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Interesting topic - but too much Oprah, 9 July 2017

I watched this show for the smiling and lovely Rose Byrne. Plus the subject is interesting. Unfortunately the focus is a bit off. More needed to be shown on the effects and use of her cells on medical science apart from a brief blast at the beginning. The focus of this movie was on the writer's difficulties with the children of Henrietta Lacks and their various mental and emotional problems. It seemed more like a showcase for Oprah to show her acting skills which are pretty good.

It's like half a good movie missing the main part.

Shocking and hilarious true story, 8 July 2017

The fact that this is a true story is so unbelievable. Not only was it scandalous for the 18th Century England, it would be quite shocking today. This is a handsomely made costume drama beautifully filmed and well acted but the story is so sordid and shocking for the 21st Century.

Natalie Dormer of the Tudors and GOT stars as Seymour Fleming a noblewoman in 18th Century England. She was an heiress. She married a man who turned out to be a pervert - he liked to watch her with other men. But in those days all a woman's property went to her husband upon marriage. When she fell in love with one of the other men and left her husband - he sued for "conversation" some kind of adultery damages. A sensational trial follows in which the other men testify. The outcome is bittersweet but the story is really fascinating.

An interesting commentary on women's rights in a marriage in the 18th Century. The story couldn't have been made portrayed on film explicitly in the past since it's so salacious.

A Moving Romance (2017) (TV)
Forgettable, 8 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This rom com isn't very involving or memorable. An interior decorator is laid off and goes back to help her father's moving company. She falls for a guy who is working there. Nothing to distinguish this from any other Hallmark movie. Ambyr Childers is the lead - a pleasant if not too memorable performance. Her love interest is Keegan Allen of PLL. He isn't very good at romantic roles. Needs some acting lessons. Some subplot about small businesses and big businesses taking them over.

This is the kind of movie you can have on in the background while you are doing chores.

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Absolutely charming and the food looks divine, 8 July 2017

This is a really enjoyable and delightful movie. Diane Lane is perfect for the role of slightly neglected wife of a movie producer (Alec Baldwin). But this isn't another Under the Tuscan Sun. There is no May to December romance here. Starting off in the South of France Diane's character is driven up to Paris by her husband's partner - a charming but not attractive middle aged man. They travel through Provence then Lyon and Burgundy. There are stops in Vezelay at a Basilica. In each place they go to various French restaurants and the food is showcased beautifully and drink wine. It is the fine dining that is the highlight of this movie. The relationship between the lead characters is refreshing with subtle observations on culture differences - it's about friendship not romance. Eleanor Coppola directs very nicely.

Churchill (2017)
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Brian Cox is good but the story isn't, 7 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Of all the recent portrayals of Churchill Brian Cox, does one of the better jobs and looks a lot like him. John Lithgow in the Crown was too tall although he acted well, and Brendan Gleeson was too crude. Albert Finney was endearing but Brian Cox is better.

The story isn't good - highly improbable and the dialog is banal and painful to listen to. It's a most unflattering portrayal and Clementine is made to seem a know it all, demanding shrew. As if she would boss him around and fuss about their relationship with all the people dying every day. But it's his opposition of the war and battles with Ike and Monty that ring false. If you check up apparently it's just didn't happen.

Not a must watch.

Split (2016/IX)
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NOT a comeback for sure - time to stop making movies M Night, 6 July 2017

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What a disappointment this movie was. From good reviews I expected something like the best movie of M Night since the Sixth Sense. It turned out to be one of his worst. I give up on him. Everything since the Sixth Sense has been a let down.

The story is awful - not clever just irritating and unpleasant. 3 teenagers get kidnapped by a man with split personalities. Of course you want to see what happens if the girls live or die but it wasn't scary just boring and predictable.

It's good Betty Buckley had a big role as the psychiatrist. She is so talented she deserves a resurrection in her film career. Unfortunately the character she plays is rather dumb. James MacAvoy tries hard with the material - A for effort. But he is not Sally Field in Sybil.

Unequivocally this movie is no good.

Weak story sinks this epic gangster saga, 5 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Someone ought to have told Ben Affleck this story wasn't movie material. It's boring and improbable. Should have been interesting, as an Irish kind of gangster embarks on a journey through the history of gangsters in this country. The story starts off in Boston then goes down to Tampa where he operates a bootlegging business and tries to start a casino. Along the way there are various attractive women in his life, a gangster's moll played by Sienna Miller, a Cuban woman he marries played by Zoe Saldana and a would be actress turned heroin addict turned evangelist played by Elle Fanning. The shootout is very doesn't ring plausible - the 2 big gangsters could have killed him before his gang rushed through the underground passage. The ending is just weak with that senseless death of his wife.

There are a few good points. The production values are high with an interesting vintage car chase. The costumes and sets are evocative. The acting of Sienna Miller is quite good. Almost didn't recognize her with bad teeth and too much makeup - she is quite a convincing gangster's moll. The accents are a bit too strong to be comprehensible a hint would have been enough.

Not a must watch at all even for Ben Affleck fans.

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Enlightening and enjoyable, 4 July 2017

This enlightening and enjoyable movie pulls out all the stops to show the contribution of African American women in NASA in the 60s and their battles against racial discrimination. There are many scenes showing segregation like colored toilets buses coffee. Some scenes seemed exaggerated and if you look up the real story online it turns out they were but who cares it makes for a very dramatically successful story. Really root for her as she gets the recognition she deserves.

Taraji P Henson plays Katherine Johnson a brilliant mathematician who made a significant contribution to calculations for the launches and reentries of several flights. She is the main character. Octavia Spencer plays a supervisor and programmer. And Janelle Monae plays a woman who becomes the first African American engineer in NASA. Kevin Costner is the big boss. Jim Parsons and Kirsten Dunst who looks a little older here plays white NASA people with racist attitudes of the time.

Worth watching.

The Wall (2017/II)
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Better than expected, 4 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was surprised how involving this movie would be given the premise - 2 soldiers pinned down by a sniper. Sniper movies can be quite exciting as in Enemy at the Gates. But what more can they do with that? Well this movie succeeds. The injuries are quite cringe worthy. Had to look away. There are some issues raised here about presence in Iraq and who are the good guys.

Aaron Taylor Johnson is versatile and does an accent quite well for an English actor. Though under the grime and dust you can tell he is a bit too fine featured to be in that situation. John Cena is convincing - can see a Dwayne Johnson like future for him.

One thing irritating was why didn't he radio for help before running out and didn't he expect to get shot too?

The ending (spoiler alert) is quite a shock. But it's quite tragic when the studios can make a movie where it's acceptable that the heroes die because the foreign presence in Iraq is now regarded as such a wrong thing like Vietnam.

A disaster - what a waste of such a great cast, 3 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even such a collection of stars - so appealing on their own can't save a movie which has a bad story that I actually was bored most of the movie. I love almost everything Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron do. But there is no saving this terribly weak story.

The good points: 1. Emily Blunt looks pretty here - more so than usual. 2. Charlize is stunningly beautiful as well. The costumes of the 2 queens are grandly done. 3. Jessica Chastain is good at action.

The bad points: 1. Couldn't understand what Chris Hemsworth was saying. They should have abandoned the Shrek like Scottish accents 2. The dwarfs weren't funny 3. The story is absurd - looking for a silly mirror and killing her niece.

Terrible. Serves them right for dumping K Stew.

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