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Almost, but not quite there, 5 January 2011

Russell Howard is a new comedic face to me. His show is like a modern day version of the Clive James Show but with much less drollery and, possibly, not quite so interesting guests.

I keep watching even though there's something not quite a hit about this show. Russell picks up well on contemporary culture but the frequent and blatant references to bodily parts and functions can tend to wear after a while.

The humour is boyish-smutty which Russell carries off well given his looks. There is some wit in there but its generally overwhelmed.

The final segment of the show is always a 'feel good' story from the press which, again, can be hit or miss. Given Russell's persona I'll never be sure whether the segment is there to help tone down the previous material.

Worth giving a try if you don't recoil from brash, younger comedians.

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Pure Sophisication, 5 January 2011

Here is British humour at its very wittiest and cutting.

The machinations of the team at Prentiss McCabe are a joy to behold as they spin the latest challenge.

The dialogue is edged with a delicious sprinkle of smugness. Not that you'd like to meet any of these people - they're utterly self-serving, and are a sharp reflection of the slick wheelings and dealings, counter-dealings, backstabbing, Machiavellian world that I could only imagine might take place in such a real world business.

I came late to this series, only discovering it last year and, I can thoroughly recommend it. Like Fawlty Towers, the limited production of episodes will ensure this remains a classic.

"Miranda" (2009)
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A Real Gem, 5 January 2011

Miranda is a stunner, not in the physical sense, but in her comedy show. When you laugh from the first episode you know it must be good. This is Brit comedy at its very best with knowing looks to camera, witty dialogue and slapstick. Her shop reminds me of Black Books - customers take a back seat when it comes to Miranda's odd life. Each episode can stand on its own although the supporting character development is better watched from the first episode. I can't watch an episode of this without having a really good laugh (which is murder on my hernia I can tell you!). I really hope that this series keeps on going for a while as there's no sign of it losing its freshness at this stage. Give it a try.

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How could you not like it?, 13 June 2004

Okay, the Sound Of Music (SOM) is not a masterpiece of cinema but it serves the purpose of entertainment with its jolly tunes, beautiful scenery and memorable characters. It's popularity as a movie has only increased with the years and, deservedly so. Go to Salzburg and you can see the places the movie was filmed! Tours run from the town centre which, alas, I could not fit in when visiting in 2004. There is little that is unpalatable about SOM except for the occasional flight of overacting from the junior members of the cast. But, in some ways that only adds to the ebullience and enthusiasm the movie radiates on so many levels. Everyone should view it at least once.

Troy (2004)
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Flawed Chick Flick, 13 June 2004

Troy could have been better. The movie is basically another vehicle for Brad Pitt to flex his muscles. Casting him as Achilles is fine enough but then giving Achilles superhuman abilities beyond his invulnerability was an enormous dollop of artistic licence which detracted from the movie. Sure, I didn't expect the movie to be historically accurate but hyperbole was everywhere throughout the film. Bright points included Peter O'Toole as King Priam - what an amazing actor- and Helen (whom I doubt would have been a blue eyed blond haired Grecian beauty - but hey genetic outliers happen, just like Hector and his wife's child having blue eyes while both parents were dark eyed), who was definitely a beauty and elegantly regretful as the catalyst for war. Certainly a spectacular movie, although we've now seen massive army 'flyovers' since Lord Of The Rings and it gets boring playing 'spot the non-digitised characters'. Nice try, but no cigar from this reviewer.