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Harvest Love (2017) (TV)
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Pleasant story and an easy chemistry between the leads, 2 October 2017

The leads are well matched and have a good chemistry between them. Jen Lilley has a luminous quality and very pretty eyes. She smiles a bit too much as is the case with many Hallmark movies but because she is pretty it's not too annoying. She plays a surgeon and widow who takes her young son to their family pear farm which is about to be sold. She meets a too hot for a small town fruit scientist / farmer looking after the farm played by Ryan Paevey. The farm is bucolic looking and the pears look delicious.

One of the more successfully put together Hallmark romances.

The Wrong Roommate (2016) (TV)
Moderately fun trash, 30 September 2017

Pretty professor (Jessica Morris) stays in her absent sister's house to babysit her teenage niece. But there is a charming artist renting a room there who happens to be set up by her ex. From the title you can tell he's a bit more than anyone bargained for.

There are not too many surprises here - but it's mindlessly diverting to watch things unfold. Strange cameo by Eric Roberts - what happened to his teeth? If you need a trashy Lifetime thriller - it's okay.

Taken Too Far (2017) (TV)
High quality Lifetime take on the Dance Mom thing, 30 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a notch above the usual LMN thriller. It's got a pretty complex believable plot that is well written. The acting is good - better than it has to be. The crazy mom is really quite good - not too wacko to be unbelievable. Things come together nicely.

The slightly dark comedy taps into the recent Dance Mom thing and it's quite funny. Like the no carbs thing. The plot she hatches is quite something. And the husband's exasperation at her is right on.

One of the best Lifetime movies recently/

Mother! (2017)
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Please don't watch this, 29 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There is not way in the world this could be considered a good movie. What a waste of good actors - 2 Oscar winners, a great beauty and one of the finest character actors out there. Jennifer acts well but what a waste of talent. Javier as some fame whore is convincing but what on earth for? Michelle's attitude is quite something - she should act more.

Too many things that don't add up to anything - red herrings and pointless scenes and dialog. It's not clever and just so awful.

Tried to be fair to see the allegory about mother Earth and Adam and Eve is just not enough to justify such an assault on the senses.

Surprisingly involving, 29 September 2017

It's not just animal and dog lovers that will enjoy this war movie. Quite eye opening to see how the dog sniffers and their handlers train and work. The scenes in Iraq are quite well filmed. There is quite a lot about the emotional bond between the dog and the soldier played quite sympathetically by Kate Mara. She is suited to the role sweet yet tomboyish enough to be convincing. The animal PTSD is something that didn't occur to me and is fascinating.

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Party successful but doesn't quite work as a whole, 28 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The main fault of this movie is that it was too long and there were scenes that could have been cut and edited and shortened. Some parts seemed stalled and it wasn't really funny when it could have been. The humor wasn't as good as the first one.

It was fun to see your favorite actors and actresses pop up. Julianne Moore as the beautiful and brutal villainess. Also from Narcos everybody's favorite DEA agent - Pedro Pascal. Halle and Channing had small parts.

There are parts of the story that are quite current like the legalizing drugs and how cocaine is less addictive and harmful than sugar excuse.

The rather dizzy fight sequences are quite silly fun.

Not a great movie but worth one watch.

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Highly relevant today, 27 September 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Is this movie deserving of it's source material? The answer is yes it is. It is totally watchable from start to finish. It offers a different and equally interesting view of things compared to "The Killing Fields". There are some unforgettable and effective scenes that haven't been shown in a feature film before. The use of child soldiers and the mine field sequence are well filmed and the starvation is quite palpable. Although it is shown from the child's point of view at first, you do get battle scenes that are broader in scope.

Jolie has done a good job, much better than the Sarajevo movie. There is sometimes a continuity gap - the part where she is in the land mine field and then next scene she's out. It was a good choice to keep the style a little more on the matter of fact side and avoid unnecessary melodrama and gore which would have interfered with the scope of the horror and the progress of the story. I think that allowed the viewer to take in the different tragic events without being overwhelmed too quickly. Hand in hand with this is that the little girl who plays the main character doesn't emote too much at first.

There is of course blame on the bombing campaign but the individual terror shown is against their own people which makes this conflict so unique to watch.

Highly relevant movie today with all the fanaticism and refugees. There need to be more movies about the Cambodian genocide.

Mommy's Little Boy (2017) (TV)
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Scary Mom, 11 September 2017

Intense story for a Lifetime thriller. The acting is better than it needs to be for a TV movie. Bree Williamson the actress who plays the mother is quite scary and her lines are are quite authentic sounding - really like a crazy person who goes out of control. Things start with a rather distressing home pool drowning of the older son who is a bully. As a kind neighbor and a caring football coach try to help things start to get out of hand. Quite a role for the young boy. Wonder how he could ever recover.

Worth a watch.

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The title isn't accurate but still quite entertaining, 10 September 2017

The title isn't quite accurate. Not a stalking movie at all. The story is about a teen girl who is raped in the city moves to the burbs with her mom. She is still a little paranoid and starts taking pictures of her neighbors. There is a murder of her neighbor and then she proceeds to uncover things. Things move quite quickly as her suspicions about the murderer change.

Worth one watch.

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Atmospheric but too dimly lit, 7 September 2017

First off the story is depressing. So if you want to watch this be prepared. I wanted to see this for the great cast. The cast is pretty watchable. Nicole looks young, Kristen looks puffy, Elle is alluring and Colin is well suited to his role. But the photography is way too dim to see the tension between the girls and the guy. The atmosphere of the plantation is nicely captured.

Not a must watch.

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