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Great scenery terrible dialog, 21 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The best thing about this movie is the on location European filming - Prague, Venice etc. with some opera thrown in. The story is another matter. The basic premise should work - a Roman Holiday kind of romance involving a first daughter and s secret service agent. BUT the dialog is for the most part terrible and many situations are unfunny and some of the situations are painful. One of the worst parts is how she throws herself at him and gets angry when she is rebuffed. Her character is quite unlikeable.

The actors are hit and miss. Anabella Sciorra and Jeremy Piven look a little ill at ease as secret service agents. As does Mark Harmon as a disheveled looking president. Mandy Moore has a really annoying role to play. Matthew Goode as her love interest is a bit unsuited to her. He looks too mature for such a spoiled brat.

Watch this for the scenery and locations but the screenplay is dreadful.

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Has some good moments - Vera Farmiga shines, 20 August 2016

This comedy is written and directed by Ricky Gervais. Overall the story is quite cute and there are funny moments. Vera Farmiga as Ricky's wife is terrific - after all Bates Motel is partly dark comedy too. Because it's written by Ricky there are some painfully slow moments and dialog that falls flat. Maybe he needs someone to improve his less funny parts if he ever writes again. Eric Bana is decent at comedy. Kelly MacDonald is okay too. America Ferrera could have been funnier.

The dull parts and flat jokes may cause you to turn change to another movie but that would be a shame since there are some funny parts and the whole story works out quite well.

Insightful look at a real issue, 19 August 2016

This is not a fluffy Hallmark romance comedy. It shows in an entertaining way a very real issue between couples not necessarily just ones that are married a long time - having things in common and being interested in what interests the other spouse. William Baldwin has a rather strange expression on his face but the rest of the cast is good.

The couple are empty nesters, she likes the ballet, he likes baseball. Do couples really have to like what the other one is interested in? Or is it okay to have separate interests?

More Hallmark movies could be like this - prettily made but still deal with a real life problem.

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Some of the most outstanding dialog in a movie, 19 August 2016

It's so good to watch a movie where the dialog is outstanding - funny heartbreaking, frustrating and meaningful. Really listen to the dialog. There are some scenes which are just so outstanding - the first meeting in the dean' office and then when the mother talks to her son about his father and then his girlfriend. The characters are not stereotypical. The Jewish protective father instead of mother is an interesting thing to watch. Although the issues are 50s issues, this is not an old fashioned or irrelevant movie. The acting is so good I only thought about the themes and message of the story later on.

Logan Lerman's sensitive face is just right for this role. The character could seem stubborn and annoying if another actor had played him, but Logan has a likability that overcomes that. Sarah Gadon as the girl he loves is fascinating to watch as the well mannered but damaged beauty. An unforgettable character. Tracy Letts as the dean plays it just right - not a caricature of conservatism but another fascinating creature to watch. Linda Emond is restrained and effective as the worried mother.

This is a serious movie with some unexpected humor in between. A must watch - one of the best dramas in recent years.

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Blake is terrific and the movie is super, 12 August 2016

For a shark attack movie, it's got everything right. The camera work both above and below the water is amazingly good - clear and slows down when it needs to. There is a variety of situations so things don't get repetitive. The plot is kept believable and it's exciting scary and entertaining. Way above the cheesy movies we have had since Jaws.

Blake Lively is likable, beautiful and believable as a surfer. She acts well and her pain becomes the viewer's pain. Can almost feel her ordeal as I winced every time she got her cuts and scratches. She is a convincing actress and suits the role to a T.

Watch this on the big screen - it's terrifying.

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Gets realtors and the real estate game just right, 10 August 2016

This film is a real find. Subject matter that is not shown in movies often get a witty insightful and hilarious depiction by some great actors. Anyone who has been through the process of buying or selling real estate in this country will find this movie really hits the nail on the head. The absurdity of the bidding process is so accurately shown. Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton are an elderly interracial couple. They have to move from their 5th floor walk up in Brooklyn because of the stairs. Niece and realtor perfectly played by Cynthia Nixon. She is just priceless especially at the end.

The open houses are well done with the various emotions and motivations on both sides of the buyers and sellers. But there is more than just real estate here. One doesn't often see an elderly interracial couple on film. So insightful when it shows a not so commercially successful artist's real estate is worth more than his paintings. The dog segments are quite funny.

A must watch.

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Tense exciting frustrating, 7 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tense and exciting, this movie follows a British mission keeping an eye on some wanted terrorists including a radicalized white British woman. The mission is led by the excellent as always Helen Mirren. It's quite fascinating how they use a variety of surveillance devices birds insects in addition to drones. The multinational team is interesting to watch too with Aaron Paul playing a drone pilot in Nevada. The mission progresses from a capture to a kill because of a the terrorists about to launch a suicide bombing.

The ministers and non-military people are portrayed as frustratingly unable to make a decision as they try to pass the buck from one person to another.

One fault: it seems unlikely there would be such a big fuss over one girl as collateral damage against the risk of many more killed in a massive suicide bombing. In that sense the Ethan Hawke movie "the Good Kill" is more realistic - where they went ahead with many strikes despite the presence of collateral damage. Watch that movie for a more complete and less thriller like view of drones.

Well done and worth a watch.

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Entertaining, 6 April 2016

Don't think there has been a movie about Jesus as a little boy so this is an interesting and entertaining movie about Jesus around 7 years old leaving Egypt and returning to Nazareth and Jerusalem. It's done in quite an exciting way with a constant sense of danger as the evil King Herod dispatches Roman soldiers to kill Jesus. The scenery looks good and there are several miracles along the way.

The young actor who plays Jesus, Adam Greaves Neal is certainly cherubic / angelic. He delivers his lines clearly with a very strong British accent. The actress who plays Mary is suited to the role and looks very much an image of Mary. Sean Bean is a little British Isles to be a Roman. Herod seemed a bit slimy.

Worth a watch. Makes you want to learn more about the early life of Jesus.

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Dumb story, 28 March 2016

What the #$%* was the quarrel between Batman and Superman about? And the sudden change of heart. There has never been such an expensive grandly produced movie with such a weak story.

The actors are good given the silly material they had to deal with. Ben Affleck looks unhappy enough - can't have been easy to play such an irritating role here. Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot look their parts. Look forward to seeing more Wonder Woman. Amy Adams is still pretty even though she is quite a lot older than superman it doesn't look it. Diane Lane was aged realistically. The exception was Jesse Eisenberg who was just too small and whiny to be taken seriously as a villain. Wasn't clear how he manage to create that oversized Krypton monster.

This is one of those movies you kind of have to see but ask why couldn't it have been better. It's all about the story!

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Aa cougar fatal attraction, 26 March 2016

An 18 year old boy about to leave for college begins an affair with an older woman. His protective mother is worried. However she turns out to be obsessive. A cougar fatal attraction.

The cast is good. Dina Meyer as the crazy lady looks great still. Look at her other co stars from Starship Troopers - they have all aged so much more. The guy looks naive enough to be taken in by her wily charms.

The story isn't terribly original but there is an almost laugh out loud dialog which keeps this entertaining and not run of the mill.

Worth one watch.

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