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Before We Go (2014/I)
Charming leads but ultimately a let down, 11 September 2016

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In Grand Central a busking musician meets a woman having marital problems who misses her last train. Together they embark on a nocturnal trip through the city. Chris Evans acts like a real charmer here though he ought to lose the beard. As if a girl would dump him. Alice Eve is a bit plump by Hollywood standards - it's refreshing to see someone not rail thin in a romantic role. They do have some on screen chemistry. Her character is annoying in the beginning of the movie.

Why did they pick such ugly and unromantic parts of the city to shoot in? Spoiler alert: I have to discuss the ending since it's the main fault of the story. After all that they don't end up together? Feels like a waste of time - all that just because they helped each other vaguely?

The ice sculpture is interesting the story a little annoying, 11 September 2016

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This Christmas movie is about a chef who starts a dishwasher (Rachel Boston). She runs into a rich guy (David Alpay) she met a long time ago as a kid. They enter a competition for best ice sculpture and the ice sculpting is quite interesting to watch if you ever wondered how they are made or who makes them. They're a cute couple with their big eyes looking at each other with attraction.

There are some annoying parts of the story. When she gets angry with him for little it's a bit annoying. And referring to him as Princeton gets old fast. The way they enter the competition is kind of too fake. The back stabbing chef rival is quite a realistic thing though.

This is one of those Hallmark movies that is a little annoying but not the worst of the lot.

Sully (2016)
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Well done recreation of the event but too much about the investigation, 9 September 2016

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Bottom line is this movie about good luck and heroism is a unique and rare true story that is worth watching and deserves a grand big screen portrayal. It shows everything you want to see about the water landing and rescue in painstaking detail. Tom Hanks is right for the role of modest hero. The production values are good and the content is interesting. Liked the way he imagined the alternatives to the water landing and the way the flight and passengers were portrayed quite realistically with middle aged stewardesses and cramped seats.

The flaws in this movie are the structure and focus. Firstly the jumping back and forth in time breaks up the impact. Better if the story had been told chronologically with maybe just one flashback. The right way to do it would have been the whole flight and landing, then the investigation.

Secondly the focus was more on the NTSB investigation which should have been maybe a 15 minute part of the movie. It was terrible that he had to justify his actions and you feel righteous indignation at the NTSB investigators etc who questioned his judgement. The exoneration could have been faster. So it was right they had all this in the movie but this aspect was dragged out and left a bitter aftertaste.

Tom Hanks looks old here with his white hair and a little less lean than the real person. But he does a restrained and effective job. Aaron Eckhart is a good co pilot. Anna Gunn is good at playing the hateful character - here the villains are the investigators.

There aren't many happy endings in events like this so it's good it was made into a movie. Worth watching.

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Beautifully filmed with a poignant delightful story, 8 September 2016

This movie is beautifully filmed - the sets and costumes and scenery capture the magic of old Hollywood and a swinging nightclub in Manhattan. The story is delightful too. The love entanglement is hilarious and involving, the dialog is interesting and original (how does Woody do it?) and the comic relief is just right. The character development is fun to behold as the leads change over time.

Kristen Stewart looks beautiful here. Before seeing this movie I thought her acting and looks might have been too contemporary for this Golden Age period but she is lovely here and gives a delicately balanced performance. The stunning Blake Lively looks really tall next to Jesse Eisenberg. Wished there had been a bit more of her. Jesse Eisenberg reminds of Woody Allen when young. It's like some Woody Allen fantasy of himself with 2 such beautiful women in his life. Good supporting roles from the versatile Corey Stoll (with wig) as a gangster brother and Anna Camp as a newbie hooker. Not sure if Steve Carell was the best choice for the big time agent.

Best one since Midnight. Perfect from start to the poignant ending.

Watchable but questionable message, 8 September 2016

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A busker and a single mom form a romance in a cold Oregon town. The premise sounds dull but the movie is actually quite involving. He helps her from an accident and fixes her roof. They bond over playing the guitar and singing. They start a romance.

Katherine Heigl is a good actress and watchable. Don't get why such a beautiful woman is stuck with no money in the upcoming divorce. Why didn't she kick the wealthy Manhattan based husband out of the matrimonial home and use their joint money to fight the divorce? Anyway how can anyone prefer that frozen hick town to NYC? Surely not good to uproot the daughter and make her live there sitting on the porch and strumming away. I agree with the husband! Ben Barnes does an okay busker singing country songs. Strange they had to get a British actor to play and sing a role like this. The casting of grandma, Sheryl Lee and daughter the girl from Revenge is quite good they all look alike.

The ending was a bit premature.

Charming Christmas (2015) (TV)
Dull not much story, 8 September 2016

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This Hallmark Christmas movie is a bit of a yawn. It's a pity because the actors are quite good. The story isn't about very much. She wants to sell her family store to a nationwide franchise. A man who does a good Christmas store Santa comes along. Julie Benz is quite a watchable actress and she is okay as the uptight overworked woman. David Sutcliffe is usually quite good too. It wouldn't really have been that bad to sell the store and give her parents a break after all. But what is boring is between all the Santa suits it isn't just very funny or romantic. It isn't so much a lack of chemistry between the leads as the lack of a build up of romantic plot before the last few minutes and a sudden kiss.

Not worth watching.

Merry Kissmas (2015) (TV)
Predictable but cute in parts, 7 September 2016

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This Christmas movie is a predictable. But there are a few redeeming parts. It takes a bit of time to get there. Throw in some cute puppies in between.

A pretty choreographer (Karissa Lee Staples) kisses a chef caterer (Brant Daugherty) under a mistletoe in an elevator. She is engaged to a rather inconsiderate choreographer with a fake British accent.

It's rather predictable who she will end up with - they make a cuter couple. Karissa is pretty though her character's fickleness is a bit contrived. Brant shows a different side in a romantic role a opposed to the villain Noel Kahn of PLL. The actor who plays the choreographer doesn't look like a dancer at all and the so called Nutcracker is pretty bad. Doris Roberts of Everybody Loves Raymond has a small role, one of her last appearances.

Hallmark doesn't really have to make so many Christmas movies each year until they find some more original ideas.

Dear Viola (2014) (TV)
Fairly charming, 7 September 2016

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The message of this story has been done before but this movie still is watchable. Will a single father choose the pretty but superficial woman or the plainer woman who actually is nice and caring to this daughter? Of course you can guess what the outcome will be.

The lead actress Kellie Martin who writes an advice column is unknown to them advising the man she cares for (Jefferson Brown). The only thing wrong with the premise is that it assumes a single dad who isn't that good looking would be such a catch.

This is one of those Hallmark movies that doesn't have a very beautiful cute cast but is actually quite well written and directed.

Worth one watch.

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Finish up already!, 6 September 2016

There isn't enough story for this plot to be stretched out over so many movies and so many years. This movie should have been the end of it. They have taken this Bucky story which isn't that interesting and made several movies around it. Enough!

Liked Emily Van Camp here need more of her. Not sure about Tom Holland as Spiderman. A bit too puny for a superhero even Spiderman.

The so called civil war was surprisingly watchable even if it didn't really make much sense. At least you could understand who was fighting who. Still it's grandly made and not too headache inducing.

Please wrap it up!

U-571 (2000)
Confusing and unbelievable, 6 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you accept it as a fictional submarine battle movie than it's an okay watch for die hard WW2 movie fans. But bear in mind there are some faults. The first storming of the U571 was confusing with too much machine gun fire and it was hard to keep track of what happened to some of the characters. That's simply bad directing. Later on there were too many violent explosions on the submarine for them not to have sunk immediately. Sometimes less is more. Things get a outrageously unbelievable as the battle proceeds.

There was some noise about historical inaccuracies but face it would Hollywood make a movie about British finding an Enigma machine in a submarine? How are they going to put Matthew McConaughey in it?

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