there isn't anything much except the boyfriend from the support group is part of the scheme. She gets exposed and then that's it.

NOT worth watching.
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Criminal (2016)
The Expendables thing doesn't work here
10 December 2017
What a bore! This expendables thing with past middle aged actors trying to do action is okay in a comedy but when it is the main focus of a serious action movie it just doesn't hold up. Kevin Costner's grunting and the rest of the gang Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman just can't carry an action movie. Maybe a switch the other way would have been better from old to young.

Because of the icky age difference factor there is no chemistry or emotional connection with the daughter or his wife Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot.

Terrible waste, don't bother.
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A Gal Gadot spectacular
8 December 2017
Just when you think there are just too many superhero movies that are taking themselves too seriously one comes along like this that is a step back in the right direction.

Gal Gadot makes this movie worth watching. Every time she appears she lights up the screen. Luckily she appears regularly from start to finish. Kind of wish I was watching Wonder Woman II. The in between parts are bearable but Ben Affleck looks tired. As for the story itself the whole reincarnation of Superman thing is a bit silly. Don't really get the villain Steppenwolf's story. Sometimes it seems like a Superman & Wonder Woman photo shoot as the photogenic pair pose and posture. That isn't a complaint just a fact. Getting introduced to the Flash and Aquaman was moderately diverting.

One thing that was quite good was the humor that was quite spontaneous and funny. The Flash has some good lines. Keeping it lighter made this one better.
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Watch this movie and "All Good Things" too
2 December 2017
For those who may remember there was a movie "All Good Things" with Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst about the same subject matter some years ago. That movie showed a longer time span of events and I think is better in some ways not so good in some ways. But the subject matter and crime is so fascinating it's still worth watching this movie.

Katherine McPhee shows she can play dramatic roles well and she is beautiful and sympathetic here. Daniel Gillies is creepy looking enough with a twitch and all - better than Ryan Gosling who is too much the good guy to be convincing as the title character Robert Durst.

You keep on thinking why didn't she just leave him but it was a long time ago and he was very wealthy so things weren't that simple.

This movie shows with enough money you can get away with quite a lot.
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Horrific child neglect story told with a light tone
1 December 2017
There is a voyeuristic element that keeps the viewer watching this fascinating story. Two loving parents - an alcoholic father and negligent mother raise their kids in a nomadic vagrant style. The family is close and there is affection but the neglect is horrific. There is a comic tone but the horror is what prevails. The way the kids pulled through is amazing.

Woody is perfect for the insane father. Naomi tries to look disheveled but is still too pretty to be homeless. Brie looks very beautiful in her New York lifestyle. The dramatic confrontation at the end seems a bit contrived.

I haven't read the book so can't say whether it's a good adaptation of the source material. Whatever it is the movie is engrossing.
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Logan Lucky (2017)
The premise is hard to accept
30 November 2017
This movie is underwhelming. The possibility of so many trashy types performing their parts in this heist so impeccably is hard to swallow.

It's mildly diverting to see how your favorite star acts like a red neck, though Channing is getting so puffy it's not such a stretch for him. Daniel Craig is out of place.

Is it interesting? Not really.
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Home Again (2017)
Unsympathetic characters but the houses are nice
30 November 2017
Good points: The houses are pretty. That's about it

Bad points:

The central character is unsympathetic. She gets so upset that a guy misses a dinner with her because he is trying to get financing for his movie. She should understand how hard it is to succeed in the industry and understand that. Sounds like an entitled immature me me me person.

The relationship has no chemistry. Pico Alexander looks a too young for Reese - it's a tad predatory looking. He looks younger than an average 27 year old because he's slim.

What happened to Michael Sheen? Usually British actors don't get out of shape.

Not much a of a conclusion. What did you get out of watching this movie? Very little. The story is just too weak.
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