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An unnecessary movie, 6 September 2016

A wealthy man who kind of caused the death of his dear friends tries to make up for it by being generous to their orphaned daughter and her husband.

The young couple come across as ungrateful brats - what's wrong with a wealthy close family friend wanting to help you out? Dakota Fanning looks prettier and less odd than before. Theo James doesn't look like a doctor at all.

Richard Gere tries to stretch his range as a dramatic actor but he is unconvincing. Even in the meltdown melodramatic parts he isn't believable. He just should dye his hair and do romantic comedies and dramadies for older people.

Not a must see but if you have some time to spare or were stuck on a plane like me it's just an okay watch.

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Crossed the line from funny and crude to just painful and crude, 5 September 2016

Robert De Niro's comedies are usually okay from funny to moderately entertaining. I've always found him more versatile than Al Pacino in that he can do comedy well. But this movie is just terrible. I know most of the comedies aimed at young audiences have crude sex humor or they won't succeed. I also realize actors often have to take what roles they get even established ones or they won't be on screen. But somewhere along the line someone must have realized this was bad. Even Zac Efron looked uncomfortable in this exploitative nonsense.

The premise about a grandpa dragging his proper uptight grandson for spring break has potential. With all the generation gap jokes they could have made this one funny. But this movie has hardly any funny parts. It's just crude and painful.

The saddest thing is this was a box office smash. Reflects badly on popular taste in comedy.

Merry Matrimony (2015) (TV)
Miscast and weak predictable story, 5 September 2016

A party planner's boyfriend leaves for Europe. Years later they reunite on a project. Of course you know what will happen. Most hallmark movies are predictable so the fun is seeing how things evolve. Unfortunately it's kind of too obvious and strained from the start. By the time they get together you kind of want to change channels.

Jessica Lowndes is pretty in a Megan Fox way. So she isn't quite right for this kind of sweet Hallmark romance Christmas movie. She is better as the bad girl as in a Mother's Nightmare. Also she is too pretty to be dumped. The actor Christopher Russell is a bit mannequin like just grinning and not showing much range.

The Hazing Secret (2014) (TV)
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Don't bother, 5 September 2016

After a hazing thing gone wrong a girl suffers from that condition where she loses her memory every night after going to sleep. The short term memory thing has been done better in other movies. At a reunion she starts to piece together what happened.

The acting is sub par even for this kind of movie. I don't understand why Shanae Grimes acted the same throughout the movie. I blame the director she could have acted scared without whimpering constantly. She acts alright on 90210. Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars is unconvincing as a psychiatrist and delivers his lines woodenly.

The little twists and turns of the plot and the half baked red herrings are so silly I don't care what happens by the end.

Nightmare Nurse (2016) (TV)
Mostly watchable, 5 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As far as lifetime thrillers go this one is slightly above average which means it's worth one watch. The cast is pleasant to look at, the story is mostly kept believable with one not too outrageous twist. A couple are involved in a car accident that kills a man who walked out in front of them. An attractive nurse is sent to look after the driver of the car who has a broken leg at home but she has her own agenda.

Lindsay Hartley plays the nurse and she plays it suitably unhinged when required. Her face can be quite scary. Sarah Butler and Steven Good are the couple. Her character is a bit irritating.

Worth one watch.

Grim not quite worth the time investment, 5 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With such star power I felt I had to watch this movie. But in the end I didn't like the movie. The grim story involves a cop and his partner, Chiwetel and Julia. He discovers her daughter murdered. The case isn't solved. Years later he returns to try and solve things.

Chiwetel is in a lot of roles these days and he is earnest. But he doesn't have much chemistry with Nicole Kidman. She is a bit too glam and beautiful for the role. Out of place if they wanted to keep things believable. Julia Roberts sans makeup looks haggard and grim which suits the sad look for the second part.

Yeah there is a partially feel good twist at the end but it feels kind of fake and emotionally distant.

This is one of those forgettable movies that makes you ask why did you bother watching it. You don't feel entertained after it's over. It's not quite worth seeing every movie Julia Roberts appears in anymore

Room (2015/I)
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The true stories would have been better than this fictional movie, 5 September 2016

With all the real life stories about women who have been abducted and kept prisoner in basement Ariel Castro etc why did they need to make a fictional movie about this topic? The true stories are more compelling. It's a depressing story that is slightly relieved when they are rescued.

Brie Larson is competent at acting scared and sad but her performance is limited to these emotions. It was not an Oscar worthy performance, why she won over some better actresses is one of the mistakes of last year's Oscars. The little boy Jacob Tremblay is alright but there isn't that much that he can do.

After the voyeur in us is satisfied by watching these horrible situations it's just a rather depressing movie.

Concussion (2015)
Shout the message from the rooftops!, 5 September 2016

The message of this movie needs to be shouted from the rooftops: football is too dangerous a sport for human beings. Is it somehow unpatriotic to say anything bad about football and how brutal and barbaric it can be on the players? People watch human beings pound and smash against each other but don't think what it does to those people being hurt. The story of this brave doctor from Africa is very interesting and it's admirable how he takes on the establishment at great personal cost. It's quite moving to see the damage inflicted on the players and their families.

Will Smith does a good accent and inhabits his character well. He should have been nominated for an Oscar even if it wasn't maybe an Oscar winning performance.

Haven't we evolved from Roman times watching gladiators get killed for fun? Parents think twice about what you are letting your son in for. It's a violent culture that enjoys boxing and football so we shouldn't be surprised that there is so much violence on the streets.

Little Boy (2015)
Really cute WW2 family movie, 5 September 2016

This movie is one of those heart warming movies that has all the right elements. It isn't just one of those movies that jump on the WWII band wagon types. There actually is a charming and moving story that involves the war to be told here. Enjoyed the slightly magic realism nostalgic style of the movie that had a Forrest Gump quality to it.

The cast are all good from big names like Emily Watson to Kevin James to the other less famous supporting cast. The actor who plays the little boy is effective at tugging at the heart stings when necessary. Reminds a bit of the recent underrated "Book Thief" which also has Emily Watson. Good trend to turn to historical settings to make family movies.

Worth watching/

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Why? The lead actress is all wrong!, 5 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The lead actress Nicole Munoz does not have the body of a dancer of any type modern or classical. She is just too stocky. This isn't a skinny or fat thing - it's a body shape thing. So the whole movie kind of falls apart because she is so wrongly cast.

The premise is weak and the little side stories feel contrived. But things are better when the actors with some proper dance training actually dance. There are so many interesting stories they could have done about a ballet company. This one doesn't come close in any way to the original Center Stage. Even the returning cast like Peter Gallagher and Sasha Radetsky look like they would rather be else where.

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