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I really really liked this movie., 6 November 2016

I really really liked this movie. Sally Field displays all the wonderful emotions that are required for this role. She's so funny and so touching. Only she can act a role like this.

A spinster who has been looking after her elderly mother turns over a new leaf after her mother dies. She fantasizes about her young colleague and then pursues him.

The situations are funny without being painful and the supporting cast is superb including Tyne Daly. Loved the hoarding intervention and the generational gap jokes especially with the Tyne's grand daughter.

A superb film.

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Watch this even if you have Marvel fatigue, 3 November 2016

I was exhausted by all the Marvel movies so felt a bit reluctant to see this but I was pleasantly surprised. Sure some things are still beyond understanding but there is something better about this movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch is watchable and suited to the role. He isn't too ugly to be a hero because he just suits this strange hero.

The story draws you in from his injury to his healing in Nepal. The space and time bending fight sequences are quite novel and not as confusing as you might imagine. Though I didn't get all their spells and the back and forth. I usually don't like Tilda Swinton in movies but here she was actually quite good. Rachel McAdams is a so lovely that it adds a human warmth and sweetness to a cast that would have been a bunch of mainly fine but not very attractive British and Continental actors.

The visuals demand a big screen viewing and they are quite something.

Watch this one even if you have Marvel fatigue.

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Hectic and unconvincing and self righteous, 2 November 2016

Didn't like this movie despite the star cast and timely topic. A man who lost money from a bad stock tip goes after the TV financial adviser (similar to Mad Money's Jim Cramer) whose flamboyant show talked up the shares of a company that crashed. There is something too much about the self righteousness that the people demonstrate. Don't feel for any of the characters. Who asked him to put all his eggs in one basket? Who gave the George's character the right to act so self righteous at the end. He still gave advice carelessly. The one dimensional evil CEO thing has been done to death. Time to find another villain! George is too George Clooney acting as this financial guru - not convincing. Julia Roberts looks tired rather than concerned or anxious as she ought to be. Jack O'Connor from Unbroken is a bit out of place looks to much from across the pond. Nice to see Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad as a cop.

Jodie Foster is not a great director. Her style is hectic and not well paced - a bit manic like the way she talks and acts.

Not a must see.

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Well crafted story, 2 November 2016

2 brothers rob banks in small towns in Texas to raise money to stave off foreclosure. A pair of rangers Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham from Twilight pursue them. the Ben Foster and Chris Pine are the brothers. As I expected Ben does white trash well but Chris is actually convincing enough. Jeff has some good lines.

It's all about a good plot and well written dialog and how the story creates sympathy for both sides. The movie isn't excessively violent. Shows you don't need a high body count for tension - just characters you care about. The bad guys in this modern Western are the foreclosing banks. Look out for the social commentary about the despair gripping heartland USA. A major plus point is the ending is as satisfying and feel good as could be.

A very good crime Western.

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Beautifully done - superior handling of an old formula, 1 November 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In a beautiful Welsh town complete with a castle and moat, a young waitress becomes caregiver to a wealthy handsome young man who has become a quadriplegic due to a traffic accident. He wants to end it and she comes to care for him more than just as a patient.

Things are kept restrained and light hearted for most of the movie so that when more dramatic parts arrive it is much more effective. During the wedding of his ex girlfriend his pain is quite moving. The emotional climax in their tropical getaway is one of the more effective scenes in recent tear jerkers.

Emilia Clarke gives an effervescent likable performance with her quirky costumes. Her character is likable and one that could easily have been annoying but she avoids that. Sam Claflin does a good job. Considering he can only move from the neck up for most of the movie he manages to convey all his character is going through. The relationship between the two is believable and not over sentimental. Charles Dance and Janet McTeer plays his parents. Liked the contrast with her working class family and their simple pleasures.

If you can remember the Julia Roberts movie 'Dying Young', 'Me Before You' shows how to take a theme that has been done before but do it better.

The issue about assisted suicide is handled well. It doesn't preach but you feel alright with his choice at the end.

This movie deserved to be a success. Worth watching.

The best kind of indie movie - funny and moving, 29 October 2016

The best kind of indie movie is one that gets you to like the characters in a short space of time. It's quite an achievement that all the characters are endearing in this movie. The humor is spontaneous and laugh out loud and the touching parts are moving without being overly sentimental.

The story about a man (Paul Rudd) whose young son was killed in an accident becomes a caregiver for a teenage boy with DMD an incurable muscular wasting disease. He takes him on an interesting road trip and along the way they come across a bunch of characters including a hitchhiking girl played by Selena Gomez. The situations are in turns funny and moving. The acting is good too. Paul acts kind and damaged without overdoing it, and the disabled young man Charlie Roberts delivers his funny and sad lines well. Selena is quite likable here.

Glad that Netflix shows these quality indie movies.

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Likable cast but could have been funnier, 29 October 2016

If you liked the first one, this is an okay sequel in a similar vein. But bottom line this is a B grade comedy with an A list cast. Zac Efron seems to specialize in doing these crude comedies. Rose Byrne's lines are painfully unfunny. I usually love everything she does but here she wasn't given a much to work with. Chloe Grace Moretz is sweet and likable and she makes what could have been an annoying character watchable enough.

Broadly the plot is okay liked the way the situations played out and the changing alliances - it's just the jokes aren't funny enough.

Let's hope there isn't a part 3.

Mainly a recovery from injury medical drama, 29 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Given that the movie was inspired by a massive best seller, and the cast is fairly watchable, it was rather strange that this movie turned out to be what it was. Makes you wonder if they adapted only part of the book.

A preacher gets injured in a car accident and has a long painful recovery ahead. There isn't much about the afterlife - just a few minutes where he describes seeing relatives in heaven. But it didn't seem to make him deal with his ordeal any better. The main part of the movie seems to be his painful recovery and the awful things they had to do to his leg and arm. Also the financial problems are shown. It's more like a Lifetime drama. Many people criticze Hayden Christensen's acting but I think he was okay here. Wasn't much to go wrong with. Kate Bosworth looks very groomed throughout the ordeal.

Dangerous Lessons (2015) (TV)
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Above average treatment of a familiar topic, 29 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are some things that make this Lifetime student obsessed with teacher thriller slightly above average. There have been similar movies but this one is filmed by the beach in what looks like Florida unlike the many gray skied Canadian filmed Lifetime movies. The cast acts quite well and looks right for the parts. Louise Lombard, the British lead actress plays an attractive teacher. Refreshingly she isn't the predatory one. The student who gets obsessed with her is played by ALex Esola who looks suitably mentally off. Things remain mainly plausible till the end and scenes are there for a reason - no red herrings. At least the body count isn't high.

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Powerful and moving American tragedy, 27 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Highly recommend this very well made and acted tragedy from Philip Roth's novel. A non Jewish looking star athlete (Ewan Macgregor) marries a beautiful non Jewish beauty queen (Jennifer Connelly). They should have the American Jewish dream come true happy life but their daughter (Dakota Fanning) grows up a radical in the 60s and their dream turns into a nightmare. The second Philip Roth novel on screen this year after the excellent Indignation. It's beautifully filmed has many powerful tragic scenes and the acting is top notch by all. Ewan after a strange young makeup scene is good, restrained enough to make the powerful moments more meaningful. Jennifer looks slim and beautiful and as she has in the past is good at acting sad - she has a well acted scene in the hospital. Wish she would act more - she is a stunning beauty still and a terrific actress. Dakota acts the hateful rebellious teen well. She is suited for it though the stuttering is a bit overdone. The hateful accomplice from the Following is just as despicable.

Ewan does a fine job directing - I didn't even think of it as a famous actor directing.

The story does effectively show parent's pain and it's still relevant today with radicals out there. Liked the jabs at therapists and the wrong assumptions of the radicals.

It's so great that good dramas are making their way to the big screen again.

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